Effective and useful exercise for weight loss after delivery

Shortly after the birth of the baby, many women wonder about how to lose weight after childbirth. The website “ToKnow365.top” picked up the most useful and effective exercises.

We have already told how, without harm to health to lose weight after cesarean and how to complement exercises the right diet for mothers.

Recall that after giving birth it is important to withstand time. To expose your body to the loads immediately after birth crumbs in no case be, these exercises will only harm.

Simple exercise for weight loss after delivery

It’s hard to believe, but walking works wonders. It improves blood circulation, helps to stretch the muscles of the hips, pelvis. Leaving daily for 10 minutes on the street, you will improve your health, and most importantly — the baby can take with them.

Street exercise for weight loss after delivery are to 3 minutes a measured step change of three minutes accelerated.

Arriving home, do not rush to flop into a chair and get busy.

  • Sit on the floor, straight legs and spreading them wider. Now, draw two slope each foot. Return to starting position. Repeat this exercise up to seven times.
  • Stand up straight, feet should be shoulder width apart, bend, alternately raising the hand opposite to the slope. You need to make 10 bends.
  • Get on all fours, vegimite back down and up. Repeat ten times.

Exercises to remove belly fat after childbirth: use the fitball

The time has come to do something with the sagging belly. To get rid of it, you will need a fitball. It is easier to do the exercises to remove belly fat after giving birth, it is enough to choose for themselves the most appropriate 3-4 of them, and repeat them daily.

  • Lie on your back, bend feet in knees so that the feet rested on the floor. The ball behind your head, and now left knee and pull to yourself and hover over the ball. The right leg need to straighten. Now, change legs. Do 10 repetitions.
  • Lying on your back, lower back press to the floor. Hold the ball with straight arms, move his head. Now lift up your legs and arms so that they form a right angle with the floor, grab the ball from the hands feet and lower it to the floor. Now make the reverse movement. Do 10 repetitions.
  • Put the ball in front of him and stand in front of him on his knees. Palms put on the fitball, hands right. Stomach muscles need to stretch, squeeze your buttocks. Roll the ball forward, lower the forearm. In this position you are required to stay for a few seconds and then return to its original position. Make ten repetitions.
  • Sit on the ball with your feet bent at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor. Step forward until you slide down to the sacrum. Hands behind head Flex at the elbows and bring the body back to its previous position. Perform ten repetitions.
  • Lie on your back, legs bend at the knees, bring them. Hold the ball with straight arms and move his head. Exhale, lift the ball, and then drop to his knees. Lower back and shoulders need to keep pressed to the floor. Repetitions are performed 10 times.

More exercises with fitball suggest you to look here.

Kegel exercises after childbirth: the return tone

After the birth of a baby is important to recover, not only externally but also internally. Female site sympaty.net I will share with you some important secrets.

To restore the tone of the pelvic floor muscles help Kegel exercise, after the birth they would be required for all mums. The reasons to do them:

  • restore stretched tissues after childbirth;
  • in the prevention of urinary incontinence and inflammatory diseases;
  • to maintain sexual health.

To lose weight after childbirth, use exercises that will help you get into shape pelvic muscles:

  • Squeeze your muscles and do this with your them. 10 seconds of training and 10 seconds of rest. Do 3 sets. Then do the same thing, but now 5/5 and need to do 9 repetitions. Now squeeze the muscles for 30 seconds and relax them for 30 seconds too. Repeat three times again and make one ten-second run.
  • Squeeze the muscles for 5 seconds, relax and then squeeze again, repeating this exercise 10 times. Quickly squeeze and open your muscles. Take three sets of 10 times. Then squeeze the muscle for 120 seconds, release, rest a few minutes before first make.
  • Thirty times (in the future this number should increase three times), squeeze and relax your muscles. Then maximally squeeze the muscles and hold them in this position for about twenty seconds. Relax and have a rest of half a minute. Make 5 repetitions.
  • Squeeze and then relax your muscles, repeat this for two minutes, you should gradually increase the time to twenty minutes. This exercise should be done three times a day.
  • All the physical exercises after delivery must be performed regularly and faithfully, only then they will give result. To do them in a hurry is not worth it.

    Also will not work option “will make today’s one approach, it’s better than nothing.”

    Due to lack of time for proper exercise, go do something enjoyable: a walk with the baby (in fact still need to walk with the baby) or exercises that can be combined with taking care of the house (retraction of the stomach, Kegel exercises, etc.). The main thing is consistency.

    Author – Lydia Karant, site ToKnow365.top

    Effective and useful exercise for weight loss after delivery

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