Energy vampires: how to recognize and how to protect yourself

It’s hard not to believe in energy and its movement, when one person near just well stand, and even others in nearby rooms don’t want. Despite the fact that these two people we may not even know and not to communicate with them.

Today stands on the guard of our inner energy, to investigate the question of how to protect yourself from an energy vampire.

People inexplicably hate to be even in different rooms, conventionally called energy vampires. If to speak more seriously, the energy vampire is a person who restores your life (energy) force by absorbing the energy of other people.

Such people much more than the energy donor, so in modern society the question of how to protect yourself from an energy vampire becomes very relevant and exciting.

If we steal the wallet, then at the end of the day, we’ll be able to understand why we are unable to buy bread. However, if at the end of the day we can’t maintain the calmness and courage under normal load, we rarely ask ourselves why. Although in many cases the answer to this question is very simple – someone has stuck to us a straw and merged with us a few buckets of our life energy.

To be sad about this in General is not necessary, many people somehow believe that being a donor is somehow shameful. The undeniable fact is that if you take energy – so you have it! Vampires vampires rarely bite. So now just to learn how to protect yourself from energy vampires and live happily ever after, giving energy only to those who want.

Who is an energy vampire?

They can be anyone – a brother, a boss, a neighbor in the stairwell, the policeman, the man standing next to on the bus, your virtual companion, etc.

Typically, after contact with the human vampire the feeling of complete loss of vigor, vitality and good mood, and left with a feeling of emptiness and resentment for the wasted time.

It is also important to remember that the same person can be a donor for one vampire to the other. And you under the guise of no one taking the bucket energy? ?

Any certain way it looks and outwardly he did not give – he has two fangs, deathly pale skin and bloodthirsty eyes. A vampire is not always he knows that he’s a vampire, he just gets your emotions because he can produce them. And charged only the negative. And does all that he does unconsciously, like a reflex, you know.

As an energy vampire takes energy

To know how to protect yourself from an energy vampire need to know how he usually acts.

Weak vampires usually take some attempts to get your energy by simply divorce your emotions (negative, of course).

Strong just spew negativity, and all those who are not able to resist, fall into this overwhelming field.

Strong energy people and people who are able to feel the energy and track its movement through the body, feel the work of a vampire to immediately and automatically put a block on the recoil energy. And for those who such knowledge and skills does not necessarily need to know how to protect yourself from an energy vampire.

How are energy vampires

  • You establish physical contact (this will not necessarily be passionate hug — this may be a handshake, a light touch on the shoulder/legs/hands – no matter how important that your body shell had a common point of contact);
  • If you can’t make physical contact (or in addition to it), establish visual contact;
  • To attract your attention and set you on your “frequency” is low. It makes for what can only perceive a kindred energy. And the recovery process went ?

If the vampire had established some contact and you did not remember how to protect yourself from energy vampires, then set you on your frequency it will be much easier. To set its frequency — so to arouse in you the irritability, aggressiveness, fear, anxiety, restlessness. This can be done if, for example:

  • deliberately makes you waitif you are in a hurry;
  • rude;
  • argues;
  • climbs ahead of you in the queue.
  • gestures or facial expressions you are trying to offend (for example, carelessly throws your change at the store);
  • in every way takes you on a conflict from “nothing”;
  • jealous of you. Moreover, realizing your progress, he tries to belittle you so that you helped the circumstances, which he, for example, was not;
  • trying to blame you so that you don’t like it. He subconsciously feels that you are above it, therefore, tries to isolate you (“think you’re pretty smart?”, “you think just the head, then you can treat US subordinates?”);
  • he will try you to level with me: you might have deficiencies or failures, if a person is guilty of something in front of you. It will try thus to justify himself, his improper act towards you;
  • complains. Even if you do not tell him anything, then spilling your complaint, it will get your energy. And to complain about, believe me, it will find;
  • to provoke something;
  • provokes you to sympathy, compassion, eating these high energy feelings;
  • forcing you to do something.

Classification of energy vampires

To make it easier to determine how to protect yourself from an energy vampire and to identify it in your environment, we offer a short classification of these parasitic types.

1. The unfortunate vampire or consider themselves such

This is just the one who will suck your energy, complaining and getting your sympathy, compassion, time, help , etc.

I must say that is quite dangerous type, because it makes all their acts very sophisticated, and if you once missed and rashly he played along, he already won’t leave you alone just like that. If you did manage to get rid of him, he can easily find someone else, because to talk about his miserable life it can to anyone. And usually, intuitively, they define the people defenseless, not knowing how to defend yourself from an energy vampire.

2. Power vampire

It’s all very simple – a man endowed with power. It can take your energy, forcing you to meet its not always necessary errands, knowing that you will not like it, will do its best to drive you in uncomfortable situation to quickly bring you into conflict or just enjoy your absolute power, even though it is the fifth Deputy Vice-Deputy of a pseudo-boss.

You need to work with such a leadership? Instead of working normally, you will spend days to get the question of how to protect themselves from attacks of this energy vampire.

3. The vampire Casanova

Probably the most dangerous type of vampire, because you can fall in love with other people, easily then using their energy, which they gladly give him.

In any case, do not allow this vampire to the body, because, absorbing your energies even after sex, he’ll leave you all with nothing, you could have depression, worse health, etc. This is the best.

How to protect yourself from this energy vampire? Visually put blocks (see below) and to avoid him all sorts of physical contact.

4. Family vampire

Quite difficult to resolve the situation, because all the “performance” occurs almost daily and the narrow confines of one family. This is a man who is used to getting everything, giving nothing, taking all the attention (care, love, etc.) for granted.

To understand how to protect themselves from this energy vampire, you need to first determine how a person got into your life.

5. A vampire, lacking in communication

He constantly wants someone to talk to, someone to touch, to be surrounded by people. Making you a contact, he slowly begins to suck from you energy.

Happened you sitting on a Park bench waiting for someone to see the person who approaches you, sits down, begins a conversation with you about “nothing”, and you mentally think, “What the hell?!”, because the energy level of your entire being rejected it, and protested against the communication with such a person.

How to protect yourself from energy vampires

  • Listen to your body – it NEVER lies! It will always give you signs, you just have to be able to listen to them. And you know that yourself – after all, surely everyone is familiar with the feeling of internal protest against dialogue with someone or just nothing inexplicable dislike to someone?
  • Helps to develop body in this regard, yoga, qigong and other such practices.
  • Once you realize what your body says to you (this is a energy vampire, he wants to take your energy, you need to protect yourself), quickly make a decision not to succumb to his provocations. When you realize that a person needs, it becomes much easier to choose a pattern of behavior with him. Knowing that he wants to bring you into conflict, you have to be a lot easier to remain calm, not to succumb, and thereby to choose the right method to protect yourself from an energy vampire.
  • Stay away from unpleasant places and places with high concentration of aggressive people – demonstrations, rallies, etc., Even a rally “Against war” — strange, because he’s not a rally “For peace”. Can even track your emotions when you say the first name and the second. Now imagine that thousands of people experience such emotions, and half of them are still vampires. Mmm… a dream dinner for vampire! ?
  • Try to avoid contact with unpleasant people. But if it is not always possible, avoid eye contact. If you need to communicate with unpleasant people, choose the most harmless way, for example, dealing with an unpleasant colleague may occur via e-mail.
  • If you feel that the “process went” you should try to cross my arms and put the feet tightly together. Say, you two bring up the energy processes (foot and hand – extreme points) in the body and allow energy to go into free float.
  • Visualize: you are wearing a large cone of purple or lilac color that gives your energy to go beyond it, between the two of you is a mirror that reflects the behavior of the vampire, between you and the cement wall, etc. Invent anything (a bucket on her head, cement vest), it defended you. They say that helps to provide a mirror clearly at the level of the heart (because the main energy can go from there).
  • If you are a believer, you can at this point to contact your guardian angel (or someone working to protect your faith), and grab the symbol of faith (the cross, etc.).
  • Someone is using special amulets. But just buy a nice item on the market would not be enough — she must also be charged (by you, in a Church, some other methods).
  • Said to be very effective “heat shield“. It’s pretty simple. Try the morning before work to carve out 10-15 minutes and stand under a very hot shower. Strong heating of the body aligns its energy, resolves “clusters” of energy that fills the “vacuum”. After that sudden cooling, it is absolutely cold shower, but even better to dip out of the bucket. A steam room, sauna – all heaven for that!
  • Grow spiritually. Then the vampires won’t be able to get from you the desired energy, they are either not able to do it physically, or will be afraid of you.
  • Sorry it is the best way. He just doesn’t know how else to satiate your body’s energy. He is the man with the strongest, which became normal in its extreme, emotional starvation. Perhaps he himself is uncomfortable, but resist the instinct he can not – no strength in him! The energy of nature, cosmos, Universe, God (call it as you believe in yourself) just before he comes, because his energy channels badly battered, holed and bent.

Pity, condescension, humor – all in relation to him is the best answer to the question of how to protect yourself from an energy vampire.

If you are still “lucky” to meet and chat with a vampire, the best way to align their condition on arrival home is to take a warm (not hot) bath for 5-6 minutes (otherwise the process goes back). The miraculous properties of water, I think, all is known – in this case, the water will take away the negativity and align your mental and emotional state.

Bright energy rich, beautiful and successful; equal and voluntary energy metabolism, so you don’t have to torment myself with the question of how to protect yourself from an energy vampire. And if you and vampires – it is only cute, and only on Halloween ?

The author – Lyubov Ivanova, website – Beautiful and Successful

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