Drying body for girls at home: menu, exercises and reviews

Drying of the body — the technique of burning fat, which is practiced by professional bodybuilders. According to reviews, it gives a stable “plumb” — goes to 1 kg a week. Therefore, the drying body for girls at home is becoming more popular. But as far as is reasonable and safe for the average person to use program which is designed for athletes with a good physical preparation?

Ksenia Ovcharenko September 27, 201793

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  • 1 Drying body for girls: basic rules
    • 1.1 How to prepare
  • 2 What and how much you can eat
    • 2.1 Included in the menu list
    • 2.2 Deleted from menu list
  • 3 the Plan for 5 weeks
    • 3.1 might look Like daily diet
  • 4 As “rock”
  • 5 Reviews: “It’s an unnecessary torture”

The average dryer lasts for five weeks (that is designed a little more than a month) during which you have to combine a specific diet and exercise. To keep the results going and subsequently stick to the basics of proper nutrition and regular exercise.

Program drying the body aims to destroy the layer of subcutaneous fat, tighten muscles and create “relief”, that is, when the right approach is burned only fat, but muscle mass is maintained. While the majority of popular weight-loss programs (especially fast) are the opposite — the scale shows a minus due to fluid loss and muscle mass.

Drying body for girls: basic rules

Professional fat burning a serious and responsible process, which includes a set of mandatory measures. Athletes have a strong motivation and the installation to be successful (usually, they “dried” on the eve of the competition), but will there be enough strength in an untrained person? What to do?

  • To follow a high protein diet. You can’t use “light” carbohydrates (pastries, desserts), the menu is based on food with high protein content. The only valid complex carbohydrates that take a long time to digest and are found in vegetables, fruits and some cereals. In the mode of carbohydrate deficit, the body has to get the missing energy by breaking down its own fat.
  • Sports. Physical activities allow the body will expend fat reserves, and grind out those “cubes” on the belly.
  • To take vitamins. Diet Supplement with vitamins, mineral and amino acid complex pills to speed up metabolism, protein drinks.

The person who is not physically developed, it is impossible to go on a strict diet and get down to significant physical stress. If you decide to dry, it is important to prepare the body to avoid stress.How to prepare

Before you start losing weight on this method and increase the load on the body, undergo a medical examination. Consult your physician, nutritionist, trainer. Experts tell you whether your health such experiments and will advise how to dry the body — especially important professional advice nulliparous girls, because excessive exercise can affect fertility. If the doctor will give the “good” that you need to take care about the following things.

  • A nutrition plan. From a well-written diet while on a diet depends more than 70% success rate. Plan ahead menu.
  • The order of the day. Rethink your mode, because the program of the drying body for girls consists of a set of physical exercises that are performed for 45-50 minutes four to five times a week. They need to be competent to alternate with eating.
  • Libra. They will need to monitor the “pitches” (in the morning or three times a day).
  • Sports equipment. If it is not possible to go to the gym or buy equipment, then some elements can be replaced with improvised means. Instead of expensive simulators can do with a jump rope, and dumbbells instead — plastic bottles filled with water.

What and how much you can eat

Protein drying is based on four rules of eating.

  • Calories. Energy should be spent more than comes from food. Suggest to stay within 1600 calories a day, while most of them should go in the first half of the day.
  • Meal. You should eat fractional, every two hours. This will speed up the metabolism. The Breakfast is not to miss.
  • Schedule. There is a need at the same time each day.
  • Liquid. Per day it is important to drink at least 2.5-4 litres of clean water.
  • Cooking should cooking method or two. The daily menu should contain lots of protein. Essential minerals, vitamins and fiber, so you need to diversify the nutrition of fresh vegetables and fruits.Included in the menu list

    These products are for drying body for girls is advised to eat during a diet:

    • lean meat — beef or chicken (perfect — breast);
    • vegetables — fresh, non-starchy (it’s fiber and antioxidants in one person);
    • low-fat dairy products — cheese (but not bake), kefir;
    • dried fruits, fruits and cereals — these products can help to gain the daily rate of carbohydrates, however, need to use them in the first half of the day;
    • oil is moderately flax or olive, of which the body gets fats;
    • lean fish — marine, which is composed of significant amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3;
    • eggs— chicken, boiled.

    What you can drink? Purified water without gas, unsweetened green tea. Coffee should be deleted from the menu.

    Deleted from menu list

    Excludes products such:

    • fast carbohydrates — starchy foods (pasta, noodles, white bread, rolls), pastry (cakes, pies, cookies, candy and chocolate) and sugar;
    • dairy products — butter, sour cream and yogurts with additives;
    • drinks — soda, juices, alcohol and coffee;
    • fatty foods — including meat products with high fat content.

    If you went to drying, the disruption in the form of “one pie” is invalid. The body and it’s hard to adapt to the new conditions. Giving slack will give him a stress violating the started process of fat burning.

    Plan on 5 weeks

    To move to a new diet should not be abruptly. Gentle drying (which is more suitable to people who are not different sports success) implies a decrease in the diet unnecessary products in several stages. Plan for five weeks looks like.

    • First week. From the diet take fast carbs. They are replaced by complex — cereals, fruits and vegetables.
    • Second week. It is important to start accounting enters the body substances. Per kilogram of body weight requires 2 g of carbohydrates, 0.5 g fat, and protein 3 g. the Calculations are performed, focusing on the weight, which losing weight.
    • Third week. Carbohydrates should be decreased by 50%.
    • Fourth week.Carbs are reduced another 50%.
    • Fifth week. It remains only protein foods.

    Upon exiting the drying need to move in the opposite direction: gradually, week by week, to diversify the diet. Menu the first week is the benchmark of proper nutrition out of the diet.Might look like daily diet

    For many girls, quick drying body seems to be “hungry”, and if you look objectively, this weight loss program really involves a modest number of delicious recipes. It can be seen from the following table.

    Table — Example of a daily menu during the first week of drying

    TimeWhat you drink and eat
    7:00— A glass of clean water
    8:00— Orange;
    — boiled egg;
    — oatmeal with diced dried apricots
    10:00— Buckwheat;
    — boiled white chicken meat;
    — boiled egg;
    — cucumber
    12:00— Boiled white chicken meat;
    — the banana;
    — low-fat cottage cheese
    14:00— Fish broth with herbs;
    — boiled fish;
    salad from fresh vegetables with a teaspoon of vegetable oil
    16:00-17:00— Physical exercise
    17:00— Amino acids or a protein shake
    19:00— Boiled fish;
    — cooked proteins;
    — yogurt

    Training adjust depending on work schedule. Two hours before sports and during one and a half hours — is impossible. Dinner — no later than 2.5 hours before bedtime.

    Meals it is better not to salt. Porridge cooked only on the water. The amounts of servings count, based on the allowable calorie daily diet. If the day you eat of chicken, two dozen eggs and drink three liters of kefir, the effect of such a diet will not. With each new week of drying gradually remove from the diet of fruits, vegetables, cereals.

    As “swing”

    All the stages of drying should be accompanied by training. As confirmed by the feedback of the drying body for girls, if there is no time and money to work out at the gym, you can do exercises at home. As a variant — to focus on videoframerate, which spread in a network of professional fitness trainers.

    You should dedicate at least 45 minutes a day exercises for lower body lower body for the home. It is important that the heart rate was 120-130 beats that starts the combustion process unnecessary fat.
    Training in the style of cross-fit (circular) will need three days, and fast walking or Jogging day or two. On the remaining two days of the week provided holiday.

    The most simple circuit training program involves the following five types of exercises. A circle of eight or nine approaches.

  • Squats. Deep 30 times. Feet should be spaced as widely as possible.
  • Attacks. Effective exercises in movement and in place 20 times.
  • Push-UPS. Girls can perform not focus until the end. The norm 12 push-UPS.
  • Press. Leg lifts, hanging on the bar, and if not, then do lying twist — 20 repetitions.
  • Jump rope. Jump in for one or two minutes.
  • Running slow for a Tuesday and Friday. Keep in mind that:

    • need to run 45 minutes;
    • the rate is selected based on the required heart rate;
    • you can run on the spot, but it is important to monitor the pulse.

    Before you start burning fat at this method, find out about contraindications. It is forbidden to people with diabetes, with heart disease, if there is a pathology of kidneys, liver or digestive system. Pregnancy and lactation are also incompatible with drying. In addition, even healthy people feel the disadvantages of the drying body for girls is fraught with loss of health, weakness and dizziness.

    They say that using proper exercise and menu for drying the body for girls, you can fight obesity and stay in shape. But in their reviews of new posts, after drying, usually does not advise this method than are in his favor. Doctors for the most part, is also categorical: it is impossible to be experienced athletes. Especially because there are safer and equally effective ways to lose weight: exercise, but eat in this balanced way. Taking the final decision about drying, consider all the pros and cons, and in any case talk to the doctor.

    Reviews: “It’s an unnecessary torture”

    Yes, I dried now, but I must say I have a very good work out of muscles, doing heavy weights (talent opened, ready to sorevnovaniy). On drying terribly dizzy and sick, all iesit no shortness of breath. If you are an athlete and not competing in trying to get to another weight class, I’m 52+ want in 48+ or fotosessiya not weight, ***** necessary!!!

    Guest, http://www.woman.ru/beauty/body/thread/4297412/

    Drying is quite a heavy kind of weight loss, both physically and mentally. It is used by athletes who are professionally engaged in bodybuilding.
    I think you should not resort to this kind of diet, if you just want to lose weight. It may be detrimental to health. But health is everything, so take care!)

    Sofia, Moscow, http://www.divomix.com/forum/sushka-tela-dlya-zhenshhin-nachinaem/

    … Initially my weight was 49 kg and height 158 cm And in early July 2015 I started my high protein diet. My diet consisted of the following products:

    • fillet of Turkey or chicken;
    • curd 5% fat;
    • coffee and tea;
    • green vegetables;
    • eggs;
    • cheese unsalted;
    • fish (fillet of sea bass, Pollack, hake)

    From the milk I had to refuse, although it was difficult to impossible. In other things like sweets. Salt is also desirable to exclude, so that the water did not stay in the body. The menu for each day was monotonous.

    Breakfast: boiled eggs or cheese + coffee without sugar and milk;
    Lunch: boiled Turkey breast + cucumbers/celery,
    Snack: cheese and coffee;
    Dinner: white fish or cottage cheese.

    Every morning I have felt dizzy, the pressure was very low (80 over 50, although the norm is 120 over 80). Then added pain in the stomach.
    I thought I was depressed, but to stop half way is for the weak. Although no carb diet generally should not last more than 2 weeks, I lasted a whole month.

    At the end of this diet I saw great results: sheet steel more ripped and dry feet significantly reduced in volume, the priest is also tightened. All good, but the minuses can not do without. Stomach pain began to appear more often.
    Of course, I knew that to get out of the protein diet also need to mind. Do not go for sweets and burgers, seizing the whole thing of cereal with milk and sugar.

    I gradually began to enter into the diet of carbohydrates: in the morning it was porridge 50-50 milk and water without sugar, then began to eat the bananas and honey are drinking coffee with milk. Organism began to feel better. Weakness and fatigue and no longer worried. In the end my weight was 46. I managed to lose about 3 kg, though with some effort.
    This diet is very effective to observe its possible, but only if there is no health restrictions.

    My personal opinion after this experience following such a hard diet to the common man is not needed, leave that to professional athletes and bikinili who participate in competitions. It’s a huge stress to our body, it should receive all the necessary substances and vitamins. Otherwise, then You will Potratit a lot of money and time on recovery and treatment. You certainly don’t need this!!
    More such experiments, I will not deal!!!

    Lana-fit http://otzovik.com/review_3735046.html

    Hi all. Today I will write about how I used the “drying body” at home and what results I achieved. At this point I had a goal to lose six pounds. Let’s start with the fact that this diet is a very severe test for any organism. If there are problems with the kidneys, liver, stomach and heart, then “Drying” is to be postponed. Ladies who don’t exercise dried more than 6 weeks is strictly prohibited, as this will strongly affect your hormonal background, and who knows what the consequences might be. If you have a small muscle mass, the result will be very small or it may be short-lived. It was not hard, but this power supply system must be accompanied by physical exertion.

    In the first week you can eat buckwheat, rice, apples( one a day) or grapefruit. No flour, sugar, salt. That’s all you need to replace yogurt, cottage cheese, breast, without skin, fish. All week I eat buckwheat, vegetable salad and yogurt drink.

    The second week, half an Apple, porridge 5 tbsp, which should be consumed in the morning and no later. And for the rest of the time salads, vegetables and cheese.

    In the third week ruled out the fruit.

    On the fifth week you can’t eat cereal, but instead a salad and chicken, fish, meat, cheese.

    On the sixth week exclude dairy products. On the seventh week as the fifth, eighth as the fourth, ninth as the third and all the way back to the first week. It is necessary to save the result.

    In General the diet is very cruel, at least for me. There was even a breakdown, but I was not discouraged and took all the will in a fist, continued to torment his body. Who says that weight is not returned – nonsense!!!! Returns, and even with a decent Supplement. In 11 weeks I lost 8 kg, but the body is pulled up due to physical stress. I don’t know how you need to continue to eat, what would the weight did not come back. I did the fasting days, exclude sweets, flour, and anyway, those hateful pounds back, taking with him more. In vain have toiled and stomach villages. During the diet, by about the third week I had terrible headaches, jumped pressure, and was throwing up constantly, before fainting, thank God, never came. On the fourth week I had complete impotence and dizzy. In the evenings I spent 40 minutes twisted Hoop and rocked the press and after that whether the CCT did not lose consciousness. It’s an unnecessary torment. And all who praises the “Drying” passed it so as it should? As it should be? Of course there is! Otherwise there would not be any positive opinion. “Drying body” machines are designed for professional athletes and designed exclusively for them. If you want to see in the mirror emaciated, exhausted, sore grey spot then this system is for You!)))

    Olesya2822, http://otzovik.com/review_3317928.html

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