Exercises for abs for women

The belly is the weak spot of many women, literally and figuratively ? And so want to have a slim waist and strong abs. Before the season fitted t-shirts and jeans with low waist remained not so much time, but if you start studying now, you probably soon see the first results!

Women’s site “Beautiful and successful” begins a series of articles in which we will offer you different exercises for abs for women.

How this Moody press

Our press consists of external and internal oblique muscles and the rectus abdominis. Oblique muscles, as the name implies, pass diagonally from the chest to the lower abdomen. When you rotate or tilt the case in hand, you just use them and they help the waist to not “spread” to the sides.

On the straight muscle of the belly “grow” the most notorious “dice” ?

It is considered that some exercises for the abs more work through his upper partand some lower. In fact, when you do abdominal exercises, you engage all of your abdominal muscles and back. Just lift the body from the prone position and its variations give more load on the upper part of the press, and leg, respectively, on the bottom. In the latter case, it is very important not to arch your lower back, otherwise the whole effect is ruined.

Sometimes you can hear from women: “I’m constantly doing a variety of exercises for the abs, but the result is not see!” The explanation may be quite simple – the fatty layer on the abdomen, which hides the abdominal muscles themselves. This is our female physiology, from which there is no escape, but which can be slightly corrected ?

Pay more attention to cardio, a good warm-up before proceeding to the exercises for the press. Good quality fat burners running, vigorous dancing, jumping rope.

Who can, who can not…

It is not recommended to perform exercises for abs for pregnant and recently postnatal women.

The first is to not raise the tone of the uterus, as it is very difficult to find a middle ground and do body exercises so not to damage the fruit. Recommend future moms is to do yoga and do special stretching exercises and improve flexibility.

Second – because we need to start back into exercise after childbirth gradually. If before pregnancy you had no habits to do exercises systematically and to sweat, try to put sports records two months after giving birth, absolutely not!

Also with caution and ideally under the supervision of a doctor to do abdominal exercises after injuries, prolonged bed rest and in the presence of serious chronic diseases.

Even little tips last

Of course, if you dream of a flat stomach and fine waist, will have to think about healthy eating. Well, as without it? ? Do not overeat, try to avoid heavy meals. Her belly starts to bulge and you will not save any abdominal exercises.

In General, if you have excess weight, it is not necessary to think hard AB crunches you will lose weight in the waist. It is a myth. The body chooses where to burn fat first. So be consistent: in addition to performing stomach crunches, try to eat right and move more.

Follow the posture. With a straight back you will look Regal, and your tummy taut ?

Try to work on regularly. Exercises for abs for women, like any other, will be effective only if you do it systematically. To increase the number of repetitions and intensity should be gradual, especially if you still was not a fan of fitness.

In the following article we will give specific exercises for abs for women. Engage with us!

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Exercises for abs for women

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