Eye makeup with overhanging eyelids: basic tricks

There is no clear definition of female beauty, but there are beautiful women and there are women who know the secrets. One of these secrets is the right eye makeup with overhanging eyelids. Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” they will share with their readers.

Drooping eyelids give the woman a lot of grief, but a reasonable approach to make-up can hide this feature and at the same time to emphasize the dignity. And to learn how to do eye makeup with overhanging eyelids can own.

Women with a peculiar structure of the eye, as the overhang of the eyelid, the right eye makeup with overhanging eyelids lift, opens his eyes, removes the seal of sadness, fatigue and uncertainty. Look at such women should be sent up, “to fly” in a clear curved line and raised eyebrows.

Makeup is a temporary correction appearance. To get rid of hanging eyelids forever is possible only by surgical methods. But the attitude to plastic surgery among women is twofold: some trust, others are afraid.

You should not consider drooping eyelids disadvantage and certainly a sign of aging. Little secrets hide the overhang, only the woman must believe in his strength and beauty and use the advice of experts.

For this you will need:

  • the shadow light of several shades,
  • ink,
  • Curling Curling,
  • pencils,
  • brush.

Everyday eye makeup with overhanging eyelids

Let’s begin by magic.


For a start, adjustable eyebrows. Clear and correct, just raised up the line of the eyebrows will help to divert attention from the impending century and give the look expressiveness and openness.

Bushy eyebrows, should be made thinner.

Use a basic rule for eyebrow correction. Take a pencil and hold it to his face so that he passed through two points: the wing of the nose and inner corner of the eye. Where the pencil touches the eyebrow, and will be its starting point. Next, hold the pencil so that it passed through the wing of the nose and the pupil is the highest point of the eyebrow. Finally, draw a pencil through the wing of the nose and outer corner of the eye to determine where the eyebrow should end.

Adjust thickness to your taste.

Read more about correction and the shape of the eyebrows.

Upper eyelid

Use shade bright colours. Bright shadow open eyes, a look becomes easy with face fatigue disappears.

Bright matte shadows can be applied on the whole upper eyelid.

Bringing the brush to the inner corner of the eye, take a shade lighter, closer to the outer corner of the eyes, take the darker shade.

Then take a matte shade of medium dark and draw a horizontal line on the edge of our impending age (i.e., crease — see photo). Can be a little bit to go on the mobile eyelid. Shaded.

Dark pencil to draw the upper line of the eyelashes.

Open your eyes and look in the mirror: the border between the fixed and movable for centuries should not stand out clear and feathered line.

Lower eyelid

Now draw the lower eyelid. Dark pencils or you can paint the shadows on the lower eyelid only the outer corner. Wrong eyeliner lower eyelid reduce eyes, and makeup for the impending century is designed to create the opposite effect.


And finally have eyelashes. Mascara you can use any of the eyelashes should be dyed well. Using special forceps cilia better tighten up — the sight will be a wide and mischievous.

Lower lashes dyeing is optional.

Festive eye makeup with overhanging eyelids

For everyday makeup do not use bright, shiny eye shadow. But for a holiday unusual “brilliant” make-up is suitable.

But do not back down from the first secret, which has already told the readers of the website sympaty.net.

Eye makeup with overhanging century: draw light shadows with glitter on the upper stationary century, dark shadows on the upper movable century. The border is shaded. Allocated and tighten up eyelashes, to sum the lower eyelid. Festive makeup ready!

The abundance of glitter, mother of pearl, black lines in make-up can be associated with vulgarity, blur, and not elegance, glamor and solemnity.

Avoid errors in makeup for eyes with hanging for centuries!

Any makeup does not allow and will not forgive the excesses. Interesting young person can be aged, morose. And the wide open nature of the eye will fade and disappear under the influence of the extra colors.

  • Everyday or festive makeup for the impending century applied only shadows and pencils. Liquid eyeliner is better not to use, it is impossible to blend as it should, it sharply delineates the eyes. And sharp lines in makeup is better not to use.
  • It is not recommended to wear mascara the lower lashes, the impression of sloppy makeup.
  • The combination of shadows in various shades animates the eyes, refreshes the face. The shade of the same color, but different shades of makeup are welcome. And applying to the entire eyelid shadow plain is not recommended.
  • Do not get involved in a classic makeup Smoky eyes“. The grey and black shades in decorative cosmetics used in this makeup, eye makeup during the impending century, it is better not to include.
  • Learn how to apply the right makeup on the face can be viewing video tutorials, reading articles. But full of confidence in front of such a process, as the paint application, it is better to attend classes in make-up.

Author alunjka, site ToKnow365.top.

Eye makeup with overhanging eyelids: basic tricks

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