Electric meat grinder: how to choose?

The tips that you will find today on the women’s website “ToKnow365.top” will be useful for those who are looking for how to choose an electric meat grinder. In principle, it is not so difficult. The question is how much and how often you will prepare the stuffing.

And so manufacturers of this type of technology abound, ranging from domestic to famous brands.

The capacity of the device

What is the capacity of grinder?

In simple terms, this is the value that shows how fast you can grind meat, and what meat grinder, if it gets a piece of bone.

Thus, the capacity of an ordinary hand grinder, which in the 19th century invented Carl Just equals one human force. That is what you will strive pressing down on the handle of the grinder, so will productivity.

The main difference between grinder from mechanical in that it is driven by a motor, and you don’t need to turn the handle to grind the meat.

Do I have to choose a grinder, focusing on the power of the engine?

In principle, the power of the appliances is an important indicator. The power of today’s electric meat mincers varies from 450 to 1000 watts. If you examine the reviews of electric meat grinders, you can find the following information:

  • I have read information on how to choose an electric grinder, reviews looked and decided that the power is one of the most important indicators. To take such goods with a capacity of below 1000 watts makes no sense at all. Julia

Also noteworthy reviews of electric meat mincers follows:

  • In my opinion, better to choose a grinder, well-known firms (Moulinex, Tefal, Philips, Bosch, Kenwood) medium power or even minimal (e.g. Zelmer 586.5 with an output of 500 watts), than to pay for 1000 watts of little-known businesses. These firms put power is high because many buyers are guided by the fact that the higher the power, the better the product. But, as I understand it, power in the greater impact on speed, not on quality. And why should I at home for 1.5 minutes, 4 kg of meat grinding? I and 8 – 10 minutes can wait. Thus, my choice Zelmer 586.5. I’m happy with. I have enough. Cyril
  • The more power the more noise. Although this unit only 2 – 5 minutes, so anything terrible in it do not see. Buzzing? Yes. But does the work perfectly! The best electric meat grinder (reviews confirm this) — Kenwood MG 450. A average is about $ 150. Mike

Let’s just say, the power grinder is an important indicator, but not necessarily to choose the appliance with the highest figure.

If you are looking for how to choose a good electric grinder, be sure to consider the following: it is better to take a less powerful machine known proven brands than high power, but less well-known companies.

Additional features

Many models of electric meat mincers equipped with features such as auto reverse and overheat protection of the motor. What is this function?

The reverse

Of course, you ever in my life dealt with a mechanical hand grinder. Remember, you have to take it apart and fork to unwind the veins and tendons, which is wrapped around a screw? The auger is a conical spiral roller, which is inserted into the grinder and attached the knives and mesh.

Now, about the reverse. If the grinder is equipped with a function “reverse” (“reverse”), then disassemble it to you to unwind what he wound not have. Click on the “auto reverse” — the vein itself will spin and walk back. Definitely a useful feature.

But let’s look at feedback, how to choose a grinder, and what to pay attention:

  • I have a grinder with auto reverse. But! Attention! Over 2 years of use the grinder I reverse not used even once. So, is it necessary to focus on the function of the reverse, you decide. Svetlana
  • With that power, which have a more modern electric meat grinder, reverse function is not needed. There are engines, and the bones are ground, what is there to talk about veins? I have the best electric meat grinder reviews, it is also only positive — Bosch MFW 68660: it is powerful, many attachments, and it chops great, even has a juicer, suction cups attach securely to the surface. No complaints. Valeria
  • Miss slightly frozen meat, and no amount of reverses needed: nothing will ever wound and will not stick. Valia

Lock motor

To protect the motor from overvoltage, use the function “lock engine”. The principle of operation is simple: when hit solid particles or overheating of the motor bursts plastic fuse bushing.

Usually in the complete set goes up to 6 replacement bushings that can be easily changed. Again, the function is desirable but not mandatory.

In modern vehicles, which produce the branded company, the lock motor is always provided, whereas in the budget options for this function can be absent.


Very often included with the electric meat mincers are additional nozzles. Female site sympaty will introduce you to the ones that are the most common.

And if you need these nozzles, decide for yourself.

  • For sausage
  • Kibbeh
  • Grater
  • Shredder
  • For shaping meatballs
  • Slicer
  • Mill
  • For preparation of juice and puree
  • For cookies

Just want to note that in many of the reviews about electric meat mincers mentioned that often women use additional attachments.

  • Mainly from the additional nozzles are used nozzle for sausages.
  • Less frequently used nozzle kibbeh, which are made hollow sausage-rolls, which then can be stuffed.
  • Even less likely to use other nozzles.

So you can choose and buy a grinder with a minimum of additional attachments, and you will be satisfied.

  • Real quality meat grinders German company Salmar (or Selmer) no firm not surpass. When we bought, a consultant once we entered and said that it is better from this company. never happens and never will! Included are two nozzles with holes bigger and smaller, and a nozzle for sausages. All. We are happy – 3 years use. Kate
  • And we have the meat grinder Moulinex HV 8 ME 6101. Also a minimum of attachments, which are stored in a special compartment. Excellent and easy to operate. Veronica
  • ME4101 Moulinex HV4 – excellent multi-purpose grinder. And nozzles for sausage, and for forming cutlets are available. Cakes turn out beautiful and the same. I really like it. It’s like a mini helper in the kitchen. I did not even clean. Conveniently, there is a compartment for storing the included accessories. And the price is quite reasonable. Vika

As you can see, will you use additional attachments, depends on the owner.

The most important thing in any appliance store can order additional nozzles to the selected blender. So sympaty advised to choose an electric meat grinder with a small number of nozzles, and if necessary, to purchase additional later.

What made the product?

If choosing a grinder is not necessary to pay attention to the availability of additional nozzles, the material from which made chopper, you need to watch. Not necessarily need to choose a grinder, made entirely of metal.

  • It is important that it was a metal screw, the knife and the lattice – that is, those parts that are inside. If the auger in the meat grinder of plastic (recall that a screw is an internal spiral tube), it will darken over time, especially if you’re working with berries, vegetables, fruits. Besides, he isn’t as durable as metal.
  • Pusher in most electric meat grinders are usually made of plastic. This is nothing serious.
  • Knives in the latest models are self-sharpening. It is very convenient.
  • Note also that whether it is convenient to substitute the tray of meat. You might need to buy an additional tray for the finished product, which is suitable for your grinder. Therefore, choosing a grinder, be guided by the following: the higher is exit, the better.

If you doubt what electric meat grinder is better, reviews you have no time to read, then stop your choice on the goods of the company at the hearing: it is Zelmer (Selmer), Kenwood, Bosch, Panasonic, Philips and Braun. Positive reviews on electric meat mincers these firms you often see on the Internet.

Also not bad to say about electric meat grinders of our production Diva and the axion.

Negative reviews about electric meat grinder mention of the company Saturn, Olympica, knight, Victor, Dex.

A good choice!

Author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

Electric meat grinder: how to choose?

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