Eyebrow extension training: all about the procedure

Eyebrows are the one part of the face, which is now, pay special attention makeup artists. Beautiful, quite thick and having the right eyebrow shape provide the first impression of a person. But what should you do if your eyebrows grow densely enough and have the wrong form which like?

Can help procedure your eyebrows – this will tell today on the website “ToKnow365.top“.

How to do eyebrow extension training?

In fact, capacity is not a lengthening of each “native” hair, and the bonding of additional artificial hairs between those that are available to you from nature. Length glue hairs 4-8 mm.

Brow master should choose exactly the shade material to build the finished eyebrows look natural and uniform.

Hair extensions eyebrow done.

First, the skin in the eyebrow degreased special alcohol lotion and degreaser. Then, each artificial hair “planted” on a special latex adhesive base – “base”. In a few minutes latex, the adhesive hardens and narushenii hair is firmly fixed.

The basis of the adhesive is applied in one of two ways:

  • Just on the skin in places where there should be hairs of the eyebrow, but by themselves they do not grow there. This method is usually offered to people who have scars on eyebrows or those who have their own eyebrows very narrow or short.
  • On the Foundation of the native hairs. So doing, if the width of the eyebrows is sufficient, but requires additional thickness.

To see where and how much artificial hairs stick before the procedure to adjust the original shape of eyebrow, as close to the desired. Then it becomes clear where the missing hairs. Cosmetic marker to draw the contour within which the “gaps” will be filled with hairs (for this purpose sometimes use stencils).

Such capacity is absolutely not painful and it is done very quickly – the whole procedure from a good master will not take you more than half an hour!

If you do increase eyebrows, how long does the effect?

It all depends on how your skin in the eyebrows greasy. Usually the build-up persisted for one to two weeks, and then the hairs begin to fall out. In principle, piece-by-piece loss is not very noticeable, and you don’t have to specifically go to a salon and ask to remove a graft of eyebrows.

The correction is also not done, you can just build again when the previous graft hairs will fall out completely.

In order to preserve the effect of the procedure, it is necessary to limit the use of oil and alcohol-based skin products for the face and makeup remove so that not to touch the eyebrows. Also it would be better if you learn to sleep, not turning to face the pillow to avoid damaging the artificial edge mechanically.

Paint artificial eyebrows is not recommended – however, you would not want to further touch up your new brows!

How much is the capacity of the eyebrows?

Extensions eyebrow hairs is a relatively new service in the salons. However, its value cannot be called “space” — prices start from 1,500 rubles (in Ukraine – 350 UAH).

Also it is now possible to buy a kit with all the necessary building materials, it will be cheaper than the procedure in the salon from the master, but… Without experience, in the home, it is better not to do a big probability that you will do something wrong, and it is fraught with not very good results and wasted materials.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site ToKnow365.top

Eyebrow extension training: all about the procedure

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