Especially education of girls – what you need to know mom and dad

The transformation of the little Princess like a Queen, that is, the education of girls, the process is very complicated. It needs to take into account both its psychological and individual characteristics. What should the parents know, raising a daughter, what role in the education of the little Princess is given to each parent and what are the features of education of girls you get to know a woman’s site ““.

Than girls differ from boys?

Here we are not talking about the physiological and psychological differences of girls.

The fact that their psychological needs are slightly different from boys. All children, regardless of sex, you need trust, acceptance, approval, but girls for normal development it is necessary to be more care from the parents.

Boys, on the contrary, I want to feel more independent. It is the care and assistance of adults perceived the girl as a manifestation of true love.

So, the first and the main feature of girl’s education in the family is to give her to feel that parents care deeply about her and will never leave her alone with difficulties.

So how would you not want from an early age to instill in her independence, do not rush it. If it keeps up with the feeling that she needs to do everything herself, she will not feel parental care and won’t learn to trust anyone.

It is likely that in the future she will make a successful career, but in personal life she is unlikely to be happy. Not having learned to trust in childhood, in adult life she will not be able to build close relationships.

Especially education of girls: a personal example is more important

Whatever educational techniques may use mom to raise her daughter a real woman, they will not benefit, unless they are backed by personal example.

This mother is for the daughter of a model of female behavior. Is for Mama, every day and have the best education for girls.

Hence the conclusion: if the mother does not feel feminine and attractive, then she just can’t teach his daughter to be a real woman!

However, do not despair, just to all mothers who raise daughters, you need to constantly work on ourselves is the second, not less important feature of the education of a little girl. Establishing the right model of behavior, mom will get to raise a girl a real woman, and on this subject there is a separate article, which will help her cope with this task.

Only Mama is able…

The need to develop the girl purely feminine qualities – a distinctive feature of girl’s education, realize that only the mother.

  • Education neat hostess

The girl, in all imitating her mother, will help her in all household chores. Problem mom not to push her, and encourage her thrift. However, it is not necessary to take on small shoulders too many responsibilities, otherwise homework will turn into punishment.

  • The transformation of a girl into a helper

While the girl is small, it is important not just to accept this help, but also to create such a situation where her help will be necessary for you. It is important to teach the girl to take care of those who need it, for example, of a younger brother. With the same purpose it is possible to have a small pet (cat, hamster), and most importantly – be sure to praise the girl, even if the help was out of place. However, this feature of the education of girls in the family equally applies to the education of boys.

  • The formation of good taste

A real woman must be in good taste. Buying new clothes for girls, be sure to consider her opinion. Even children’s clothes should be feminine and a little Flirty, show little fashionistas, how to combine different styles or to play with color. It is not necessary to forbid the girl to wear make-up, on the contrary, get her a set of children’s cosmetics. The girl has since childhood to be able to care for themselves. One should not lose sight of this feature of the education of girls: neglected and tasteless dressed, in the future it will not be able to claim the right to be called a real woman.

  • Selection of your favorite classes

Classical education to girls implies the choice of her traditionally female occupations. Help her to decide on one. Knitting, beading, ballroom dancing – not matter what it is, the main thing that she liked. It is impossible not to acknowledge the fact that girls now are increasingly choosing not women’s studies class, and this version of the rules. Whatever she’s into, remember, the main thing for girls to feel my mother’s support.

Especially father’s education girls

Equally important in the education of the daughters and the father’s role. Dad is the main man in the life of every girl.

  • For her emotional life is very important, as attentive, loving and caring father will be. The lack of attention from dad can lead to problems with personal life or a failed career.
  • It is from my father’s approval directly depends, whether his little Princess to feel feminine. Dads should seriously take this especially education of girls and from an early age to tell their little girl compliments and strongly emphasize how good it is.
  • From the Pope, depends on what kind of daughter would be her husband. It will choose unconsciously, focusing on what relationship she had with her father.
  • No less important is the relationship between the parents. If the father is a tyrant, and the mother of the victim, then in adult life the girl will try on the image of the victim. Conversely, if the father’s relation to mother is truly king, then with high probability the personal life of the girl will be as good as her parents.

Features of “masculine” parenting girls require the presence beside her of male family members. If dad’s no one in the family, it can substitute grandpa or uncle.

What else you need to know about raising a girl?

  • Girls are very sensitive, so do not blame them for misconduct. This was followed by a violent emotional reaction, where the girl was not able to understand why she was reviled. If the girl is guilty, try and calmly point out her misstep and explain why you can’t do that. So she will understand her mistake and will try more to prevent it. To meet this requirement of the education your child needs to strengthen her self-esteem.
  • Girls are by nature very studious and neat. All that they have initiated, they tend to finish. The main thing – not to stifle these wonderful qualities in childhood, welcome any initiatives and ideas, let him try, so it will be easier to determine their place in life.
  • As for girls very important role model, and as such may not be the only mom, you should watch who she’s talking to, looks kind of movies, what books reads.
  • Despite the fact that the girl should be protect, to take care of her and give her a “double portion” of attention not recommending it needless to indulge. Otherwise it will grow tender, affectionate and caring, and calculating and selfish.

Here, perhaps, and all the features of the education of girls. “” hopes that they will help you to bring out your little Princess look like a Queen, that is cheerful, happy and confident woman.

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site

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