Easily fooled: how to stop being a victim of fraud

Gullibility is cute, very female trait! In any novel you can find dusemymalloc a phrase like “She trustingly looked into his eyes,” and it sounds much better than “She’s penetrating glance at him,” isn’t it? But in real life, no romance – sincere, gullible young ladies, the trick can wait literally everywhere: in shop sell a defective item, the work will inflate relative to the premium, and, God forbid, even Alphonse some trailer… So if you think you are easily fooled, read this article on sympaty.net and don’t let him push you around!

Why deceive me?

You can whine and complain that your mom gave birth on Monday, but the reason that you cheated most of all, not just bad luck! The fact is that cheaters of all calibers, not reading abstruse articles on psychology, quite simply and almost instinctively determine a man who is easy to deceive.

What gives a man a naive simpleton?

  • “We not local, strayed from the train…”. It is easier to deceive one who does not hide his ignorance of the problem. Who do you think will sell the iron with a defect – one who with knowledge of the matter would be to ask about the details and peculiarities (at least armed with information from the Internet), or someone who will ask: “Yes, I do something simple, I have these irons do not understand anything!..”?
  • Lack of interest in the issue. Suppose you do not understand the irons, but if you are apathetic to look at the proposed range and to settle quickly on any advice, you can sell “substandard” it will be a breeze!
  • Simpleton honest himself, so believes everyone. I do not encourage you to lie, but don’t bring down others, especially unfamiliar, a variety of information about yourself! (“Yes, I had iron, old, another mom in the 80s from Odessa brought back, but something had burned out, but I got a paycheck yesterday, and I thought I at least one normal thing in a house buy…”)

Me around your finger, not wrapped!

And how to discourage others the slightest desire to trick you?

Try to follow simple tips from the “Beautiful and Successful”, and it is easy to deceive you it will not leave!

  • Try a little to understand what concerns you. For example, after calling a plumber to put a new bath, do not round off the eyes at the broken old plumbing, clouds of construction dust, uncle Vasya, taking a leap on your carpet in shoes, and don’t say “Do as you please, I’ll pay for all the materials”. And get in the Almighty Internet and find out how much a new tub, her delivery and material to mount – now uncle Bob is unlikely to save yourself a pint!
  • Don’t believe the stereotypes. “He’s a man – should be able to hang Wallpaper” (that he never asked even once in life, it doesn’t matter – skill-male, must be innate!). “He works here so he knows which iron is the best!” (of course, knows, and will sell you stale old model!).
  • Do not make yourself an idol, and collect various opinions on the issue, which itself I understand not very well. Buy iron? In addition to the unquestioned mother’s opinion “we Have to take French in this store, this model there costs so much”, ask the opinions of your neighbor, coworkers, girlfriends, trips to other shops – maybe you will look at the issue with new eyes!
  • Do not rush. Whatever persuaded “Take it now, tomorrow’s a freebie will not be,” if there is any doubt, take time out to think, talk with someone…

How to calculate a liar?

To you it was not easy to cheat, try to learn to identify when the interviewee is lying. Of course, this is not always easy, and indirect evidence of lies sometimes it can be seen from the person speaking the truth.

If the person lies often on the same topic (e.g., a dishonest seller, repeatedly extolling the defective product to different buyers), that, on the contrary, signs of untruthfulness may not be noticeable – a liar already accustomed to his lies and not worried (and after all the excitement-and gives liars!).

But something to notice and take note, then it is easy to cheat you will not all!

  • A liar usually tells a little slowerthan usual often makes a short pause in his speech there are “words-parasites” like “uh”, “well…”, “well…”, etc.
  • Usually lie without a smile or smiling mouths (artificial smile).
  • A liar won’t look you in the eyes of someone cheating – his eyes directed obliquely upwards.
  • Additional questions the liar answers evasively, questioning may irritate or to upset.

Of course, in order to speak with confidence about what the interviewee is lying or telling the truth, you need to know it well – what facial expressions, gestures, manner of speech peculiar to him in certain situations and emotional States it lies off the cuff or prepared for this conversation, etc.

But the main means of struggle with their own credulity once and for all get rid of attitudes, “I’m unlucky”, “I’m a gullible fool”, “Everywhere deception – such a time”, “I deserve it, it is a punishment for something there…” etc!

It is easy to deceive someone who is willing to be deceived, and he is looking for an excuse to liars! But if you realize that such a serious and insightful young lady like you, hard to deceive, you will see it and the surrounding, and to lie to you stop!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Easily fooled: how to stop being a victim of fraud

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