“Expert hair” from Evalar: feedback about the use of tablets, shampoo, conditioner and lotion spray

Reviews about the “Expert hair” from Evalar promise positive results within seven to ten days after the start of use. What components make up a natural complex? The methods of application, contraindications. And are there advantages over similar cosmetic products?

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  • 1 Pills “Expert hair” from Evalar
    • 1.1 Composition
    • 1.2 Rules of admission
  • 2 cosmetics
    • 2.1 Revitalizing shampoo
    • 2.2 Balm for elasticity and luster
    • 2.3 Firming lotion spray
  • 3 Comprehensive diagram of the application: table
  • 4 Reviews: “Grow not stubby tail and mane!”

The “expert” line represents the active biological additive in the form of tablets as well as cosmetic shampoo, balm and lotion and spray. Integrated use of means allows to compensate for the lack of amino acids, vitamins and microelements responsible for the beauty of curls. As promised, regular use of these drugs contributes to:

  • to strengthen and stimulate growth of new hair;
  • to improve the condition of scalp;
  • the awakening of the “sleeping” hair follicles;
  • the fight against alopecia.

Pills “Expert hair” from Evalar

Pills “Expert hair” from Evalar are Bud with a therapeutic effect. Stimulate the production of proteinoids collagen in the skin, nourish hair roots, return vitality to the strands. Full analogues of the drug in sale not represented. Here one option is to pick supplements with similar content components.


One tablet contains the b vitamins and essential amino acids to strengthen hair. Natural ingredients with directional effect regulate the sebaceous glands and is able to restore damaged hair.

  • The autolysis of yeast beer. Is half of the active protein and b-vitamins. Responsible for the metabolism of substances in cells, normalizes intestinal microflora, which beneficially affects the condition of hair and prevents hair loss.
  • Field horsetail. Replenishes the body with silicon, which encourages collagen production. Component plays an important role in the formation of connective and bone tissues, nutrition and hydration of the scalp, makes hair shiny and bouncy.
  • Taurine. Restores and compacts structure, prevents damage and deformation of the root bulb, is responsible for maintaining water balance and eliminating dryness of the strands.
  • Zinc. An important trace mineral that promotes cell division and metabolism in the roots. Strengthens follicles and prevents the development of androgenic alopecia, dandruff and seborrhea.
  • Cystine. Amino acid containing sulfur, gives curls elasticity and softness, prevents breakage, smoothes the texture and returns a healthy look. Protects from negative environmental factors.

The table shows the number of listed components in the composition of a tablet weighing 1 g.

Table – the composition of the “Expert hair” from Evalar tablets

ComponentContent in 1 tablet, mg
Brewer’s yeast150
Zinc oxide10

Rules of admission

A regimen of vitamins “Expert hair” from Evalar simple. The drug has a cumulative effect, so it is important to take the full course. To achieve the desired result should follow three rules.

  • Age. Doctors recommend taking the complex after 14 years.
  • Dosage. One dragee twice a day during or immediately after a meal.
  • Course. The duration of use of vitamin supplements for men and women is three months. Allowed permanent admission, but with a mandatory ten-day break between courses.
  • The appearance of side effects – nausea, heaviness in the stomach, malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract – use of complex should be discontinued. The drug is strictly contraindicated for women during pregnancy and during lactation, and in cases of individual intolerance.


    The products “Expert hair” from Evalar contains collagen, keratin, elastin, L-carnitine, L-arginine. They help Pushkov thin hairs do not fall out and be transformed into a terminal – strands healthy adults. All means are suitable for frequent use and have the following list of properties:

    • regeneration of the hair structure throughout its length;
    • moisturizing the scalp, preventing flaking;
    • normalization of lipid metabolism of the dermis;
    • stimulation of blood flow to the root follicles;
    • protection from UV rays and the effects of thermopacking.


    Features. Sulfate-free shampoo “Expert hair” from Evalar is available in a bottle with a volume of 250 ml Cleanses the dermis and the strands from dirt, grease and styling products. Suitable for all types of hair including weak, brittle, painted.


  • Apply a small amount to pre-moistened hair.
  • Lather with gentle massaging movements.
  • To sustain on hair for a few minutes.
  • Rinse the shampoo with warm water.
  • Repeat the procedure if necessary.
  • The producers promise a reduction in hair loss more than 80 percent already after one month of use. Shampoo washes away the pigment dyed locks.Balm for elasticity and luster

    Features. In selling the balm is presented in a tube with a volume of 250 mg. Means envelops each hair, nourishes and smoothes the scales. Amino acids stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the follicles and regenerate the skin. Regular use gives hair a healthy Shine and silkiness. Light texture is quickly washed away, without weighing hair.


  • Apply to pre-washed wet hair.
  • Distribute evenly from root area to ends.
  • Leave for three minutes to activate the nutrients.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm running water.
  • Apply after shampooing the hair three times a week.
  • The balm facilitates combing even the most delicate and dehydrated hair after the first application. The tool does not contain parabens.Firming lotion spray

    Features. Lotion “Expert hair” from “Evalar” is presented in the form of a spray in a bottle with pump 100 ml product quickly absorbed, leaves no traces of greasiness, making the strands significantly stronger and more obedient. Antispasmodic aminophylline in the lotion promotes local heating of the deep layers of the dermis, vasodilatation and increased blood flow to accelerate growth of hair and the active power of the skin. Vitamin mixture normalizes the sebaceous glands and has a calming effect. The product does not require rinsing. After application, use a Hairdryer and styling products.


  • Spray on dry clean strands in small portions in the basal area and along the entire length.
  • Not to RUB the remedy into the skin – quite light massage movements.
  • The procedure is repeated up to four times a week.
  • Spray “hair Expert” from “Evalar” can be purchased complete with a dermaroller device to self-administer mesotherapy at home. Sharing of the device with a lotion enhances penetration of nutrients to the follicles.

    Comprehensive scheme of the application: table

    The following table allows to quickly navigate, with what frequency and duration is recommended to apply the products of “hair Expert”. And also reflects average prices for the various products of this line (the value is given as Dec 2017).

    Table – the Use and cost of drugs, “Expert hair” from Evalar

    Release formThe frequency of applicationCourse duration, monthsThe average price, rubles
    Pills2 times a day3500-600 (60 pieces)
    Shampoo2-3 times a week3-4500-600 (250 ml)
    Balm2-3 times a week2-3400-500 (250 ml)
    Lotion spray3-4 times a week2400-500 (100 ml)

    To achieve the maximum result of manual “Expert hair” from Evalar provides a comprehensive all previously mentioned products. Before applying it is important to find out the causes of loss or deterioration of the hair. If the problems are caused by improper care or seasonal, dietary Supplements and external products will help to correct the situation. In cases where the source of the problem are the disruption of the internal organs or a hormonal imbalance, it is necessary to treat the cause, not the consequence of diseases.

    Reviews: “Grow not stubby tail and mane!”

    I really like the Expert hair spray. Tablets and shampoo have not tried. After each use lotion, the hair immediately rises and is formed as a cap. But after using two banacek (about three months) I noticed new hair growing — inch by 4 each. Should continue to have the full program with the pills and MB shampoo.


    This shampoo I decided to try, in the winter when my hair began to look lifeless and began to fall heavily enough. The effect was perfect – the hair stopped falling out, became strong and shiny. But the most pleasant surprise for me after applying the tablets hair Expert, was that after a three-month course of their taking effect, I persisted for about a year, of course it is individual, but I’m probably lucky. Loss more is not renewed, but by next spring, began to split the tips, and glitter gone, so back to this shampoo.


    It grew with impossible long hair, not short tail, and really like the commercials show mane! No more dandruff, hair Shine! Just say for those of you who care: hair on the body is not flooded with furious force)))


    Noticed that after last year’s holiday hair became more thin and brittle. A friend advised me to try to drink a course “hair Expert” Now taking it for about 2.5 months. My impression is that the hair noticeably stronger and had acquired the tone. And apparently have become much better look than before.


    Heard about the series from Evalar hair Expert and decided to start with balm. Actually, I more suitable for our domestic shampoos and conditioners, they seem more gently and carefully apply. About this balm is applied after every hair wash, it was previously promotive hair with a towel. Overall, the application is nothing special – I applied for 2 minutes, then thoroughly washed with water. Even on wet hair I noticed that the hair became more smooth, get out all the hairs as if pressed. I always stack the hair. After hair balm looks great – there are glitter, gone dry (ends). Use for 2 weeks and happy with the result.

    Karina, https://allhairstyle.ru/ekspert-volos-tabletki

    “Expert hair” from Evalar: feedback about the use of tablets, shampoo, conditioner and lotion spray

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