Do you need vaccinations for children: hepatitis b and the BCG vaccine

Today’s article we will devote ambiguous and ill question – do you need vaccinations to children. This is one of those questions related to child health, on which there is a range of opinions of both doctors and parents – the categorical refusal to raise any vaccinations to full support and campaign for the vaccination. Women’s website “” is not going to impose on my readers any one-sided opinion – we’ll just try to give you the most complete picture of vaccination, so you can consciously decide whether you need vaccinations, your children.

We will tell you for each vaccination, why it is necessary to children, as is, and the pros and cons, possible complications.

As you know, scheme, terms and procedure of vaccination of children of different ages are determined by the current in the country the national immunization schedule. So let’s go in order.

So, what dictates our Russian vaccination calendar?

Do you need vaccinations for children: hepatitis b

Newborns in the first 12 hours of his life (i.e. in the hospital) get vaccinated against viral hepatitis B. the three the second 1 month, third in 6 months.

If a child for any reason has not received this vaccine in the age, vaccination against viral hepatitis In previously not vaccinated children is 13 years old.

What is dangerous hepatitis b for newborns?

Viral hepatitis is a severe liver damage, which can lead later to cirrhosis. Can occur in acute and chronic forms, and it can be transmitted through blood transfusion, sharing of syringes, or using non-sterile dental manicure instruments as well as with unprotected sex. Household transmission of hepatitis b is less likely.

It would seem, at what here children, if more at risk of Contracting adult? Do you need a vaccination against viral hepatitis b In children?

The fact that newborns are most sensitive to the effects of the virus, and when infected, they are almost in 100% of cases become chronic hepatitis B.

The probability of transition of the acute form of hepatitis b In chronic in case of infection decreases with age, i.e. the older the child, the it is less. In comparison with a newborn, a child older than 5 years the risk of getting the chronic form is less than 10%.

The vaccine is administered to young children at the side of the thigh, older children in the shoulder. In the buttock it is not put.

It is believed that pperenositsya it is easy, because live viruses does not contain (is inactivated).

Possible local reactions in the form of pripuhanie, redness, which pass through a couple of days. Much less common reactions such as General malaise of the child after vaccination. From ingredients that can cause allergic reaction, the vaccine comprises a yeast.

Viral hepatitis In adults

The vaccine against hepatitis b was included in the vaccination programme is relatively recent, so the majority of the adult population this vaccine has not. In Europe and the United States decided that this vaccination is necessary for children, so there is an active vaccination against hepatitis b, then we are not alone.

In General, in addition to vaccination, there are more universal way to prevent infection is to avoid casual sex (since the condom does not give 100% protection), when carrying out any manipulation of medical instruments to ensure that it is sterile, when you visit a salon for tattooing, dental and manicure salons to make sure that the master observes the preventive measures in their work.

Why children need vaccination from hepatitis b?

It’s simple – from forms of hepatitis With vaccines not yet invented, and for the prevention of infection with hepatitis a (a more mild form of hepatitis), it is sufficient to observe General rules of hygiene.

Do you need vaccinations for children: BCG vaccine

The so-called BCG vaccine for the first time put in the hospital (3-7 day of life). Then re-vaccination with the same BCG is held twice – at 7 and 14 years. In addition regularly the child are made of the Mantoux test.

To understand whether BCG vaccination children should understand the intricacies of BCG vaccination.

The BCG vaccine contains live, but weakened Mycobacterium. It is assumed that the disease they did not cause, but will create immunity. Weak and premature babies need to vaccinate vaccine of BCG-M, containing at a dose two times smaller than bacteria.

Are normal at the injection site (left shoulder, on the border of upper and middle third) there is a papule 5-10 mm in diameter. Do not RUB and anything processed. After some time at this place formed scar.

The website I would like to draw attention to the fact that the BCG vaccine is not a guarantee that a child will not develop after contact with tuberculosis patients.

It only reduces the probability of infection, and in case it may be mild.

Complications after BCG

The problem is that any existing weakness in the immune system of the child (not obvious at the time of vaccination) in combination with exposure to mycobacteria of BCG may lead to complications. BCG is considered a very imperfect vaccine, and the number of children affected by its introduction, unfortunately, than any statistical error. Therefore, the question is whether BCG vaccination to children is very serious.

What complications can give BCG?

  • in the introduction of the vaccine is the occurrence of abscesses, ulcers, infiltrates
  • allergic rash, keloids
  • in contact with mycobacteria in lymph nodes — the development of lymphadenitis (inflammation of lymph nodes)
  • BCG infection may be disseminated, that is to lead to bone lesions in a completely different place than the point of introduction of the vaccine – for example, osteitis of the knee joint, osteitis of the sternum
  • generalized BCG –infection (at immunodeficiency), leading to death.

Complications arising as a consequence of BCG vaccination called BCG infection.

More recently, there were difficulties with the diagnosis of BCG complications in children – they are held under other diagnoses (and, therefore, the statistics in the region according to BCG infection was zero!), treated them (unsuccessfully!) doctors of other profile, and TB is often categorically denied any connection of the disease with the BCG vaccine. But as in recent years, such cases were very much about the problem “do you need vaccinations for the children”, specifically regarding the BCG vaccine, talking.

However, BCG vaccination still continues and complications it still occurs.

BCG in developed countries: do we need immunizations to children?

As is the case with BCG vaccination in developed countries?

All in a row like we have, it is not put, possible vaccination of certain risk groups or older children (this in fairness, we note that there the incidence of TB is considered low according to gradation of the world health organization).

In Germany, for example, BCG vaccination of newborns was cancelled, they found that BCG vaccinated children do not need, with the wording “a lack of reliable evidence of the efficacy of BCG, there are severe side effects”.

At us in the country epigastrica tuberculosis is considered to be disadvantaged, therefore, BCG is included in the national calendar.

Although any sane person the question arises – do you need vaccinations to children, if most of the adult population in the time you have planted (put the vaccine from 1960-ies), and the situation of tuberculosis is not normalized? Perhaps the reason is that the duration of protection after BCG vaccination is not so great. Research conducted in the UK showed that the immunity generated BCG, after 15-20 years is reduced to zero.

What’s all the way out of the current situation to offer professionals involved in the study and treatment of BCG complications? One of the options – the shift timing of vaccination in older age, with advanced study of the immune status of the child.

And one more thing: any complication to BCG vaccination, which the child is iron base for withdrawal from further vaccination BCG, and not only him, but all subsequent children in the family.

To the question “do you need vaccinations to children?” we will definitely return in the following articles and tell you about other vaccinations under the national calendar.

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