Dry cleaning at home: how to remove stains?

The website “ToKnow365.top” understands, how can unsettle suddenly discovered a stain on the jacket or spilled on the carpet coffee. Of course, you can always refer the victim thing to the dry cleaners and to solve the problem.

But sometimes this just is not necessary, as in most cases you can easily remove the stains at home.

Dry cleaning at home — wool

On woolen things often appear shiny spots, which spoil the appearance of products. Most often they are found on the collar and elbows — the areas of most frequent contact of material with skin, the surface of the table and not only.

You can rectify the situation quickly and with minimal cost. And will this ordinary ammoniacal alcohol (ammonia), which you can easily buy in any drugstore.

Mix it with water in a proportion one to three, and then wipe the product with a hard brush dipped in this solution. The annoying glitter will be removed, and you will experience that remove unwanted spots in the home is possible.

Clean leather goods

If your beloved leather bag or a stylish jacket made of genuine leather revealed a nasty stain, there are several ways to deal with it:

  • Moisten a flannel cloth in the egg white and carefully wipe the place of contamination.
  • Prepare the solution for removing stains, mix three teaspoons soda, one teaspoon ammonia and a half-liter of ordinary water. Ammonia helps when you need to remove stains from garments at home.
  • Mold from leather things quickly and completely washed off by gasoline.
  • Grease stains from the skin are easily removed with a solution of baking soda — for this you need to dissolve two teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of water and carefully RUB the solution into the affected area.

Return life suede

Suede bags, shoes and coats look stylish and elegant. But this material gets dirty easily, and to clean it is not always possible. However, with suede you can remove the nasty stains in the home.

You just need to know a few crafty secrets.

  • Grease stains from suede usually leave on their own. But often this process takes a lot of time. If you want to speed up, then sprinkle the stain crushed chalk and Express the product in this form on the day.
  • Shiny collars and cuffs, and suede jackets return the same, if they just can be sanded.
  • If you got caught in the rain on your suede coat remained traces of wet drops, just smooth these places with a special brush for suede.
  • The trace of a ballpoint pen is removed from the product by Scotch and plain eraser. Stick the tape to the place spot, a good press and then peel off. After that you should clean the problem spot with an eraser.

Clean fur coat at home

Often at the end of the winter season we wonder proper cleaning of fur coats and other fur products. Of course, if there are serious stains should be treated immediately by professionals.

But with some types of dirt can handle and dry cleaning fur coats at home.

  • If your fur coat for storage in the closet had dust, it must be put on a wet a sheet and a little embossing.
  • Grease stains can be removed with rags soaked in gasoline. Long hairs should be wiped in the direction of their growth, and short — against him.
  • To make fur Shine, wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar.

Getting down

The website sympaty.net knows that almost every modern woman in the wardrobe there is a down jacket. After all, this kind of outerwear keeps you warm in the cold, easy to care for and is much cheaper leather and suede products.

However, cushions can easily get dirty, but because periodically the question arises, how to clean down jackets spots in the home.

Down jackets can be washed in conventional washing machines. That’s only if it is necessary to follow some rules. So, washing should be carried out in manual mode, when the water temperature is not above 30 degrees.

Drying is also necessary when the above mentioned temperature. It is useful also to throw into the drum of the washing machine a few tennis balls that will not allow fluff to lose.

Carpet cleaning with their hands

To put in order we have not only clothes and shoes. If your home has carpet it also needs periodic cleaning. In such a situation come to the aid of a carpet cleaning company at home.

One of the most proven ways is carpet cleaning normal table salt. It is enough to sprinkle on the carpet, and after a while just wipe with a damp broom. Salt is removed from the carpet along with the dirt, which in itself will absorb.

Stubborn stains from the carpet displayed with a special soap solution. For its preparation should be dissolved in a liter of warm water soap and add to it a spoonful of wine vinegar.

Thus, dry cleaning at home is possible. This means that most of the dirt on your favorite things you will easily be able to handle themselves.

The author — Tamara Belchenko, site ToKnow365.top

Dry cleaning at home: how to remove stains?

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