Dream album: how it works, how to create

We are constantly overwhelmed with a lot of desires. Some easily implementable and with, were immediately forgotten, and others we cherish in years. A variety of reasons do not allow them to come true, and treasured moments of happiness are at an end.

However, sympaty.net is excited to assure that there are not only the perfect remedy for discouragement and despair, but also the most affordable way of wish fulfillment. These are our dreams. And the special power they possess, having acquired specific features. For example, the album dreams — tempting simple, fun and…effective!

How does it work?

Dream album works on the same principle, that many of his brothers and sisters – collage of dreams, book of dreams , or, say, a map of desires, which the website ToKnow365.top wrote.

And this method is based on the visualization desired.

Even without going into scientific details, any of us may feel that our conscious and subconscious minds operate. Saying, for example, “so cute stilnenko purse”, we usually imagine a specific thing, which has already seen or that which is at the moment readily depicts the us imagination.

However, these traits, as would be clear they tell us merely you can’t touch it.

But if you capture them on paper, they seem to materialists – become visible and tangible. It turns out that despite the fact that there is no object in reality, he is somehow already exists. Starts the transition from desired to actual, and this is a very powerful signal to our subconscious.

That is why not just abstractly want, you need to give your air locks as a more specific form. This feature of our thinking allows us to properly generate your queries and send them into the Universe.

It turns out that the album really takes the dreams, as the conductor of our desires.

How to create a dream album?

So, you are interested in this way “sbychi dream” and are ready to try…

Great! What you need to do?


Maybe not one hour or even one day.

The fact that the man is not always a clear idea of what he really wants. New job – where, what? Travel abroad – where exactly? Money – how much? Married???

That’s why working with dream album before you begin to attract miracles into your life can open secret, sometimes to your own surprise “wishlist”.

In addition, the album the dream is not static, but living and changing entity. Eventually, of course, transformirovalsya our understanding of the ideals, and the created images may need to be adjusted.

The actual album

Logically it needs to be durable, with thick leaves to symbolize in this way the solidity your intentions. However, in such a subtle matter of logic does not always work.

Therefore, rely primarily on their feelings. They just have to be bright and joyous at the mere sight of your dream album.

Therefore, says ToKnow365.top, you should start with the selection or self-design the cover — and get pleasure from it.

And consolation, gratitude, delight, peace of mind, confidence, interest, any feelings and emotions with the sign “+”.

That is the true engine of an exciting dialogue with the Universe. Their energy provides the return of this communication, do not give your requests to remain fruitless pleas. After all, only feelings, according to experts in visualization, dreams give power. It is in a positive vibration possession, which actively responds the universe.


Now you have the most fascinating – to collect in the album of your dreams.

For this need any images, and perfectly consistent in your mind with plans, desirable and expected developments, the acquisition or creation of things that can make you happy.

Magazines and Internet are the main sources of the desired images. If you do not lack artistic abilities very well to create a shape of their own future.

This promise the Universe will be much more effective if you use your photos, and always the ones where you look good, smiling, happy – in short, the ones where you pleased and admiring yourself.

Imagine you wrote a colorful script your future well-being, where you, of course – the main character, and this whole hoax is only a positive response in your soul.

Do the inscriptions under the pictures, they konkretisiert and enhance the effect of the dream album: “I’m in my new house 2013”, “My elegant wedding in the spring of 2015, myself and my favorite in Prague” and everything, everything, everything you can imagine.

What’s next?

Based on the simple tipson how to create an album dreams, and illuminating, this individual creative process and his inspiration, it is possible to create a true masterpiece.

And then often to view it, positive energy and directing it into the Universe.

Most importantly, remember that, as Daniel said Rudy, “if we are to dream, nor in denying themselves nothing”.

The author — Elena Potselueva, site ToKnow365.top


Dream album: how it works, how to create

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