Express meditation: and let the whole world wait!

That Express meditation is extremely useful for development, everyone is talking, and the women’s website “” joins this opinion. This activity rarely takes more than 15 minutes, but to find time in the working-home chart still difficult.

In fact, in order to meditate a bit, does not necessarily sit in the Lotus position, asking household or colleagues to leave the room and turn off all the gadgets. You can meditate literally anywhere!

The purpose of meditation is to stop the endless cycle of thought that interferes with concentration, be more productive and happier.

She is an excellent “air” head, helps to see, and most importantly reduce stress, which is invisible vise grips you from all sides. We will prove that to spend a few minutes this is a useful exercise in any day, even the most difficult.

Before going to sleep

Instead of once again scroll through the unpleasant situation with the head or thinking about the morning trip to the dentist, get an Express auto-training, meditation.

Say you want to raise self-esteem or confidence in their abilities. Settle down comfortably in bed, close your eyes for a few minutes, breathe slowly and begin to mentally pronounce a phrase such as, “I’m a great mom” or “my fear of speaking in public goes.” Think of appropriate wording that sincerely believe in her, and after a while it will become a reality!

On the go

Extremely simple way to put in order thoughts and to concentrate.

Exhale for every four steps, and exhale for six. The Express (fast) meditation allows you to fully fill your lungs with oxygen (actually, we always breathe fully and abruptly). In the end you will find yourself in a trance state, based on this rhythm. When you learn to walk “4 to 6”, try to extend the cycle.


We’re not arguing, traveling in public transport is not always comfortable. And generally there are more important things – people-watching, reading, listening to music, or view Instagram sitting in front of a cute guy ?

But to make the trip useful, you can meditate. For this case (in motion) is the most suitable imaging technique. Imagine the situation to which you aspire, or thing, which they want to possess. In bright colors and great detail “tarry” in your already filled with desire. Combine with uniform breathing.

During the break

Make a break for 15 minutes every hour? A great reason to Express meditation “for no reason”.

Away from the head work (and the cigarette from his mouth or a cookie)! Close your eyes, breathe in and feel yourself here and now. You mean, you’re in control of your life, you do what you want, you’re living in.

It really helps to find a foothold when working on a rush job and a deadline looms. A good meditation in break can also be read inspiring articles on your favorite!

In the crowd

With this rapid meditation you will feel that life is really a lot of beauty. Good area near a shopping center or a cafe inside of it.

Stop and start to consider people: the couple while Dating, a child who has just received a coveted toy, a beautiful elderly woman in an extravagant hat. Try to feel pleasant emotions of each of them.

You see, for mankind, all is not lost!

In front of the mirror

Express therapy, meditation or conversation – call it what you want. Doing the morning makeup or arranging hair, a few moments consciously look myself in the eye. Promise that today will happen something good.

If you experience difficult challenges – say that everything will pass with honor, and everything will be fine. If you have a tough choice – for a minute close your eyes and ask yourself what you want right now.

Talk to the person you’re closest, and everything will quickly fall into place.

During household chores

Take, for example, washing dishes. We are thinking about at this time? How to quickly deal with the plates, Oh, and there is a frying pan.

Instead, you can do an Express cleansing meditation. Imagine your negative emotions (fears, resentment, insecurity or even obsolete relations) derived from the water tap and going straight to the sewer. Ready! Now you’re a new person!

Meditation while eating

Suitable coffee breaks, and evening glass of wine. Concentrate on the taste of food, think about what emotions it causes in you hot pepper, cinnamon flavor or tartness of wine.

Just don’t get stuck in memories of summer vacation or last Christmas, and stay here in this moment, together with this particular dish. Awareness – that’s the whole secret.

All successful people meditate every day, and it is not a secret. And if they find time, then you need us. Now reason to shirk practice there is an Express meditation, in which you can dive at any time.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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