Drinking coffee with butter weight loss?

For lovers of coffee, the authors of the website “ToKnow365.top” there is good news: coffee can not only give vivacity or pleasure, but also to help to find harmony! No, we are not talking about green coffee and about the very real black, high-quality, brewed coffee and butter for weight loss. Intrigued?

An unusual new product for slimming coffee people

Dave Esprit, entrepreneur, advocate a healthy lifestyle, patented a new drink Bulletproof coffee. It is a mixture of coffee with oils that have both plant and animal origin.

The idea of Esprit borrowed from Tibetan nomads. However, the traditional drink of the Tibetans includes coffee beans, tea leaves, salt and Yak fat is energy rich and very nutritious.

Esprit decided instead of tea to use to brew your special drink coffee beans, and Arabica, the most pure and devoid of toxins. Coffee is added a mixture of coconut, palm oils and butter.

Unusual novelty buttered coffee for losing weight – have already found their fans. Movie stars and fitness instructors, the authors of the gloss and the ordinary people say that this drink allows them to stay awake during the day and refrain from snacking and even Breakfast for 6 hours.

Demand creates supply, and the owners are some European coffee shops have already included Bulletproof coffee to your menu.

Ordinary Internet users also are able to evaluate the effect of this is buttered coffee slimming reviews can be found online:

  • Consume this drink for about 2 years, just add milk in addition to coconut oils and butter, and even a little cinnamon for flavor. I love sweet coffee, so I put there still a bit of natural sweetener based on stevia. This is such a powerful source of energy! After a couple hours we can very actively to do something, without experiencing any fatigue, nor hunger. Recommend! Sergii Gm.
  • Drink a coffee, enjoy the taste and effect! Yuvita.

But of course, it is impossible not to admit that the drink is specific, some find it tastes strange or even unpleasant, as evidenced by reviews like this:

  • Hate the idea about the coffee with butter, while losing weight is probably the most it – appetit beats for a long time. Tried it, hated it. Kazbek.

The drink is really not quite normal for Europeans. To get used to it, some start to add in regular coffee is quite a bit of oil, gradually increasing the amount to a recommended recipe.

Why losing weight coffee with butter?

But exotic is exotic, and what’s the weight loss?

It would seem difficult to find harmony by eating a fairly nutritious drink, because it contains too much fat. Actually drinking coffee with butter to lose weight, it is necessary according to certain rules.

In any case it is not necessary to consider this drink as an addition to a hearty lunch as a dessert. This is a separate dish, and if you have a Cup in the morning, you can assume that had it.

You can drink a coffee during the day, but to adhere to the principles of a healthy diet – then there will be effect.

Protecting a beneficial effect of the drink on the harmony of shapes, Esprit, compares it with products such as avocado or nuts. By themselves, they are rich in fats, but this “healthy” fats that are deposited in the form of unpleasant folds at the waist or cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels.

Their goal is to optimize metabolic processes, and they are doing a great job. Many nutritionists recommend eating nuts as a snack.

Approximately the same effect and coffee with butter to lose weight. It reduces the appetite, but only if you don’t drink them cakes or pastries and eat as a separate dish, and no sugar.

Esprit claims that by drinking a Cup of this drink, you’ll never want to eat anything for 4 – 6 hours, which ensures the effect of reducing weight.

So, if you want to try this extraordinary drink, get ready to enjoy a Cup of coffee, which saturate and invigorate you at the same time. In addition, the butter hides the bitterness of the coffee and gives the drink a smooth creamy flavor. And yet, this coffee will give strength, will make a better working brain and energize you.

How to cook buttered coffee for weight loss at home

To prepare newfangled coffee with butter at home is not difficult. Sympaty.net recommends the following recipe:

  • Take bean coffee Arabica beans and grind just before cooking. Of course, you can also use ground coffee, but it is believed that freshly ground is more useful.
  • Cook regular black coffee, putting on 1 Turku 2,5 spoons of ground beans.
  • In the freshly brewed drink, add a tea spoon of coconut and creamy unsalted butter.
  • If you drink coffee with butter to lose weight and not just for fun, don’t forget to mix all the ingredients in a blender until the formation of a frothy mixture that is similar to a latte. If this is not done, the oily film will remain on the surface of the drink, not mixed with it, and the desired effect you will achieve.
  • Can enjoy your morning coffee! Sugar need not be added.

Good weight loss for this unusual recipe!

The author – Elena Matusak (Lanberri), site – ToKnow365.top

Drinking coffee with butter weight loss?

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