Enjoy loneliness:loneliness is not a sign of failure!

Modern society inspires man that loneliness is something bad, in a sense, a symbol of failure. You mean, useless, you’re a loser!

Free time will certainly need to be with someone, if no one is around to replace real communication virtual! And even when I do not mean the lack of life of loved ones and friends, and just spending time alone – it is almost a waste of time! And this is not a man who knows how to enjoy loneliness, not lose, but gains a lot! How to stop being afraid of loneliness, will tell website sympaty.net.

What gives a person the ability to enjoy solitude?

Since ancient times, those who knew for a long time to be alone and not burdened by them, considered by the sages and the saints – remember hermits!

And how many stories about prophets and gods in all the religions tell us about how a certain after a certain period of seclusion attains wisdom or divine revelation. Even Christ himself had retired for 40 days in the wilderness!

Of course, I’m not suggesting you drop everything and flee in an unknown direction for so long, but to reflect on the use of minutes, hours or days of loneliness for the soul and mind still stands.

  • The removal of psychological stress. How would fun, easy and relaxed you feel surrounded by people, psychological stress from communication and stay with people is always there. And discharge in the form of secluded relaxation sometimes necessary to all of us!
  • Knowing who you are by itself, without the usual entourage of people. We are all there with other people playing different social roles – mother, wife, daughter, the passenger in the transport of the patient to the doctor, the employee is at work When no one is around, you can drop all the roles and be yourself – be what you feel in the moment. Maybe a little girl dancing under the player? Or a beautiful fairy in an incredible outfit, or a mermaid in a bubble bath? And because you can think about, “who am I?” in a more global scale – who am I as a person? Who I am for their loved ones, who I am to myself?.. A difficult but very important questions to think about who in the crowd is unlikely!
  • Studying ourselves. Enjoying the solitude, we make what you want, when you want. For example, dinner not when households begin spoons on the table pounding, and at some inopportune time – but, maybe, this time is optimal for your body?
  • To do that you’re embarrassed to do in public (even in the presence of the home) is to try a new set of yoga exercises, style your hair in the experimental hair, to dance, to talk heart to heart with the cat…

What is the illusion of communication and why you should not get used to it?

But all of the above features gives only a moment – tete-a-tete with him. Preferably in silence or with pleasant non-aggressive music, doing some relaxing things – self-care, crafts, bath, Yes, even blessed wallow on the couch in the arms of kocakoy!

Instead of having to feel what it’s like to enjoy the solitude truly, many people, being home alone, you begin to quickly look for a replacement to human society – to create the “illusion of communication”.

And modern technical equipment provide a lot of opportunities!

  • Social network, Skype, “ICQ” and other computer-based tools for communication. Coming home, you hastily turn on the computer and begin to view updates from “friends”, and when all viewed and need to do something else, you leave your account open to wait for incoming messages? It is an illusion of stay in the community: “Hey, people, I’m here! Can you see me? And I see you!”. It’s comforting and familiar – kind of like not one, at any time, can start direct communication!
  • TV, radio. Here is the link, of course, unilateral. But who among us didn’t turn on the telly to something mumbled while you go around the house and doing different things? And it is the replacement of the presence of a living person. The subconscious illusion that this broadcast is especially for you! So, you’re not alone, you need someone right now! “Dialogue with the soul” and enjoy the solitude under the mumbling of this “pseudo-source” will not work!
  • Phone. Tell me honestly, how often do you disconnect mobile, being home alone, only because I appreciate that time and do not want at the moment no one to hear? Rare? Well, Yes – but something important, urgent… Or suddenly terribly want someone to chat… But it means a fear to be alone and feel weak, powerless before the great evil of the world… Even if you’re just cooking dinner, waiting for the husband!

Of course, by themselves the means of communication are not evil – but you have to feel when to stay “offline” and enjoy the solitude!

How to enjoy being alone and not burdened by them?

To begin with you should understand that this is not a waste of time.

Get rid of complex “lonely fool-homebody-loser” (for example, if you do not want to spend the weekend or to go somewhere in the evening) and don’t be shy desire to be alone – it’s okay!

And how can I forget the typically female features of the relations to the moments of loneliness – while no one is home, we hastily grab the most unpleasant things: cleaning, washing, Ironing, cooking pots of soup for a week, etc. But is it right?

Take the example of men: if you leave a man at least for a day, he probably just relax, allow myself a few Beers, watch football, action and a porn movie for the night, had a good lie on the sofa, eat all the supplies in the fridge could mentally pick my in the guts of native car – but to wash, clean and cook him in a head will not come! And rightly so – this is aloneness!

To learn to enjoy solitude, make this time a gift to yourself – flip through a magazine, take a bubble bath, turn on some music and dance, premaraj all stale in the closet dresses, draw on the nails, fantastic patterns, eat ice cream and look your favorite romantic Comedy, which husband makes fun!

And then you don’t want to go to the supermarket just to be in a noisy crowd, or calling her friends, just someone to chew the fat! You will feel how it is to enjoy the solitude and not to tire of them!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Enjoy loneliness:loneliness is not a sign of failure!

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