ELOS hair removal reviews, opinions, contraindications, effect

Today on the website “ToKnow365.top” we will continue the theme of modern methods of hair removal and will introduce you to new technology – ELOS hair removal: testimonials from those who have already completed a course of getting rid of undesired hair this way will help us understand how effective is this method.

What is ELOS hair removal?

ELOS hair removal is one of the latest technologies of getting rid of hair for a long time using electro-optical synergy. “Synergy” is translated from Greek as “together”.

In the case of ELOS hair removal on the area of unwanted hair growth work together simultaneously several energy – laser, optical and electric, and their action in the sum greatly exceeds the result, which they would give separately:

  • optical (laser) energy works as a sight: distributes heat across the hair, finds the hair follicle and destroys it.
  • electrical energy having found a target, an accurate shot kills the hair follicle.

Based on the foregoing, the ELOS can be decrypted in accessible language:

E – electrolysis

L – laser hair removal

On optical energy (IPL)

With – synergy (all together)

ELOS hair removal: reviews and prices

Prices on ELOS hair removal reviews confirm this, the highest compared with the cost of laser hair removal, reviews about which you can find on the website, as well as all other modern methods of hair removal. Given that ELOS hair removal promises to rid hair permanently, the cost is justified.

But unfortunately, and this method of hair removal does not guarantee 100% result.

It will depend on many factors, including individual predisposition to hair removal this method and experienced craftsmen who will carry out the ELOS hair removal reviews, which can be found, both positive and negative.

  • “Before you go to remove the hair with the help of technology such as the ELOS hair removal deep bikini, reviews I met all kinds – mostly negative. But still decided to try it out for yourself. My hair is very hard, creams don’t take the machines every day, I have already been tortured. Honestly, I did not expect that even the ELOS machine I take. I was surprised, but after 1 treatment hair didn’t grow for 4 days, after 2 treatments they were out of almost 2 weeks, and after the third month I rejoiced at the smooth skin on my feet, after 8 treatments, the hair did not grow for 2 months! In the bikini area after 2 sessions, the hair did not grow a month. The procedure is painful, but tolerable – like charring. The interval between sessions from 3 to 5 weeks. Here’s was my ELOS hair removal reviews, only positive. Marina”
  • “ELOS hair removal, as with any new cosmetic service, widely advertised. Use our desires to cash in. I took a full course “ELOS hair removal armpit” — my negative reviews. Not only that, it is very painful and expensive (at us it costs 300 UAH, approx $ 70), and inefficient. 1 session lasts long. The first time I’ve done without anesthesia. I could barely stand it. The second session was asked to anesthetize. I applied the cream EMLA. 30 minutes later began again. It was more or less bearable. Yes, I was willing to endure, if only the result was. But it was not! Neither after 2 nor 4 weeks the hair does not fall out. Decided that I will not continue. And so threw almost 150 dollars down the drain. Snezhana”.
  • “In the same salon I did ELOS bikini area, the master did not even touch the body. It didn’t hurt. I was wondering what would be the effect? No. Went to another salon. At the consultation questioned whether the direct contact with the skin? Said that will not direct, but guide contact will serve a special gel which is applied on the area that is exposed to ELOS epilation. That is, I will hear the machine in contact with the body: to feel the pinch. The master said that if I didn’t touch, it’s just IPL. But it is less effective, and cheaper. In the salon I completely got rid of hair with the help of technology such as the ELOS hair removal reviews my positive. But you need to carefully consider the choice of the master and the venue of the procedure. After all, a lot of money it all costs. Better to learn about it from those people who have already passed the ELOS and was satisfied. The Internet and local forums to help you! Kisunya”

How many procedures?

All modern methods of hair removal, sympaty.net have already mentioned about it, do not give quick results, including ELOS hair removal underarms reviews which say that it is this region, and also bikini area, extra bikinis today are the most popular in women.

This is due to the fact that body hair are at different stages of growth: active, transitional, and passive.

Each session of hair removal destroys the hair follicle active hair. The next time they removed the other hairs that were in transition or passive stage.

The number of procedures ELOS hair removal (reviews say different) ranges from 6 to 8. Spacing from 4 to 7 weeks. Some get rid of hair already after 4 sessions.

The time between sessions depends on the color and type of hair, the presence and absence of sunburn, time of ripening of the follicle (in different parts of the body this time is different), from the density of hair, hormonal and other factors that affect the interval between sessions.

  • “I went to a good salon for the initial consultation, to go through a procedure known as ELOS hair removal bikini area reviews, girlfriend inspired me to take this step. I was given very valuable advice that I want to share with you: for months 5 – 6 before the ELOS epilation remove the hair only with a razor. If you ELOS hair removal remove hair with wax, epilator or other ways, where they damaged the hair follicle, you have to be a long break before the ELOS epilation. These tips are often not followed, but in vain – so saving a large sum of money, and for 4 – 6 treatments to remove all unwanted hair, whereas in the other case, you will need up to 12 treatments. The whole process associated with hair growth. Verochka”

The ratio of active and passive hair on different parts of the body varies. So, on the face of 65% of the hair is always in the active phase, whereas on the legs of the hair is only 20%. This means that:

  • After 1 session will not be long lasting result.
  • The time between sessions, and their number depends on the body part where you are planning to do ELOS hair removal reviews which you will read below.

To the question, how long does it take to get rid of hair using the most up-to-date method, such as ELOS hair removal reviews confirm this, there is no single answer – all individually. The approximate number of sessions may be determined by the expert at internal consultation.

But the average data do not necessarily suit everyone. Hair growth depends on race, genetics, age, hormonal level and other factors.

The number of sessions also affects the selection of optimal parameters for carrying out the ELOS epilation, the sensitivity of your pain threshold, the interval between treatments. Too frequent use reduces rather than increases the effectiveness of getting rid of hair the ELOS hair removal reviews to convince us in this. It is better to increase the time between sessions of ELOS hair removal and to wait to begin simultaneous growth of hair — only then to contact the salon or clinic.

  • ELOS hair removal upper lipreviews, which is 4 years ago on the Internet were very rare, only lasted 7 months. But in the clinic I was running every 2 – 3 weeks to get those hairs that have just appeared. During this time I completed 10 sessions! While it would be possible to remove the antennae in 7 months in just 4 sessions. Just I was down money. I later learned from more experienced craftsmen my friend. She explained that there was no need to flee as soon as something appeared. Need to wait for a synchronous hair growth, and it begins after 1 – 1.5 months. Well, not in 2 weeks. Well, at least ELOS hair removal coped with my problem. It is a pity, of course, that all cost 2 times more expensive. So if you are going to remove hair in this way, speeding up with visit not worth it. The result is the same. Josie”.
  • “To remove the hair with the help of this method, as the ELOS hair removal, positive feedback which I often met on the Internet and heard from friends, I decided just after was a free consultation with one of the leading cosmetic clinics. What I liked? First, I immediately said 100% quick result, they do not guarantee, but compliance with their recommendations will greatly enhance the efficiency. Secondly, once said that it’s painful. Although, when I read the reviews about ELOS epilation, I brought it to a painless procedure. Said in the salon apply analgesic creams. Because ELOS combines electro (the most painful procedure of hair removal) and laser (also unpleasant procedure), therefore CAN NOT be hurt. Then I was warned that a break for 2.5 – 3 months when I pass 3 or 4 sessions. This is necessary in order to have active hair. If you assign a session each month during the year, it is just pumping money! So I agreed to remove the hair with the help of this method, as the ELOS epilation deep bikini my reviews only positive. Removed all 7 sessions for 1.5 years. By the way, one session took about 40 minutes – 50, well a maximum of an hour. Christine”.

In one session removed an average of 10 – 15% of the vegetation from the total. Subsequent sessions are aimed at removing the remaining 85 – 90% of the hair.

Reviews about ELOS epilation talking about what if you have dark hair, due to the fact that they contain the pigment, which reacts on a laser beam of sessions required is less than for the treatment of light and downy hair.

Also the number of sessions depends on the area that is exposed to.

For deep bikini and area above the upper lip takes more time than for hair removal for the underarms and feet. The average interval between new sessions is 6 – 8 weeks. The duration of every session is postponed for 2 weeks. On the face, this period may be shorter in time.

Positive feedback on ELOS epilation talking about what intensive hair loss occurs between 3 and 4 weeks. But a few days after the session, you can easily remove the hair, if it to pull. Also, if the regrown hair bring some discomfort, they can be shaved.

Is it dangerous?

In laser systems, especially the first, the diameter of the light spot small, that require specialist care to get them in the hair. The same situation is observed in the case of electrolysis, when the master need to get the exact hair follicle.

ELOS hair removal, according to experts, is devoid of such drawbacks: the large lugs only need to apply it to the surface, but to look where there is hair, there is no need.

This technology of hair removal protects the skin where the hair removal, cooling, and by controlling the intensity of the current, which is chosen individually, taking into account the pain threshold of the client.

Under optimal parameters, the overheating of the skin, irritation is minimized. There are contraindications for ELOS hair removal:

  • Pregnancy
  • Cancer
  • Uncontrolled diabetes, and diseases of the internal organs in a severe form
  • Disease, which can affect the effects of laser light (lupus, epilepsy, porphyria etc.)
  • The weakening of the immune system
  • The use of drugs that reduce blood clotting
  • Allergic reaction to sun or light rays
  • Keloid scars
  • If you did a laser procedure to rejuvenate the face or deep chemical peel, you should take at least 3 months from the date of their conduct until ELOS hair removal on the face.
  • Metal pins in his mouth, intrauterine device, stimulants for the heart – that is everything to do with metal, belongs to the contraindications.
  • Before you remove the hair this way, as the ELOS hair removal of the mammary glands, the reviews also say that in some salons and the ELOS epilation in the area of deep bikini, underarms — it is necessary to obtain permission from mammologist, endocrinologist and ultrasound done.

ELOS hair removal reviews, which you found in the article, is now considered the sa, my an effective technology of removal of unwanted hair. It combines all the positive aspects of other methods – laser, photo – and electrolysis. Such influence allows to reach maximum efficiency during the procedure.

But, like other radical methods of getting rid of hair forever, which we described on our website, the result is influenced by many factors, including literacy master and individual tolerance of procedure patient.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site ToKnow365.top

ELOS hair removal reviews, opinions, contraindications, effect

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