English style in the interior of the house is classical

Now , interior fashion is very diverse – there is a combination of metal with glass, which provides high-tech style, and diversity of colors and textures that characterize the style of boho (on the website “ToKnow365.top” wrote), and more! But if you and your family prefer the classic quiet – suggest you ask about what the English style in the interior of the house!

What distinguishes the English style in the interior?

The style that is now called the English style in the interior of the house, formed during the 18th and 19th centuries. In our time this trend in the design of interior decoration of the room is considered to be a classic – strong, but at the same time solemn.

If it is difficult to immediately imagine what it was – remember the interiors of the mansions from the movies about Sherlock Holmes, or perhaps Jane Eyre.

Someone, perhaps, such a design seem “too heavy”: there are many massive and heavy (literally!) items, heavy fabrics, a rare bright vivid shades, the interior is filled with detail – molding, carved or forged components and accessories, perhaps the presence of the gilding, bronze, precious stone.

In a sense, it’s “adult” style is unlikely he will be fit for a nursery or for room reckless creative personality. But this is a great option for living rooms, halls and foyer of marital bedrooms, dining rooms , etc.

However, if you carefully think then you can bring the classic English flavor in the kitchen, hallway, even the bathroom – it’s all about respecting the style and the right selection of materials and things!

Color, prints

English style in the interior of the house is inherent in natural, muted colors, and often warm shades. This terracotta, dull gold, brown, camel, beige, olive, white, grass green, pale yellow, etc., and for diluting and color accents can be used a dark blue or blue, red, brick, Burgundy or yellow.

Classical English prints can be repeated to vary as upholstered furniture and textile items, and the Wallpaper and curtains. Very nice look in the interior Victorian floral prints-bouquets.

Traditional print, often used for Wallpaper “under cloth” — stripes, where wide and narrow stripes alternate, usually do not print this in a very contrasting tones. Found small peas, “cucumbers” (introduced from the Asian colonies in Britain print), very small flower.

In addition, the English interior you can often find tapestry fabric with woven figures or its imitation, which can be a very interesting “trick”!

Materials, textures

Traditionally at home with the English style of interior design are drawn not “on the principle of IKEA is” cheap and simple, and “forever” — the material does not save, choosing high quality, durable and wear-resistant options.

The furniture, of course, hardwood (ideally from expensive breeds of wood, including red). It’s not “hastily planed”, Polugaevsky thing (in the style of Provence, which sympaty.net already wrote), and expertly-crafted pieces of furniture art – often with carved fragments, elegant smooth curves of the armrests, backrest, legs, oval table tops…

In principle, it is possible to try to write in this style and painted wood, but most of the structure and natural shade of a tree seek to show.

As a rule, all pieces of furniture are massive, squat is “Voltaire” armchairs, large sofas, obligatory coffee table with heavy top, but low legs.

Not without serious bookcase.

And a special ritual for the British – the joint family meals and dinner parties with tea or dinner, so an English home is complete without a respectable dining room table (often oval shaped) and chairs with high backs, which are used in Ferial days cover decorative covers.

“Wood theme” will continue the flooring or (in modern terms) laminate, imitating him. If we are talking about a hallway, foyer, bathroom – beautifully will look like a tile with two colors posted on the “oblique chess principle.”

Great, if the interior will be precious stone – marble or granite: if the size of the spaces, trim them, the fireplace (or an imitation fireplace), columns, stairs in the house etc. And if any pillars and staircases and speech can not go, we can restrict beautiful mantel clock, candle holder or figurine.

Fabric – heavy, noble: velvet, tapestry fabric, satin, thick cotton, damask, brocade.

Details, decor

To call the interior of the house in the English style rich with all sorts of baubles and trinkets can not be – a classic is a classic!

But additions stucco serve (or, adapting to modernity – PU) cornices, rosettes, friezes, also mirrors and/or paintings in heavy gilded frames, wall or mantel clocks, floor lamps (by the way, the crystal pendants on the lamps here will be very useful!).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

English style in the interior of the house is classical

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