Emil Shabaev conducts the inspection: what fur coats are the stars?

Weather forecasters promise a very cold winter, so it’s time to stock up on the most important means of warming — coat. And let the West and in America the wearing of fur coats often causes aggression on the part of animal advocates, many stars is not stopping.

Barbadian beauty Rihanna

Singer Rihanna is known for her love of fur products. So, in December 2013 the paparazzi could take pictures of the Barbados beauty in amazing color coat: a shade of fuchsia was supplemented with black and white stripes on the sleeves.

Later it was seen in new York’s club “40/40” where she came in a light coat in the floor. Fans of the singer believe that she had the house you can find a complete catalog of fur coats the most popular colors and styles. The singer is not abandoning the classics (proof is her long brown mink coat), but we should not blindly established Canon that has been proven it is a very bold combination of fur and sportswear.

Black dress and white fur coat

Blonde Kate moss has pleased its fans a combination of classic colours — the little black dress and luxury mink fur coat color ivory. Sienna Miller, who was present there, prefer the combination of “Maxi and mini” emerald dress to the ankles and short fur jacket in white.

Lindsay Lohan chose a collection last year, appearing in public in a short, knee-length striped coat with leather inserts. It is difficult to say how such a design is practical, but it looks impressive.

Chocolate mix style icons

Olivia Palermo has long earned the title “style icon”. She did not disappoint fans this time: she looked very elegant in her fur jacket faux fur asymmetrical style. The combination of dark chocolate color and milk have added charm in the image of a girl.

Shocking from Nicole Richie and Miley Cyrus

Not so long ago Nicole Richie changed roles: she left the movies, giving herself completely to the designer creativity. Criticism is very controversial comments about her new look: a long coat with leopard print faux fur. But animal advocates were very happy.

Miley Cyrus, known for his controversial antics, has been able to surprise the audience: the concert in celebration of the New year, she appeared not in underwear, and in gold shiny costume, complete with white coat.

Expert conclusion from Emile Shabaeva

Many celebrities follow the trends, sometimes playing on the brink of a foul. Choosing a model in the store in the first place, you need to follow your gut and chosen style of clothing. The stars are always on the front pages, their appearance attracts the attention of thousands and millions, they should be “style icons”. But they are people just like everyone, so often make mistakes, trying to create my way alone.

Salon Emil Shabaev is a place where trendy models coats are selected individually, according to your style and lifestyle.

Emil Shabaev conducts the inspection: what fur coats are the stars?

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