Exotic breeds of cats: what to choose?

Today the site “ToKnow365.top” tell your readers about the most unusual cats. Somewhere out there, there are exotic breeds of cats that will surely impress, if not their appearance, so unusual for a pet purring behavior!

The most exotic of exotic cat

Exotic, of course! How not to remember about this breed, since we’re talking about the exotic breeds of cats!

Who is this exotic?


According to the body shape, small lugs and a characteristic “flattened” the face can accurately determine the origin of the exotics from the Persian cats. The coat of exotics thick, soft (mainly the undercoat), of medium length. The different colors – from “colorpoint” (the dark muzzle, paws and tail), the turtle.

Cat with unusual ears
American curl

The cat is medium-sized, semi-longhair or Shorthair, colors – from beige to gray. Feature – zamorachivayas ago the lugs! There was this exotic breed cats as a result of spontaneous mutations, in the early 80s in the US when he was found a street cat with these ears. Born in her progeny, this trait was fixed that allowed to form rock.

American curl

American curls are playful, sociable, get along well with people and other animals at home (and not only with cats but also with dogs).

Scottish Shorthair (Scottish fold)

“Scots” is a really big cat, their weight may vary in the range of 5-10 kg! The coat is short, smooth, gray, beige or coffee shades, eyes – yellow, green, sometimes orange.

The main distinguishing feature of the Scottish fold – ears: they are small and slightly bent forward! Kittens are born with the usual shape of ears, and islohot begins to emerge in a few months.

Scottish fold

These cats have wonderful calm nature!

Cats with unusual fur

Laperm (sometimes the name of this breed is described as “La Perm”). These medium-sized cats – a complete delight! Because their body covered with curly soft fur round curls like scrawl!

However, newborns laperm can seriously scare the uninformed owner or future owner because kittens of this exotic species are born bald! Or Vice versa: born curly hair, then go bald just a couple of weeks, and then again acquire the “scrawl”! But if the kitten was born with a smooth coat that is occasionally found at supermom, then the chances of coming of age quadravest minimum.


Laperm love people, socializing and hanging out, so come in for a large family or for homebodies. They have a sweet gentle voice, they love to talk / meow to, but rarely annoy the owners screaming.

Tailless and short-tailed cats
Manx cat

Exotic Shorthair cat breed, which has several very interesting distinctive features!

  • First, childhood (excuse me, “katchestvo”!). Gaining weight born mexici very quickly, in 3-4 months, but then a year or two be, like, teenagers – they have a later sexual maturity, the cat or the cat acting like a “podbroshennye” kittens, retain playfulness.
  • Secondly, the coat of the Manx cats is relatively short, sometimes called “double” — for density, thickness and stiffness of the hairs. This coat requires constant care!

And, of course, the most striking fact is the complete absence of the tail, resulting from inherited mutations.

Manx cat

And not to be confused with Manx cats (named after the lake of man in the Irish sea) manmunai (from Maine)!

Kurilian Bobtail

This exotic breed of cats, as the name implies, is itself formed in the Kuril Islands. Like, nothing particularly notable in medium size cats with the most common gray-brown stripes on the fur. If not for their amazing tails!

Bobtail not Manx, no tail just considered a disadvantage for experts. The tail of a Bobtail – short, 3-6 cm long, and curved. With a fluffy coat, it can look like a pompon or tassel! It is believed that the same tailings could not be found in the OES number – they are different, like fingerprints in humans!


Bobtails have a great micheloni and even fishing qualities (even a legend that the hunting habits they inherited from some wild cats), so that they can safely take in a private home.

Cats exotic colors

Savannah is a domestic cat with the color and the silhouette of a predator! Yes, it is – among the ancestors of the cats of the Savannah is a wild desert cat with the Serval, which was crossed with many short-haired breeds of domestic cats. From Serval Savannah inherited the large size (these cats are tall and can weigh up to 15 kg!), fantastically beautiful spotted coloring, very large ears.


This exotic cat breed is agile and active way of life, so they better suit a private home (although many people successfully keep them in ordinary apartments).

Cats with unusual habits
Turkish van

The geographical name of the breed comes from the lake van (located, respectively, in Turkey), from where it spread around the world these cats. Van – beautiful, strong, graceful animal.

Overall impression vanska cats – aristocracy!

Lovely silky, light and smooth wool of the Vanir, a very unusual color – chestnut markings on a snow white background! However, there are black, pure brown, cream or tortie Vanir, as well as white without spots. Expressive “speaking” eyes of these cats can be yellow or blue, sometimes even “tea”, and the rare and very beautiful version – different colored eyes, one yellow, one blue!

Turkish van

But the main, absolutely striking, feature of the Turkish bath that makes this breed of exotic cats, is one habit of these animals. These cats are refuting all the stereotypes, I love to swim!!! So, having decided to get a van, spoil it sometimes baths!

In addition, well-catches mice, likes to walk in the fresh air, moving and active — suited for a country house.

Besides these exotic cat breeds, we offer you to learn about hairless cats on the website sympaty.net!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Exotic breeds of cats: what to choose?

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