Eggplant rolls stuffed with different fillings: recipes with cheese, garlic, walnuts, mushrooms and minced meat

“Must-have” for any holiday table — appetizers. The guests by surprise in the beginning of a feast: fat and happy, they won’t even notice the error in the main dish. Prepare a tasty snack from simple ingredients. Serve eggplant rolls with different fillings, and guests will appreciate your efforts.

40 min 6 servings. Easy to prepare

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  • 1 Subtleties of the preparatory phase
  • 2 eggplant Rolls with different fillings: prepare snacks…
    • 2.1 With cheese and garlic
    • 2.2 Korean carrot
    • 2.3 nuts
    • 2.4 With tomatoes
    • 2.5 With mushrooms
  • 3 … and hot
    • 3.1 With ham and cheese
    • 3.2 With minced meat

Homeland eggplant — India. The vegetable is often used in Slavic cuisine — I can’t believe that about him in Europe did not know. Eggplants are valued for their taste, but also for favor. B vitamins, ascorbic and nicotinic acid, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, pectin and cellulose is just a small list of useful part of the vegetable. Vitamins and minerals contained in eggplant, help to strengthen blood vessels, a beneficial effect on the heart, improve immunity and elevate mood.

Eggplant is a versatile vegetable. Dishes it appropriate and in the daily menu, and on the holiday table. Incredibly delicious, beautiful, useful and inexpensive — so you can characterize the dishes of eggplant.

In people, the eggplant is called “blue”. They belong to the vegetables, but if you look from the point of view of botany, it is a berry.The subtleties of the preparatory phase

Roulette eggplant is a simple dish, hard to mess up. Cut the plates from the eggplant, fry them and wrap any filling — the dish is ready. However, if you do not know the details, the result can disappoint: appetizer get too fat, will taste bitter. The hostess should remember that only four of the secret, and the dish is definitely a delicious and appetizing in appearance.

  • The choice of vegetables. The taste of the rolls depends on the basis of the eggplant. Eat only young vegetables. Overripe contain corned beef, which may be poisonous. Buy dark blue fruits with thin smooth skin. For rolls are perfect eggplants of medium size. Large lot of seeds that will spoil the taste of the dish. Small vegetables are so easy to make blanks for snacks, besides there is a possibility that in the process of cooking they will turn to “mush.” Pay attention to the “tail”: if it is green — vegetables tore recently, brown.
  • Cutting plates. To cook eggplant rolls, you need to cut the vegetables on the plate. Do not remove the skins, otherwise the slices will lose shape when cooking. A perfect thickness of workpiece 0.5 cm will Make the plate too thin they will break when twisting. Thick billet of hard to fry, if possible, that is, the probability that the snack will be felt only the taste of the blue ones.
  • Deliverance from bitterness. Before roasting it is necessary to remove from the little blue characteristic bitterness. The most popular way is to soak slices in salted water for 20-30 minutes. After rinsed under running water. You can use another way is to salt the slices of eggplant and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse.
  • Roasting. Eggplants absorb vegetable oil like a sponge. Do not use a lot of oil during frying, otherwise the rolls will drain the fat on the plate and lose presentable. After soaking, you can pour the plates with vegetable oil directly in the plate (calculation to four tablespoons per kilo of vegetables), stir with your hands to evenly distribute and cook in a dry frying pan. Fried plates, it is recommended to put on a paper towel it will absorb the excess fat.
  • Eggplant — a godsend for those who are watching a figure. In 100 g of vegetable contains just 25 calories. The calorie content increases when fried in butter. But rolls can be done and diet: bake plate without oil in the oven. It will take about 15 minutes (temperature 180°C). Below the plates are soft and easily folded, after baking, you need to hold them in a plastic bag for ten minutes.Eggplant rolls stuffed with different fillings: prepare snacks…

    Eggplant rolls can often be seen on the holiday table. Preparing snack simple ingredients required minimum, and guests are well fed. Each family has its own recipes for rolls of eggplant. If the basis is prepared mostly the same way (fried records Blues until Golden brown), then filled with experimenting endlessly.

    I put mistress inside rolls to surprise your guests with a new flavor. The course is red fish, and crab sticks, and hummus. It’s not necessary to look for new flavor combinations, so the guests were delighted. There are proven options for toppings, resist that impossible. Cheese, vegetables, mushroom stuffing this is a classic. You can prepare roulette Georgian with nuts or wrapped inside bacon, the dish will fly off the table. And definitely greens and seasoning to taste was brighter.

    Serve eggplant rolls better on a plate covered with lettuce leaves, or sprinkle the rim of the tray the chopped greens. Food lacks brilliance, and with the “zelenushka” the dish looks more appetizing.With cheese and garlic

    Features. Eggplant rolls with cheese and garlic can be called a culinary classic. Snack is prepared by many Housewives. For the filling, you can take cheese, any solid, cheese. Dill can be replaced with parsley, cilantro. Mayonnaise is better to use a home: he is harmless, and tastes ahead of the purchase of the product.

    You will need:

    • eggplants three medium fruit;
    • any hard cheese varieties — 200 g;
    • garlic — two cloves;
    • dill — ½ bunch;
    • mayonnaise three tablespoons;
    • refined vegetable oil — for frying;
    • spices — to taste.


  • Cut blue on the plate, soak. Fry the workpiece.
  • Prepare the filling: combine grated cheese with finely chopped dill and skip through the press garlic. Add sauce.
  • Spread on the cooled plates of cheese pasta. Roll the rolls, and secure with a skewer.
  • Variation of rolls with cheese and garlic — rolls of eggplant with ricotta. The recipe is the same but instead of cheese, take the cheese, instead of mayonnaise — sour cream. Appetizer at the same time and it turns out tender and juicy.

    Korean carrot

    Features. Moderately spicy eggplant rolls with carrots and garlic will appeal to those who like spicy snacks. Prescription need to take the carrots in Korean, but you can use fresh carrot: it’s rubbed and fried. If you do rolls with fresh vegetables, for a spicy taste of garlic take longer than stated in the recipe.

    You will need:

    • blue — two young vegetable;
    • carrots in Korean — 100 g;
    • garlic — cloves;
    • mayonnaise medium oil — three tablespoons;
    • spices — to taste;
    • vegetable oil — little for frying.


  • Fry to blush prepared plates Blues.
  • Add the mayonnaise, spices, garlic (use press).
  • Grease a plate with garlic mayonnaise.
  • Put it on the edge of the workpiece Korean carrots, make a roll.
  • If you mix the mayonnaise and sour cream in equal proportions, add the greens — will taste better and the food will be fresh finish.Nuts

    Features. Spicy eggplant rolls with walnuts — “calling card” of Georgian cuisine. Unusual taste walnut filling adds hops-suneli, cilantro. Fans of spicy snacks can take more garlic.

    You will need:

    • blue — two;
    • walnuts — half a Cup;
    • garlic — three cloves;
    • onion — one large onion;
    • cilantro — half the bunch;
    • vinegar — teaspoon;
    • salt, Khmeli-suneli — to taste;
    • vegetable oil — for frying.


  • Chop the onion, saute until Golden.
  • To prepare the filling, kill nuts, fried onions, garlic, herbs in a blender.
  • Add seasoning to taste, vinegar. Mix thoroughly. You should get a paste.
  • Fry pre-cooked plates of eggplant. When they have cooled, wrap rolls with walnut filling.
  • If peanut butter is too dry, add a bit of vinegar, or half a teaspoon adzhika. Eliminate dryness with the help of pomegranate juice: it will emphasize the “Georgian” feel to the dish.With tomatoes

    Features. The combination of Blues with tomatoes — one of the most successful: a rich eggplant, and tomatoes light fresh taste. Rolls from the little blue tomatoes this recipe came out calories. If you want to snack in the category of diet, bake the plates for the rolls in the oven, instead of mayonnaise use low fat sour cream.

    You will need:

    • blue four vegetable;
    • tomatoes — two large;
    • egg two hard boiled;
    • garlic — two cloves;
    • any hard cheese — 150 g;
    • mayonnaise three tablespoons;
    • seasonings — to taste;
    • vegetable oil — on the eye (for frying).


  • Fry the soaked and drained slices of eggplant. Place them on a paper towel to remove excess fat.
  • Grate cheese and eggs on a grater. Combine in a single container. Same here, squeeze through the press garlic, add the mayonnaise. Mix.
  • Slice the tomatoes in thin circles and then each circle divide it in half.
  • Brush the eggplant plate cheese-egg pasta, and top with a slice of tomato. Roll rolls.
  • Love really spicy food? Add in the stuffing with finely chopped chili pepper. Tandem pepper with garlic to tickle the taste buds. Do not overdo it with the sharpness if you plan to serve the dish to guests: not everyone likes the “fire mouth”.With mushrooms

    Features. For the filling, you can take any mushrooms, but the mushrooms is the most affordable option. In stuffing, you can give garlic. Choose herbs to your taste, but if you add mushrooms, Basil — new gastronomic experience is guaranteed.

    You will need:

    • blue — two;
    • small mushrooms — 300 g;
    • the bow is a large head;
    • cheese varieties — 100 g;
    • butter — 25 g;
    • sunflower oil — for frying;
    • greens;
    • seasonings — to taste.


  • Little blue cut slices, soak for half an hour in salted soda.
  • Billet fry to a nice brown colour.
  • Slice mushrooms and onions into small cubes. Start to fry the mushrooms in a small amount of vegetable oil, after ten minutes add the onions and a knob of butter (the taste of the filling will be softer). Fry until cooked.
  • Add to hot filling, grated cheese, spices, herbs. Mix.
  • Spread on slices mushroom stuffing, form rolls. Secure with skewer, and serve.
  • If you want an unusual flavour combinations, then add the mushrooms finely chopped prunes and sprinkle top of rolls with crushed walnuts.

    … and hot

    Eggplant rolls mostly served as cold appetizer. But if the tube with stuffing bake in the oven, you get a hearty dish. The Foundation serves as a snack: soaked plates, fried or baked. But after the formation of the rolls are not served on the table, and sent into the oven. The main thing — to choose the right toppings. Usually the dish is prepared with meat and cheese — so incredibly delicious.

    Eggplant is a seasonal vegetable. In winter it is unsafe to buy: you can get instead of the useful portion of chemicals. But the Thrifty housewife can prepare the basis for future rolls. Freeze need already fried slices of eggplant: raw vegetables after defrosting taste like candy.Ham and cheese

    Features. Rolls with ham and cheese to be tender and juicy. The dish is perfect lunch — satisfying but not heavy. Basil and Parmesan add a touch of Italian and responsible for the aroma — the smell of the finished dish will gather all members of the household.

    You will need:

    • eggplant — two neperestaiosh vegetable;
    • ham — 200 g;
    • cheese — 200 g;
    • Parmesan cheese — 50 g;
    • Basil — six branches;
    • salt — to taste;
    • olive oil — for frying.


  • Prepare blue: washed vegetables cut into the plate, remove the bitterness by soaking the slices in salted water.
  • Fry the workpiece in a pan with a small amount of olive oil. Fold the slices on a paper towel. While they will give back excess fat, get cooking the filling.
  • Grate cheese, but don’t mix them.
  • Finely chop the Basil leaves.
  • Cut thin slices of ham, and then each piece divide in half.
  • The plate of eggplant put two semicircles of ham, overlapping, on top sprinkle with shavings of cheese, cheese a Basil. Tighten the roll, fasten with toothpick.
  • Grease with olive oil a baking dish. Place rolls, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese.
  • Bake for ten minutes, the temperature is 200°C.
  • Cheese for the filling, you need to take the one that melts well. “Emmental”, “Gouda”, “Gruyere”.With mince

    Features. Rolls stuffed with meat with tomato-cream sauce — hearty main dish. It can offer households for a casual lunch or to serve at a festive dinner. Among the processes of cooking, no frying, so no need to fear for their figure.

    You will need:

    • blue — two young vegetable;
    • chicken (fillet) — one thing;
    • egg — one;
    • tomatoes — two large;
    • any hard cheese — 100 g;
    • sour cream — 150 ml;
    • garlic is optional;
    • greens;
    • salt, pepper.


  • Prepare the basis for the rolls: cut the blue on the plate, remove the bitterness by using a soaking or salt.
  • Made of chicken fillet minced with a blender.
  • Grate cheese, combine it with the minced meat, crack in the egg. Add spices, if desired — parsley. Mix the filling.
  • Pull out the plate of eggplant from the salted water, pour over boiling water. It is necessary that the billet steel plastic and easily coiled in rolls.
  • Make rolls with cheese and meat filling. Fold in the baking dish.
  • Prepare the sauce: problanshirovat tomatoes, remove the skin, chop the pulp, mix with sour cream, add the garlic.
  • Pour the sauce over the rolls. Send bake for 40 minutes. Temperature — 200°C. If you love cheese crust for ten minutes before the end of cooking time, sprinkle the rolls with grated cheese and send back in the oven.
  • The meat for the filling can take any, but only the chicken browned quickly. If using beef or pork, it is better to pre-fry the chopped meat until soft. So that the meat does not dry out, add to the pan the finely chopped flesh of the tomato.

    Eggplant rolls — great snacks at the picnic. Do not have to cook the dish at home and take it with you: make a snack outdoors. And tastier, and more fun. Blanks for rolls drizzled with olive oil and grill until tender. Dishes for a picnic should be easy, so the filling to make rolls with fresh vegetables and herbs. You can not “bother” and just wrapped in slices of eggplant slices of fresh tomatoes on the nature of this appetizer will be gone in a matter of minutes.

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