Everything is annoying: what to do how to deal with anger

Today women’s site ToKnow365.top will give a few tips on how to quickly deal with anger. Sharp and unpleasant flash of irritation characteristic of not only short-tempered person, but also, though rarely, quite reserved people. This feeling usually appears suddenly and for no apparent reason. How quickly to cope with it, while “under the hot hand” don’t hit those who are dear to us and with whom we didn’t plan to fight?

Gloomy morning, get to work, the Elevator went, got stuck, then went back, transport you “broke” the conductress in the supermarket didn’t have the yogurt that you were going to have Breakfast.

You open the door to the office, all smiles and asking how things are, and you realize: everything is annoying. What to do?

Irritation is always an irritant

The cause of the irritation can be not only small circumstances are playing against you, but the lack of sleep, hunger, poor immunity, chronic fatigue, and even diseases of the nervous system.

People are often irritated before Christmas break or vacation, when the body is “practicing” with the latest resources, and the work, unfortunately, just added – after all, it is necessary to have time to finish before the deadline. Sometimes to escape the constant attacks of irritation helps visit to an endocrinologist.

But if everything is constantly annoying, what to do in a particular situation? It is important to understand that you’re annoyed. Some Eastern practices allow using special meditations to train your mind so that in the event of irritation to recognize the moment when anger erupts. If you are often irritated, try to act on this principle. The main thing – to catch the moment and then to do what will help you to calm down: counting to 10, deep breathing or just keep quiet.

To understand the cause of irritation is difficult, because in this moment the mind is eclipsed by anger. And most importantly – do you think that it is normal to react to an inappropriate situation. Although, as a rule, the situation is quite ordinary, and it was possible to behave more calmly. At the same time, there is a reason and it usually has little to do with the given circumstances.

If you are often irritated, sympaty.net recommends find the true cause (problems with family, with the head, poor living conditions, dissatisfaction).

In a moment of strong irritation try to understand that really the reason absolutely in other, and the courier was late with the delivery of urgent documents, could have completely valid reasons, and make trouble with him is entirely optional.

Are all annoying. What to do?

  • Compassionate people ? If you are constantly annoying one and the same person, think about it: you encounter it complex a maximum of several times a day, and he and his character lives his entire life. Well, who of you is heavier?!
  • Quickly to deal with anger will help any laborious task that demands great concentration. If you’re at home, put a puzzle or a children’s puzzle.
  • If all of the annoying fact that you do dictate emotions. It’s not about to cast lightning and throw objects. Try to fall in love. No matter who is in the literary or movie character, a popular singer, seller of hot dogs, by which you pass every day or the guy you meet every day in the cafeteria. Indeed, in this condition the person usually just impossible to ruffle – he sees everything in pink color. But if the sudden increase in irritation, as the light of love will only benefit.
  • Call a friend. To communicate with the person you have not seen. So can the soul pour out and to be sure that it is exactly you, you can’t withdraw from you.
  • Shoot in the dash. Options: licking pillow, beat the dishes, hit his fist on the wall (but not so as to injure). In General, do something that will help you to get rid of aggression and anger.
  • Write in the blog: “Everything is annoying!!! What to do???” Get a lot of tips from friends, which can be quite useful, but also raise the spirits.

After you have coped with the tantrum also don’t forget about introspection. Try to re-pass all the stages of the outbreak, to understand what exactly pisses you off. Well, do not be superfluous to apologize to the person if you had someone to fight. Especially, if you with him in the future will have to work or just to communicate more often.

Good mood to you!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site ToKnow365.top

Everything is annoying: what to do how to deal with anger

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