Exercises for lower press for women

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” still helps you become irresistible! As always, we try to offer you the versatile exercises that work different muscle groups.

Today we will offer you exercises for lower presswhich will strengthen and tighten your belly, but also hips and back.

Important lower abs

With exercises for the lower press have to be friends to every woman who cares about their health ? They not only facilitate the birth and prevent sagging of the peritoneum after them, it is also a great prevention of prolapse of internal organs in the future. Finally, this taut flat tummy!

Parallel lines

  • Lie on the floor on your back, lift your legs and bend your knees so that they form a straight angle. In the hands take a small ball for better coordination. Bend your arms at the elbows and slightly tilt the ball to his chest.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles, stretch your hands with the ball in front of him, raise your upper torso off the floor and simultaneously straighten your legs. Legs should make with the floor an angle of 45?, and the arms should be extended parallel to the legs. In this position, hold for a few seconds.
  • 8-10 reps


    In other words, it is twisting the head. This exercise allows how to work out lower abs, and improve flexibility and endurance of muscles.

  • Lie on the floor on your back, hands at sides on floor, palms down, legs extended. Slowly raise legs to the perpendicular position up, feet relaxed. Gently lifting the hips up, continue to put their legs behind their head. Toes should “look” exactly at the floor behind your head. Hold this position for a few seconds.
  • Slowly do the exercise in reverse order – first, straighten your legs so that they were made with the torso straight angle. Then slowly lower them to the floor in starting position.
  • 8-10 reps

    The steps of the climber

    Exercise that miraculously strengthens not only the lower abs but also the muscles of the back and buttocks. And shes burns the accumulated fat. Try it!

  • Adopt the starting position for push-UPS: lean on outstretched arms and toes. The body should be a straight line.
  • Without changing body position, pull your right knee to your chest. Hold this position for a few seconds.
  • Return to starting position and repeat the same movement with the left leg.
  • For 10 repetitions on each side.

    Exercise with dumbbells

    It is not only exercise for the lower press, it is also a means to tone the muscles of the arms and shoulders. You’ll need small dumbbells of 1.5-2 kg.

  • Lie on your back, arms with dumbbells behind your head. Legs raised above the floor so as to form an angle of 45?. At the same time gradually raise your hands with dumbbells, so they were over the breast and legs to the right angle.
  • Moving smoothly return to starting position. Feet should not touch the floor.
  • 10-12 reps

    We advise you to pay attention on proper breathing when you exercise to lower the press: the exhalation must have been stress. And also remember that RIGHT exercises for the lower press is SLOW execution. You should feel how the muscles work.

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    Exercises for lower press for women

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