Electrolysis: reviews with helpful details!

The purpose of writing this article was the interest women’s website “ToKnow365.top” to such a procedure to remove unwanted hair on the body as electrolysis: the reviews of actual people who have tried this method on myself — this is the main landmark that we paid attention to collecting the material presented below in the article.

Overview of electrolysis

In order to understand what are the advantages of this method, let’s briefly look at what constitutes an electrolysis reviews, which appear frequently in the Internet.

What is electrolysis?

According to Wikipedia, the word “electrolysis” has two bases: from the Latin “pilus” hair Greek “electrolysis” — the destruction by electrolysis. That is, electrolysis is the destruction of hair follicles by electric current.

How does it happen?

Directly under the hair bulb introduces a thin needle. It is connected to the drug, which causes current of the required frequency in order to destroy the follicle. The needle is inserted under every hair, so electrolysis, reviews say this often, the method is effective, but gradual, rather painful and long time.

What areas can be carried out electrolysis?

This procedure of killing the hair root, which leads to the fact that hair grows, fits almost anyone who wants to get rid of the problem forever.

Using this procedure removes hair from almost any area where you wish to:

  • electrolysis electrolysis underarm and bikini area – reviews show that those parts of the body where women would like to remove the hair more often;
  • electrolysis on the face, reviews suggests that women use the services of hair removal by electrolysis on the upper lip (mustache), chin, and cheeks.
  • less popular, compared to the bikini and underarm hair removal on the face is electrolysis on the legs, buttocks, thighs, stomach and chest.

Virtually any area of the body can get rid of hair using a method such as electrolysis: the reviews often say that this procedure has no contraindications for color and skin type, the hair structure. But limitations of this method are all the same.

Contraindications to

Very often you can find information about that in this way one can get rid of increased hairiness in women caused by hormonal changes in the body, we talked about this earlier on the website. It is not so.

You will be able to partially solve this problem, but the hair still completely remove will not work: there will be new bulbs, and from them to grow hair.

They may not be as thick as before removal, but to eliminate them completely, you need to normalize hormone levels, which served as the reason for their appearance.

“I’m brunette, suffer increased hairiness, caused by an excess of testosterone. Electrolysis on face — the reviews say that you can get rid of this problem this method seemed the most appropriate option. But in the cabin I turned and said 100% of the results we get, as electrolysis does not solve hormonal medical problems and shown primarily as a cosmetic procedure. Christine”.

Besides the fact that electrolysis will not solve completely the problem of excess hair caused by hormonal failure, to abandon it is recommended:

  • people whose skin is prone to keloid and hypertrophic scars;
  • those who have acute diseases of the skin;
  • women during pregnancy and lactation;
  • those who have malignant tumors, as well as people with certain stages of diabetes;
  • if the client has hypertension and coronary artery disease, including the presence of pacemakers;
  • patients with varicose disease if you do electrolysis of the feet;
  • dental pins and orthopedic implants – that is, all those items that are composed of metal;
  • the intrauterine device is a contraindication for carrying out electrolysis deep bikini, etc.

In the case of hypersensitivity of the skin to current, it may have undesirable results from hair removal using a method such as electrolysis, the reviews of those who has negative side effects such:

“I had such side effect as pigmentation. Stains immediately, and after 3 sessions and does not take place for several months. I’m prone to the appearance of age spots, and skin current only strengthened long-standing problem. Natalia”

In addition to the appearance of dyschromia (changes color in certain areas of the skin), electrolysis can cause skin diseases: hair begins to grow inward, as well as in case of violation of sanitary norms (non-sterile needle, work without gloves, etc.) can be entered serious infections.

Electrolysis: reviews — what you need to pay attention to?

Let’s see what is electrolysis on the body, the reviews of those who did, will help us in this.

“I want to share with you how I came to know and check for yourself what is electrolysis — reviews girlfriend advised to contact the salon to remove the hair forever. Today pass for 7 procedure. Throw me a pity, as the amount of hair decreases! To continue I hate. You know why? Because I see that the master is doing wrong. She pokes me with a needle, not directly under the bulb, but close. Then the hair just pulls out by the roots. Even I know that it will grow with time. I talked to her, but as they say, above head can not jump. Thus, part of the follicles is destroyed – sometimes it hits, and the needle is right under the bulb, and part just breaks. So my advice first and foremost – look for good masters! Tatiana”.

We’ve started reviews of electrolysis with the negative, because a properly noticed Tatiana — the result of the procedure largely depends on the skills of the master, his skills are sure to introduce a needle under the bulb and give discharge current at the right time. The reviews of those who did electrolysis on the body, saying that much depends on the sensitivity of pain threshold, from the master, from pain relief and some other factors, which we describe next:


Master needs to operate with gloved hands, and master technology to drive the needle under the skin and beat the current just-in-hair, not side by side. As you will notice it? The needle enters close to the hair, and when it passes current, it’s like he jumps up, the master needs to grab it with tweezers and remove. If you see the way he rips it, better give up services, so you do not write reviews like this:

“Learned what electrolysis antennae, reviews that were at the clinic, inspired. I must say — this is complete nonsense. The hair just pulled out, and then grow as before. Olga Petrovna”.

To choose the wizard, read reviews on local forums, ask your friends, do not trust blindly the information about electrolysis on sites. Typically, they write to order.

Disposable needles for electrolysis

“My master once warned that one of the needles, as promised in some salons, will never be enough for the whole body. And the fact that they wipe down with alcohol and this is enough for security, is total nonsense. In each session, I bought a disposable needle, it costs about 100 rubles. Sure that the sterile packaging is opened in front of you. Of the world”.


The master must calculate the amount of pain medication, based on your weight. The calculation of this – 1 USD for 15 kg of weight. If you exceed the dose, among the effects of weakness and dizziness, as well as possible scarring on the place of electrolysis.

  • “After electrolysis hair came in 3 days later than from removal of wax. I believe that the pain I had to endure, is not worth neither money nor time. Dasha R.”.
  • “Because I have a very low pain threshold, I was asked to cut away a large dose. I didn’t feel anything. Great! — many would say. But the opposite happened. The amperage was high (was at 5.5), first appeared red spots, then peel, and then scars. From them difficult to remove. Mary.”

From the review it can be concluded that, as if not wanted, but would have to endure (after all, the body breaks the discharge current), and in any case not in a hurry to enter the higher dose. The wizard needs to see what amperage is enough to carry out the electrolysis, the reviews say that some of the cost, entirely without anesthesia, but in sensitive areas like the bikini area, underarms, face, lidocaine or other drugs are still applied.

Electrolysis bikini area: reviews

Electrolysis bikini area reviews, which you can find both positive and negative, is divided into the following types:

Electrolysis on the edges of the panty (basic bikini) – dress up the tiny panties and it removes the hair.

Deep bikini – full electrolysis of all inguinal and pubic region.

  • “Electro epilation deep bikini, which you often find on the forums, I personally have lasted for more than 2 years. I go now every 3 months. The first time it took me two sessions of 3 hours, now is 20 – 30 minutes. Master said that I had to get rid of hair in such an intimate area, somewhere half a year. By the way, a moment of work, when I started, was worth about 19 rubles, now – 15. Krahl”.
  • The duration of the session depends on the amount of hair. Well, definitely not 1 or 2. Each time they grow less and less, so the time is shortened, consequently, the cost for the service too. I was very hurt. Lidocaine is valid for 20 minutes. First I went to the office once a month, but then less and less. And so it goes 2 years. But it’s worth it!!! By the way, it is important that if you decide to get rid of hair by electrolysis, then nothing else (no cream, no razor or epilator) use is not recommended! That’s the whole trouble. But, if it grows, you can immediately go and delete. Polly”.
  • “Did a few years leg and deep bikini. Lasted for so long because my hair is thick and rooted deep. I will say three words: I all cost is expensive, long and painful. But the result!!! I have a few years running around happy as a clam. Forgot about the wax machines and other items. If you have a good master and tools – do not hesitate. It’s worth it. Katya”.

The procedure of hair removal with electrolysis, where you will find the most time-consuming of all existing hair removal methods. Why not remove hair in one treatment?

How long?

All hair on our body have different growth phase. In order not to worsen the anatomy, let’s say figuratively: hair can be called in the growth stage — anagenez and the resting stage – theagenes.

So, to remove, to destroy the hair follicle — this is the process of electrolysis is possible only at the stage of its active growth. Therefore, during electrolysis, it is simply impossible to destroy all the follicles, as some of them sleeping while the part is actively growing.

To remove hairs by electrolysis is necessary systematicallyto get the desired phase. The total time to completely get rid of hair will depend on several factors:

  • The size of the area of the body that you want to remove hair;
  • The growth cycle of hair;
  • The structure of the hair (density, texture, the existence of a curved hair bulblets);
  • Systematic;
  • The experience of the master;
  • Age;
  • The cause of excess hair.

If you got a good master, noticeable improvement occurs after the first procedure. Further, a lot depends on your patience: it is important to realize that this procedure does not last a month or two, and a few years. But the hair you will get rid forever!

“It all depends on the plot size and the number of hair. On the first session one armpit it took me 1.5 hours. Now, after almost a year, it takes 15 minutes for both. Done once in a month and a half. And the master said that a lot depends on which way you shaved before. Than longer you have them shaved, pulled , etc., the longer the electrolysis will continue. Verochka”.

As you can see, it is very long and rather painful procedure – electrolysis, reviews some women say that they go to their goal for 6 years! It all starts from the underarms or bikini, and gradually affected other areas comes the natural desire to completely get rid of hair on all skin areas where they are unwanted.

Electrolysis on my face: reviews

The area of the face is a very sensitive area for electrolysis — the reviews suggest to be this attentive area. It is impossible to anesthetize with lidocaine. But this is the EMLA ointment.

It is often sold by the artists. You can buy and take with you every time you come to the next session.

Although, if you believe the reviews, the ointment is not suitable for all, so many, given the fact that in the face electrolysis is performed at minimum current, are solved to the procedure without anesthesia.

  • “I remove the antennae by electrolysis. Apply to the area EMLA ointment, top master all covers with a special film (like food), 20 minutes already is. Stand about 30 to 40 minutes. Hair is removed with minimal current frequency, to avoid scarring. After the procedure there are small red dots. Ella”.
  • “My sister is a dentist. I am lucky that her office and beautician are in the same building. She told me alkalive upper lip lidocaine. They were taught how to do it, not to hit a nerve, and I remove the antennae almost without pain. The result I am satisfied. Tunes to make electrolysis underarms, reviews sisters inspiring. Marina”.

Electrolysis: feedback about the consequences

Electrolysis is one of the most secure types of hair removal, but its consequences it has.

Red dots

The first of them — the red dots on the body. First, after the procedure, there is redness, then the plot is covered with a crust, and then red marks. They are 2 weeks after, in their place by white dots. They keep for a long time, but eventually disappear if properly performed electrolysis, reviews about the consequences you can find the following:

  • “After the electrolysis was left a little redness in the bikini area. “Without this does not happen,” said my master. After all, there is injected current. Immediately after the session applied to the skin panthenol and some salons boric alcohol and baby powder. 3 days can not be wetted with water and then points come from the cortex. Most importantly, do not spirite them, and that the scars will remain for life. Princess.”
  • “I did the armpits. Spots never happened. Katerina”.
  • “I have to powder irritation. But the most simple ointment “Rescuer” even as her redness. Ellen”.
  • “When I hear that after electrolysis should not be points, I feel funny. Current, so you give a little, and to remove in this way the hair you can last a lifetime. By the way, after anesthesia with lidocaine (subcutaneously), as the needle is injected, I do not feel, but the shock hear. Or maybe, just get ready to hear it after I snap my camera. My points are in 2, maximum 3 weeks. Now the feet are smooth, no scars. And on my last session I spent only 7 minutes to remove residues. Mariana”.


If the master had miscalculated the strength of the current, or your skin is prone to scarring, you do not take care of it after the electrolysis (for example, tear off the dots), it is possible scarring. Again, it is better not to do full anesthesia, you should feel the current. Otherwise, there’s a risk that the wizard will not calculate and will stress more than you expected.

Also should not be in the bikini areas, underarms, legs to do the minimum voltage. The current still needs to kill, not to wound the bulb. Most often, when electrolysis is carried out, and reviews confirm this, a pointer to the unit stands at around 4 to 4.5, and when there is no electrolysis of the person reviews say that the amperage is minimal but still felt the blow.


After the first sessions of electrolysis, when removed a significant portion of the hair, the body itches. It is because of the many wounds, and they heal. If you scratch, then healing will be long. It is not excluded that again will remain scars. Therefore, lots of it.

Electrolysis: the reviews about the price

The price depends on the master and the prestige of the salon or clinic, where they do electrolysis. From 15 to 50 p. per minute is electrolysis — reviews say that the most expensive cost the bikini area.

Female site sympaty.net advises to choose the wizard, not the salon, no matter how prestigious it may be or in whatever convenient place was standing. The more that go for electrolysis it is necessary not so often.

Better, of course, do not run the job. Appeared hairs remove.

Eventually there will be not many, and the treatment will leave every session less.

“Very convenient that the payment is carried out continually. This does not mean that the master will pull the time to earn more. Minutes believes the machine that make electrolysis. That is actually the time spent while he was at work. You can spend a soothing hour, but the procedure will take way less time. Bound to be a pause when you want to say so, brace yourself to tune. I believe that it is very convenient. I do so: I see that you already have enough hair, to remove them, run to Elektroprivreda. I am not afraid that go all speckled. The amount also included a needle and anesthesia. For example, the last time was when I did the full bikini and legs, I paid 2000 rubles. Lena”.

As the proverb says, the road by walking! We are confident that most persistent and patient to get rid of hair electrolysis, reviews about which you found in this article. Everyone chooses for himself.

As one review on electrolysis: “It’s like a discount card that will give their interest in the future. After a few years I won’t have to think about whether I have excess hair and than them this time to remove. And in old age I’ll be a beautiful grandmother, no antennae, and hair sticking out from under the hands.”

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

Electrolysis: reviews with helpful details!

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