English style of dress – classic, elegance, style

When you talk about something with English origin, then surely it is already considered a classic in the world! What happened to the English style of dress is classic, which is now relevant in any country. Dress like a true English lady, will teach the website “ToKnow365.top“.

The concept of the English style in clothes

If to characterize a classic English style, the key words are probably “rigor” and “conservatism”. It’s true – the style was fully developed as businessintended for working in the office of townspeople, University students, etc.

Inherent clear cut lines, elegant fitted (but not bodycon at the expense of stretch fabrics!) silhouettes.

Colors – natural, soft: grey, sand, dark blue, grass green, olive, etc.

As for prints, in the English style, of course, is the cell in all variations (most commonly a cell-“tartan”) and oblique rhombs (on the Jersey).

What features of clothes of English style?

Conventionally, modern English style in women’s clothing can be divided into two areas: a more “adult” and youth.

The website “ToKnow365.top” has already talked about the preppy look is that it is the Foundation of the youth of the English style, as it originated among British students. It differs from the more conservative “adult” version – more freedom in the silhouettes, the cut, the more common bright color combinations, there is even a small hint of sporty style.

But many models of preppy is already “Mature enough” to classic English style – for example, pleated knee-length skirts with the smell, the knitted jumper with slanting diamond pattern, knitted tank tops over shirts, etc.

Traditional English style is mostly designed for ages 30+. It is based on a classic suit, which is called the English costume. Can be both skirt and Trouser.

Length of jacket in English can vary in the range of +/- 10 cm from the mid-thigh. Long jackets, often worn with breeches (a La jockey). Classic skirt length to the jacket is knee-length, although the possible options of MIDI-skirts. Pants – straight and arrow. Instead of a jacket can be worn the vest over a light shirt.

Generally, jacket in women’s clothes of English style – almost indispensable element of any set.

Jackets to wear over dresses and blouses, complementing hats, scarves, special occasions – short gloves. All because the English style does not accept almost open arms (and legs, too – short skirts is not here, and tights or stockings are required in any case!).

As the upper garments worn trench coats-trench coats or double-breasted coat.

Jewelry and accessories

Additions to such a strict fashion in jewelry and accessories should be chosen with maximum taste and sense of proportion. Jewelry is allowed only to youth, and that quality and not tacky. Day jewelry, suitable to the English suit, small earrings, ring, chain with pendant, pearls. Also always appropriate wrist watch.

Shoes , usually classic pumps, and similar models, and not necessarily as high and thin heels!

Bags, English style – a clear rectangular shape, certainly good quality. The size of the bags, of course, varies depending on the situation, but the bulk of models are not met.

Traditional additions to the clothes in the English style – cravats and scarves.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

English style of dress – classic, elegance, style

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