Exercises for lip augmentation, gymnastics, trainer

To like men is one of the most desperate aspirations of women. To achieve this, we resort to various tricks and tweaks, improving your face and body. Large sensual lips have become the standard of sexuality. Become the owner of a seductive smile without surgery will help you exercise for lip augmentation.

A set of exercises

Special exercises will help prevent first signs of skin aging lips, manifested in the form of wrinkles, drooping corners and a loss of skin elasticity. The proposed set of exercises will help to maintain skin tone, to avoid the loss of elasticity and shape, as well as to increase the volume.

So, we present a basic set of exercises for lip augmentation.

  • “Blowing out the candles.” Imagine that you are the birthday girl and you have to blow out the candles on a birthday cake. Type in a mouth more air and blow with the greatest possible force. The exercise should be repeated ten times before making each breath a pause in 5-10 seconds.
  • “The Letter O”. Slightly open your mouth and pull the lips forward, then slowly open it, while uttering the sound “O”. Try to open your mouth as much as possible. To do this exercise 15 times. After a short rest and complete relaxation of the muscles of the mouth, repeat the exercise 2-3 more times.
  • “The Letter P”. Take a deep breath, filling his cheeks with air. Now gradually spurts let out air, on the exhale, pronouncing the sound “P”. Repeat 7-10 times.
  • “Cheshire cat smile”. Smile as wide as possible without moving his mouth at the same. Freeze for a few seconds and pull his lips (10-15 repetitions).
  • “Kisses and rotation”. Close your mouth and pull the lips as if you are going someone to kiss, and then move the lips to the side, and then draw a circle.
  • These exercises for lips can be complemented stretching the pronunciation of the vowels “a”, “I” or “u”.

    Massage and mask

    To achieve maximum effect from the exercises, it is necessary to combine them with massage. In the evening, removing make-up, spend a little massage. This will not only allow the lips to tone, stimulate blood circulation, but also make the skin more smooth and elastic.

    Drip a cotton swab with a few drops of a moisturizing essential oil and gently tap them all the muscles around the mouth. Morning and evening massage the lips with a soft toothbrush or a corner of the towels. Massage can be combined with the application of homemade scrubs, balms and moisturizing lotions.

    Attention! Massage using a toothbrush must be done very delicately. Sudden movements and pressure can cause injuries to the delicate skin and infection.

    To strengthen the effect of gymnastics for lip augmentation will help mask.

    • Honey and lemon. Mix well a teaspoon of honey, lemon juice and sugar. Add half a spoon of glycerine and vaseline. Heat the mixture on a water bath. A bit cool, apply on the lips. After 15 minutes, rinse with cool water.
    • The menthol. Dispense on a cotton pad a few drops of menthol oil and apply to lips for 15 minutes. After lubricate the skin moisturizer.
    • Vaseline. Regularly lubricate the lips with petroleum jelly. This will make them soft, smooth and raised, tender. Vaseline will also protect the delicate skin from drying out in cold weather.

    Exercise for the lips

    If the process of increasing the volume of the lips with the help of exercise you seems too long, but to resort to drastic measures of cosmetic surgery you are in a hurry, you can use the simulator for the vacuum lip augmentation.

    The method is a vacuum massage that activates blood circulation. The device itself is a small tube with an elongated tip follows the shape of the mouth. It is enough to attach the trainer to my lips and make several booster movements. To enhance the effect of the procedure can be repeated several times a day.

    Using the simulator for lip augmentation, you are guaranteed to get the result in the form:

    • increase to two times;
    • smoothing wrinkles and folds around the mouth;
    • activation of metabolic processes and blood circulation.

    The effect of the application of this device lasts only about six hours. It can be used when you need short-term increase, for example, to participate in a photo shoot or before a significant event.Application features

    The use of the pump for lip augmentation is absolutely painless, but still has its own characteristics. It is very important not to overdo it, otherwise instead of a beautiful smile, you may get the lips with a bluish tinge. Do not use the machine when on the lips there is damage, scars, scratches or inflammation, including cold sores. If in doubt, before using the device for lip augmentation you should consult with a specialist.

    These practices will help to make your smile attractive and sexy without surgery and injections. The choice of method is individual. Important to remember that lip augmentation with exercise, massage, vacuum simulator or cosmetics is absolutely real!

    Exercises for lip augmentation, gymnastics, trainer

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