Dry skin: what to do at home, proper care

What to do with dry skin at home? How to reduce the dryness and feeling of tightness? What advice for home care give the groomer? What causes peeling, early wrinkles? Tips that will help you to keep the skin dry beautiful and healthy even after 50 years.

Owners of dry skin are jealous of in his youth. Without the slightest effort, they manage to look luxurious. Face is never shiny, it is matte, light beige or pink hue. Almost never seen, it seems that the skin covers the face as a fine veil. Pimples and acne are extremely uncommon. What could be better!

Features dry skin

But without proper care, the external beauty is quickly running out. Concerned about the dryness and peeling of the skin. In winter, the face is often red, and this redness may last up to several days. The ever-present feeling of tightness: I want to wash, to splash yourself with cool water or make a few grimaces. Such subjective experience suggests that the epidermis has lost reserves of moisture and it is important to fill.

How is the loss of fluid? The fact that the skin structure is multi-layered. It consists of dermis, epidermis, the outer stratum corneum. The objective of the epidermis and covering his horn cells is to protect the dermis from contact with the external environment. The latter contains eighty percent water, which gives the skin elasticity.

Dry type facial skin is small in thickness of the protective layer. The epidermis is thin, it is difficult to perform its function to retain moisture in the dermis. It is much less lipids than in fatty or normal epidermis. And it is these substances that catch and retain water. Without proper care, the skin loses moisture rapidly. And this process becomes more intensive under the influence of external stimuli: wind, frost, too warm and dry air.

It is important to distinguish between the skin dry and dehydrated. The first is given by nature, it is thin and delicate, no problems in adolescence. The second is the result of insufficient moisturizing of the epidermis of any type. Can become dehydrated and oily skin, which is extremely active dried “special” makeup.

Test fat

If you are unsure of the skin type, go through a simple test. Wash, Pat your face and do not apply any cosmetic products. After two hours, attach a napkin.

If it is not apparent grease stains, so your skin is dry. If moderate or pronounced stains are present in the region of the forehead, chin, nose, you are the owner of dry and dehydrated skin oily or combined types.

Popular misconceptions

There is a widespread belief that the care of dry skin is almost not needed. It is formed by girls at a young age, which is twenty years, indeed, nothing had to be done to maintain attractiveness.

But after twenty-five years in the body’s natural processes of aging. And that dry epidermis is suffering as a result of lack of proper care to a greater extent. Therefore, the appearance of the first mimic wrinkles for twenty-eight years in this case is not uncommon.

Consider other popular misconceptions that accompany the dry skin type.

Myth 1. Clean the face not necessary, because after washing with water it pulls. It is sufficient to use a means for removing makeup.

“Use micellar water or other means to cleanse the face with a cotton pad it is possible from time to time, for example, in the road, says beautician Olga FEM. In normal circumstances you need to apply for a cleanser that more thoroughly removes impurities from the skin”.

Dry epidermis needs regular cleansing, not less than fat. Only choose to do this, special cosmetic preparations. Gels are not suitable, because they destroy the delicate lipid barrier of dry epidermis. Optimal use of foams or mousses, developed for the skin type.

You can use milk make-up remover based on unsaturated waxes, fats or hydrophilic cleansing agents based on vegetable oils. Typically, these tools are readily soluble in water, so they are applied on the face with cotton pad, gently wipe dirt, and then wash as usual.

Myth 2. Dry skin should be lubricated with oil. They are well nourish and moisturize.

Moisturizers create on the surface of the epidermis is a thin transparent film that prevents the evaporation of moisture from the basal layer of the dermis. It seems that the oil copes with this task better than the cream. It’s fat, the skin immediately after application it becomes soft and elastic.

But this is a temporary phenomenon. Oil is too dense substances, they damage cellular respiration, reduces the intensity of metabolic processes. For continuous use, the skin does not produce lipids necessary to maintain its water balance.

In cosmetics even for dry skin is never present in the oil undiluted. It is used in small quantities, in structures of the type “oil in water” or “water in oil”. The first formula applies for light day creams that are quickly absorbed and visible film not leave. The second formula is the solution for a night cream rich and thick consistency. Its structure to the greatest extent close to the natural fatty film healthy epidermis.

The cream does not “relax” the skin, not wean them to work. Quality cosmetics restores its natural barrier, which distinguishes it from vegetable oils.

Myth 3. Dry skin should be treated with vaseline. He long retains the moisture in it.

Care products for dry skin do sometimes make on the basis of vaseline. Also the cosmetic composition can include paraffin, mineral oil, ceresin, vaseline oil.

“These substances — petroleum products, says beautician Tatiana Nalivaiko. They are dangerous for any skin, but care dry they definitely should be deleted. They create on the surface of a dense film, which prevents the restoration of the natural barrier.

When choosing makeup, you must learn its composition. Even expensive creams can be made on the basis of mineral oil (Mineral oil), petrolatum (Vaseline, Petroleum oil) and paraffin (Liquid paraffin).

The correct substances that form a film on the surface of the skin contributing to its breath that supports pH balance is a hyaluronic acid, collagen, cellulose substance, a polysaccharide from seaweed, chitosan.

Myth 4. The scrub should be used no more than once in ten days.

To care for dry facial skin at home by using exfoliating really need. On its surface constantly flows a natural process of expression of keratocytes: some cells die, others are formed, perform their function and die off again.

The preservation of the layer of dead cells on the face gives it a groomed appearance. The skin looks raised, dull. For their removal (exfoliation) use a variety of substances. The most popular scrubs.

But for dry epidermis should use caution. To use any of the scrubs is unacceptable. Usually they contain coarse abrasives with sharp edges that may scratch the epidermis, leave it on a micro cracks, which causes inflammation and irritation.

When choosing a scrub, give preference to compounds with a BLOB-soft exfoliating granules, for example, jojoba oil or sucrose crystals. They grind the skin gently, do not damage them.

Even more safe enzyme peels, which dissolve dead skin cells, without affecting healthy. It’s a creamy paste that should be applied to the face and washed with warm water and a ten minute massage with warm hands.

Exfoliation should be performed once a week. With regular use, it provides a smooth complexion, smooth skin.

Myth 5. No matter what I do, but after 30 years on dry skin wrinkles appear.

“Our bodies are aging, there is nothing you can do, says beautician Olga FEM. But we can slow down this process, reduce its symptoms. Finally, well-groomed skin always looks better than a neglected, aging slower”.

Proper care will preserve the youthfulness of the skin for a long time, and even after 40 years, wrinkles will be less noticeable.

Care rules

So, what to do with dry skin at home? It is important to choose beauty tools that suit you and use them regularly. In the composition of the nursing facilities must be moistening, nourishing components.

  • External hydration. Hyaluronic acid, chitosan, collagen does not penetrate the epidermal barrier. They work exclusively on the surface, forming a breathable film. Thanks to her, the moisture from the dermis, evaporates, and the skin looks richer, healthier and hydrated.
  • Maintenance of the structure. These substances are essential to the epidermal barrier to maintain its own functions. Such active dampers are all types of sugars (lactose, glucose, xylose, sorbitol, glycerin, urea. Looking in the means of caring Pro-vitamin b, lactates, amino acids (alanine, serum albumin), pyrrolidinecarbonyl acid.
  • Restoration of the protective barrier. For exhausted skin typical situation where literally half an hour after applying moisturizer you will once again feel a sense of tightness, discomfort arises. It speaks about the violation of the natural lipid layer, which is “broken” and cannot retain moisture. Treatment for dry skin at home must be carried out using substances that restore the lipid barrier. These include ceramides, linoleic and linolenic acids, phospholipids, natural oils: Shea butter (Shea), argan, borage, soybean, sesame, sunflower.

Some of the ingredients of creams perform several functions. Ceramides, amino acids, fatty acids, lactic acid, fruit, animal milk proteins effectively retain moisture in the epidermis and restores its protective barrier.

Everyday appliances

Home care follow the “minimum program” for all skin types that includes cleansing, tonification and quality hydration of the skin.

  • Purification. “Use the most gentle products for cleansing, says beautician Ekaterina Zhyvotkov. — Perfect cream, gentle cleansing milk. In extreme cases, applies the foam, but even that can cause worsening dry”. Beautician Tatiana Balaban also advises to pay attention to special gel based on extracts of algae, bisabol, azulene, natural oils. Cleansing is important, morning and evening.
  • Tonification. “Please do not forget to treat the skin tonic or lotion without alcohol — continues beautician Ekaterina Zhyvotkov. Is one of the most important stages of care. The application of tonic helps lead to normal pH level, which is always disturbed after washing with water. And the predominance of alkaline medium after contact with tap water and causes dryness, irritation. In addition, the toner prepares the epidermis to the application of a care cream.”
  • Hydration and protection. Provided by the application of a day cream. It is important that its composition was protective components from environmental factors: antioxidants, which are vitamins C, E and UV filters. These substances prevent aging of the skin provoked by external factors. The right moisturizing ingredients in your day cream: collagen, hyaluronic acid, milk proteins. Your skin will look healthy, filled with inside when using formulations with honey extract, lecithin, extract of grape seed, algae.
  • Nutrition and regeneration. Is achieved by using more dense night cream. For reviews of beauticians, it is desirable to give preference to formulations on semi-synthetic basis, as a natural fat too heavy for such a delicate epidermis. Beautician Tatiana Nalivaiko recommends that funds from vegetable oils, ceramides, fatty acids. The composition can include algae extract, whey proteins, collagen, elastin. Apply on the skin for an hour before bedtime dense layer. If after twenty minutes on the face of the traces of the cream, remove it with a napkin.
  • A deep cleansing. Runs once a week with the goal of exfoliation of dead keratocytes from the surface of the epidermis. Use products designed to care for delicate and thin skin. You fit the cream and oil formulations in the form of masks: enzyme peels, homage, masks with fruit acids (lactic, almond). Do not use products based on salicylic and glycolic acids, as they are too aggressive for your epidermis type.
  • Deep hydration, nutrition. Choose mask nourishing and moisturizing types and use them at least twice a week. For the ingredients to work harder, apply after deep cleansing homages or mask with fruit acids. Nutrient masks may be trace elements algae extract, gingko biloba, guarana. These substances improve the tone of the skin, improve its protective properties. Moisturizers contain hyaluronic acid, collagen, chitosan, milk proteins. Apply the mask must be on cleansed skin for twenty minutes. Then rinse and apply a caring cream.

To dry skin look attractive, it is important to avoid desiccate components in cosmetics. If after using the tonic, cleanser or mask the feeling of tightness, tingling, composition doesn’t suit you. Discard it.

The nuances of summer

Care of dry skin in the summer needs to include more nutritious food. The epidermis reacts negatively to change of water during the trip to the resort, hot sun and salty sea wind.

Use a hydrating mask more frequently, three times a week. And for daily night care choose a thick cream of oil phase on oil, avocado or Shea. So you can protect the skin from exhaustion.

Do not forget about sun protection! The UV light dries the epidermis even more aggressive than the Central heating. In the summer buy a day cream that contains UV filters at least SPF 15. If during the day you washed with water, the cream should be applied again. Use protective cream from may to September will help prevent the formation of age spots and keratosis, which peaks in the summer months.

The nuances of the winter period

Winter beauticians recommend changing day and night cream sometimes. In the morning after cleansing, apply a nutrient composition. It becomes a qualitative barrier between the delicate epidermis and external factors: the frosty air, cold wind. It is important to use the cream an hour before leaving the house, otherwise you will get the opposite effect: discomfort and irritation.

In the evening, apply the moisturizer. The need for active humidification during night hours dictated by the stay in the apartment, where there are radiators. They dry out the air, and that, in turn, “pulls” moisture from our skin.

To prevent drying of the epidermis will not only cosmetics, but also the use of humidifier. This device sprays water in the room, maintaining the normal level of humidity. And helps the skin to stay hydrated and healthy.

Going on a ski resort or a walk in the snowy Park, take care to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Use the same cream that summer at the beach. Will help cosmetics and make-up: layering Foundation and powder creates a sun protection level of SPF 15 and prevents direct contact of the epidermis with aggressive environment.

Complete home care for dry skin in winter the rate of nutrient serums. Enough five to seven procedures, in which the serum is applied under a night cream. Such compositions contain liposomes — active ingredients that enhance nutrition of the skin. The structure of liposomes close to the cell structure of the dermis, allowing them to carry nutrients into the deep layers inaccessible to the cream.

Dry skin is beautiful in youth, but demanding after twenty years. It can bring discomfort in the form of peeling and afflict their possessor the early appearance of wrinkles. And can serve as a source of pride throughout life, if used for its cleansing soft cream means properly to tone, nourish and moisturize it. Arrange for the care of dry skin, using a properly selected cosmetics with moisturizing and nourishing components in summer and winter.

Dry skin: what to do at home, proper care

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