Dress shirt: what to wear?

Dress shirt cut with buttons – stylish and convenient clothes. The variations on the theme of dress-shirt repeatedly addressed by many designers, and now this thing can be safely considered a must-have for any woman. If you also like the shirt dress, what to wear with it – tell unusual female site sympaty.net.

Shirt dress: what to wear?

If you look closely to all the dresses-shirts, it is possible to divide them into several types according to cover. From a style depends on how and what to wear these dresses.

  • Classic straight shirt dress above-knee length. In fact, this is a long shirt. Such a thing requires you to pair it with a belt at the waist, otherwise it will be a “hoodie”. Under this dress could be easily worn leggings, jeggings and skinny. For the brave fashionistas who are close to youth style in the clothing, there is another option how to wear this “shirt oversize”: wide open, on top of the shirt or top with jeans, leggings or even shorts!
  • The fitted shirt dress is worn by itself, without “bottom”. The belt may be appropriate if the dress has a loop under it, but in General the fitted silhouette does not require the tightening of a belt. This dress looks modestly and strictly – it can be worn as clothing to the office.
  • Dress-shirt-line silhouette. Belt to him, of course, is not necessary, otherwise you will lose the beauty of the style. But to put some bottom under him, should think. Standard options – leggings, tight pants, jeans. But you can experiment with the pants type “bananas” or chinosol!

What to wear with a dress shirt in the winter – so it is with the cardigan! Let the cardigan be the same length as the dress, or longer.

How to combine the colors of dresses and accessories?

“ToKnow365.top” offers you colors for images with shirt dresses the most popular colors.

What to wear with black dress shirt? On its basis one can create a composition in any colors. For everyday work suit black or beige shoes and bag the same color. In this embodiment, to give a zest to the image may beautiful elegant jewelry.

For walking and other informal occasions you can choose the bright shoes and a bright bag to complement the look with contrasting jewellery and a belt to match the shoes.

Leggings under a black dress can be colored is original, but you can wear black leggings – then your legs will look slimmer. Good in this case, light skinny jeans.

If you have a blue dress-shirt – what to wear? Good will be white, yellow, brown, beige and black accessories. Solid colored dress shirts that compliment the silvery metals such as jewelry, buckle for belt, chain, clutch etc. But the gold will look too pompous, it is inappropriate with the dress style is casual.

White dress-shirt needs color, brown or black accessories and shoes.

What to wear with a dress shirt khaki? The fact that this color in combination with the shirt cover clearly refers to the style of “military” and “Safari”. If you like the images in those styles, the complete set of coarse brown or black shoes and if the dress is short something and breeches.

However, if you would like to move away from military associations, choose a dark brown heeled shoes and a colored bag and also large jewelry in the color of the bag.

Like the dress shirt? What to wear with such a thing – so it is with jeans! Shoes and accessories in this case can be black, brown or monochromatic (of one colour that are in print-cell).

Also on our website you can read a separate article about what to wear with denim dress-shirt.

What shoes to wear a dress-shirt?

Range of shoes to this dress is just huge! A definite plus dresses-shirts is that they can be safely worn with flat shoes, for example, with the usual sneakers, converse and other semi-sports shoes.

Of course, the heel is not forbidden – it is especially relevant in the case if the dress length to mid-knee or slightly below. And better not to put on shoes “pumps” stiletto heels, and shoes or sandals with the thicker heel. The heel is necessary, if you wear a dress jeans or leggings but don’t want to visually lose in growth.

Winter dress-shirt look with leggings or thick tights and high boots.

What jewelry will suit a dress shirt?

To overload an abundance of jewelry the way a dress is not worth it. If the sleeve is short or¾, you should pay attention to the bracelets – leather, large beads, plastic or metal. For dresses that fasten in the throat, you can pick the necklace that will be worn under the collar.

By the way, now in Vogue special type of jewelry to shirts: “corners” on the collar, sometimes connected by a chain, is a stylish solution!

What earrings would be good? Either small studs or long earrings with chains, pendants or tassels (like a bead Oscars). Round earring and earring are unlikely to be combined with strict silhouette dress-shirt.

Dress shirt cut for sure will fit in any woman’s wardrobe!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Dress shirt: what to wear?

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