Eyes: as it is important to watch

It is known that most residents of large cities spend their days at the monitors. Be it a computer or a laptop. The sad consequences of this way of life is well known — a change in posture, headaches, extra weight and a significant deterioration in vision.

Ian Kirman 20 February 201527

The content of the article

  • 1-compliance with rules of ergonomics
  • 2 what can cause these factors?

About how to minimize the health risks in sedentary work, says a special science — ergonomics. Its main purpose is to organize the most effective and comfortable process. In other words, by the possession of this discipline is possible to create such conditions that will not harm the health of the employee and reduce his overall fatigue.

Failure to comply with the rules of ergonomics

However, in modern conditions is not always possible to avoid stress and overcome fatigue from a long stay at the computer. This is mainly unchanged from a sitting position. When tilting the head forward strains the cervical, disturbed the balance and increases the load on the intervertebral discs.

Severely affected eyes. Those who work for the monitors, it creates a big load on vision. Constant strain of eye muscles causes spasm in the eyes and pain. During a long continuous looking at the monitor significantly reduced the blink rate, as we staring intently into the flickering images. This reduces the level of moisture of the eyeball and eventually leads to a feeling of “sand” in the eyes. This symptom is called “computer eye syndrome”.

What can cause these factors?

Ultimately, the long sitting at the computer leads to problems with the spine — the blood circulation between the vertebrae, which threatens the deterioration of the internal organs, the exacerbation of such diseases as osteochondrosis and scoliosis.

There is stagnation of blood in the pelvis is one of the most common problems in office workers, due to which there is a hemorrhoids, prostatitis, infertility in women and men.

Reduced vision — long focus eyes at one point increases the tension of the eye muscles. This has a negative effect — my eyes start to hurt and tear. There is redness and muscle tension that subsequently leads to myopia.

Always better to prevent the cause than to address its consequences. In the case of fatigue and disease from a long stay at the computer this principle also works. Consider what actions will serve as the prevention of diseases of the spine, genitourinary system, and eyes.

First, you need to get up every hour (ideally every 40 minutes) and do a short workout: cultivation and rotation with your hands, squatting, bending of the head, twisting of the pelvis and leg lifts.

Second, a short pause during the work must become a habit if you intend to maintain your eyesight for years to come. During pauses:

  • Try to escape from the monitor screen and look at more distant objects (you can look out the window or start to look at objects at a distance of 5-6 meters).
  • We remind you that the long work at the computer reduces blinking. So make multiple (about 100 times) fast blinking to moisten the eye.
  • Use moisturizing drops. Exactly moisturizing, but does not protect against redness (this type can, on the contrary, drying).
  • Do special exercises that includes all kinds of turns and rotation of the pupil, at a slow pace. These exercises not only serve as prevention of ophthalmic diseases, but also will help to increase the level of view through regular training.

Another effective means of preventing occupational diseases is the use of a special stand under the monitor. This tool not only saves space on the table, allowing the hands to be in the correct position, but also makes the operation more safe due to the possibility of height adjustment. In the European market, many companies producing items to increase the security of the workplace. One of them is Fellowes. For monitors a specially crafted stand for the monitor Smart Suite. It is suitable for monitors weighing up to 10 kg and a diagonal of 21″. A big plus of this item is that it has a few special niches for papers and different things that will save work space for more important things. For example, photos of your favorite.

For those who prefer mobility, there are special stands for laptops. A particularly good stand with built in cooling function. However, they are quite bulky and difficult to carry from place to place. If you do not sit in one spot for several hours, then you best option will be the Lapdesk from the collection of I-Spire™. The main advantages of the model — ease when transporting, and 7 variants of inclination. The front panel has a special limiter, which provides laptop stable position. In addition, when using a stand is a passive cooling device.

So to avoid the sad consequences of long sitting at the monitor, you must follow the rules of light, body position and distance between screen and eyes. We must not forget about prevention — exercise for eyes and body, combine leisure and work. Do not ignore devices that will help make your workplace ergonomic and safe for your health.

Eyes: as it is important to watch

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