Do DPT vaccine and how it is dangerous?

In the last article dedicated to the vaccination of children, we talked about the first two vaccinations faced by a newborn baby is vaccinated against hepatitis b and tuberculosis (BCG). Today we will go further and discuss whether to make the vaccine TDAP.

What is DTP vaccine and what it should protect

At the age of 3 months the child is on a national calendar needs to be vaccinated DPT — diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus. And from these same diseases to carry out the second vaccination at 4.5 months. Followed by a third vaccination from them in 6 months (that is, the vaccination is made with an interval of 1.5 months).

Then made a break and held the booster in a year and a half.

Vaccination against three diseases – pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus is mandatory and is combined in one vaccine, TDAP (which stands for adsorbed pertussis-diphtheria-tetanus vaccine).

How widespread and dangerous these diseases need to make is whether DPT vaccine from them – read below.


This is a serious infectious disease caused by bacteria and occurring very acutely, with General intoxication of the body, swelling of the neck. Affects children usually under 5 years. In diphtheria inflamed mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.

Diphtheria can lead to serious complications such as paralysis and heart problems.

Treatment – the introduction of the antitoxic diphtheria serum. And the sooner it is introduced, the less poisoning the body with toxins.

Whooping cough

Like diphtheria, pertussis also occurs acutely, and is also bacterial infection. Expressed in severe attacks of coughing.

The danger pertussis poses to babies under 2 years. In infants able to hold to death or give serious complications, such as bronchopneumonia, which in itself is deadly.

After vaccination (that is, if the child is vaccinated DTP), there is a risk that the child is at risk for pertussis, but the disease will flow much easier and will cause the formation of lifelong immunity to the disease.


Third infectious disease also have bacterial nature, — tetanus. When this trouble occurs serious damage to the nervous system.

The causative agent of tetanus when injected into the damaged tissue of the body (it can be wound, scratch, pain, umbilical wound of newborns) and favorable conditions, forms of tetanus toxin.

The power of this poison is very large, this explains the high mortality of tetanus even with modern methods of treatment and even in wealthy countries. According to some sources, killed up to a quarter of the infected.

For newborns this figure tends to almost 100%, so do DPT vaccine to newborns is a vital question.

Treatment consists in the immediate introduction of tetanus toxoid.

Do DPT vaccine: complications

Vaccine DTP (another common variant Tetrack – similar to the French vaccine) is administered intramuscularly, in the thigh for children under 3 years of age and the deltoid muscle of the shoulder in older children. DTP does not contain living cells that is inactivated.

However, it is considered to be one of the most difficult for children.

Moreover, the reaction and complications may not occur in the first and second times, and to appear, say, on the third.

What might be the reaction if the child was vaccinated DPT:

  • local – redness, swelling, pain at the injection site (respectively, the child may cry, act up, to spare the leg)
  • General – fever, vomiting, diarrhea, deterioration in General health.

The reaction usually occurs within 24 hours after vaccination.

But, unfortunately, in the case of vaccine DTP arise not only much more severe reactions than those listed above, but also complications, leading to disability. So the question “do DPT vaccine” — a chore for many parents.

The Internet is full of sad stories of mothers about how it is done after DTP vaccination normal and healthy before the children ceased to speak, began to explode into a cry at night, got a severe allergic reaction and he was diagnosed with asthma, epilepsy, autism, disabled.

There is a theory that the DPT vaccine gives complications because of the pertussis component. Therefore, newborns with lesions of the nervous system make the vaccine without pertussis (vaccine ADS).

Of the most serious complications that can give the pertussis component of DTAP, — brain disorders, encephalitis and encephalopathy, convulsions, death.

In addition, the opponents of vaccinations speak about another component of the threat – it is called “thimerosal” and is used in vaccines as a preservative. It is toxic, there is evidence that it is also an allergen and carcinogen. It can affect the myelin sheath on nerve fibers that helps nerves to transmit signals.

Hence severe lesions of the nervous system.

Physicians involved with the study and treatment of post-vaccination complications, they say that children now are not born with the same health as before and can have any predisposition to various diseases, the trigger for which is a vaccine.

That is so the child may not be sick, but some element of the vaccine triggered the dormant in the body of defective cells.

Do DPT vaccine to your child, every parent decides for himself. The decision is complex and important.

If you are going to make the baby DPT vaccine, the site advises much detail to examine the state of his health with the assessment and advice of professionals to insure the vaccination of antihistamines and spend it only on the background of long-term overall health.

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