Exercises for abs on the fitball

Exercises on the fitball for a long time already you will surprise nobody. But, unfortunately, exercises on it in the network once is not enough. But in vain! After running the simulator is universal, it reduces the load on the joints and spine. On a fitball you can train the different muscle groups, thus training is easier tolerated by the body and train not only the muscles, but the ability to keep balance.

The fact that the Internet is too little stomach crunches on fitball – injustice! Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” is taken to fix it. Well, shall we?

Exercises on the fitball crunches

First let me remind you that the exercise ball for abs is a good option. Gives a decent and not boring load. Exercise and very little muscle, which in ordinary life are not involved, because the situation is unstable.

So, train the press on fitball. Instead of the usual of sit-UPS , try to perform the suggested options. Sympaty.net assures the efficiency of such training is much higher than normal!

Exercise 1. Lie on a fitball so that the shoulder touched the ball. Arms crossed on chest, feet pressed to the floor and the knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Tighten your abdominal muscles, begin to lift the body, place the foot to keep balance. Then return to the starting position. Do 20 repetitions.

Exercise 2. Take the emphasis lying down, rest your feet into the fitball. Legs keep straight, tighten your abs and roll-on ball to itself so that the body formed an angle of 45 degrees. Hold in this position. Repeat 15 times.

This exercise trains not only the press, but also legs, hands and back.

Exercise 3. Get on your knees and put your hands on the fitball, knees spaced shoulder width apart. The ball position as close as possible to him. Tighten your abdominal muscles, back, keep straight. On the inhale roll back fitball myself until, until the body forms an angle of 45 degrees to the floor. Then, using all the same muscles, return to starting position. Do 8 to 15 times.

Exercise 4. Lie with your back on a fitball, so that the shoulders did not touch the ball. His knees bend at an angle of 90 degrees, hands close on the back of his head. Slowly start to lift the body, and simultaneously straighten the right leg. Hold for 3 accounts and return to starting position. Then repeat for the right leg 15 times and change the leg.

Exercise 5. So, sit on the ball, then slide down the ball so that the backs touch the ball with legs bent, buttocks on weight (as shown). On the inhale, start to straighten the legs, reversing the ball back, going back on a fitball and straightening the arms behind your head. So lie down for 30 seconds and return to starting position. You can repeat a couple more times.

In this exercise, you will not only work the abdominal muscles but also the muscles of the arms, chest, legs and back.

Exercise 6. This is a complex exercise, for which you’ll need an exercise ball, dumbbells or a ball smaller, but the ball must be heavy.

Lie on an exercise ball, the ball should be directly under the lower back. Press tense, shoulders are lowered, hands with dumbbells or a ball for the head. On the inhale lift the body, at the same time take a few steps forward, my hands raise up so that your hands are parallel to your ears. Hold this position for 3 accounts and return to starting position. Repeat 12 to 15 times.

Exercises for abs on the fitball can significantly improve the efficiency of even the normal lifting of the body. In General, it is not surprising, because you have to use a larger number of muscle groups. So feel free to start a new exerciser, it will delight you!

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Exercises for abs on the fitball

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