Fabbing in relationships: how to get rid of?

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” already wrote about the fact that this fabbing and how not to let this habit ruin your relationships with friends and colleagues. Today we’ll talk about how to reduce your attachment to your smartphone and start to communicate normally with your loved ones.

If your man or the both of you have long allowed the gadgets to get the better of you, then surely your relationship is already showing symptoms of estrangement from each other.

— Honey, what’s for dinner tonight?

A “meaningful dialogue” is not uncommon to see couples living together and sinning by Fabinho, ignoring the live chat. To hang in the messengers and sleep with the gadget in an embrace normally only in long-distance relationships.

But it is quite another thing when the beloved is in the next room, and you send him a smiley with a heart and ask, is it over already football match.

Other symptoms of the overuse of smartphone:

  • you always put your smartphone in a prominent place, if we communicate together, for example, on a date or for dinner;
  • he or you constantly twist the phone in hands during the discussion of important things;
  • you are looking at the screen of the gadget during a call or when there is a pause.

The phantom menace for the relationship

Despite the novelty of this phenomenon, scientists have managed to raise the alarm.

They find a clear link between Fabinho and dissatisfaction with relationships, and as a consequence depression. No wonder the psychology of habit to constantly turn in the hands of the subject is considered to be a symptom of uncertainty, misunderstanding and frustration in others.

The main danger is that this bad habit is typical for those couples who are initially dissatisfied with existing relationships. That is, the ignoring partner the benefit of phone may not be the cause but the consequence of initially bad relations. It is possible to stamp phubbing out of your life, it is necessary to “dig” much deeper.

Exit number one – limited time

If you really want to stay with your man, turn his attention to this problem and ugovori time, when the house shut down the laptops and tablets, but the smartphone is in silent mode.

During this period, all your attention is focused on communicating with each other – the discussion of the film, his recent trip to friends or simply dreams of a great future.

Perhaps the first will be, that is, to itch, but don’t let fabbing a chance. You can start with one evening a week and gradually move on a daily chart.

If you do not accept any limitation in the personal space, then for you the following tips Sympaty.net.

More to say

From a lack of live communication can not only break a good relationship, but to weaken the vocal apparatus (the man who not only uses his voice starts to speak quietly and indistinctly, it is necessary to you? :).

Quickly get rid of fabbing can, opposed him to his main enemy – live chat. Even if the question “Darling, what we will give on your mother’s birthday?” you hear the answer “Tuesday”, don’t be mad, and sit down in front of men, ask him to postpone the phone and discuss this issue with you.

Stop trying to simplify all of the type “I’ll search the Internet some gift and send it to the chat link”.

General good habit

To spend the evening with smartphones on the sofa – is harmful not only for relations but also health. May you have some common cause, a tradition that cannot be skipped. To cook dinner to engage in on the bar or taking pictures in the Park.

The main thing is to do it without phones, to occupy his hands and head. This advice may seem banal and simple at first glance.

In fact, when the family of both the “patient” suffering Fabinho, will have to exert twice as much effort.

Quests, brain-storms, intellectual games

This tip is actually part of the previous and relevant for those couples who are addicted to mobile games or computer. Surely, in your hometown there is not one company that organizes events where you can come alone or with friends. They carry no less than virtually, but it absolutely another kind of adrenaline, because your mutual fabbing soon will be over.

Another plus for these events from the input select smartphones ?

Remember what you were doing when there were no smartphones (and the additional capabilities of mobile was limited to flashlight).

Since then, much time has passed – you will say – we are “used”, know all the funny stories of each other’s lives, discussed the topic, watched all the movies. In fact, do not have again to spend the evening with a game of chess or battleship.

There are countless ideas for hanging. We need only recall, for what qualities you value each other, and to understand why now I prefer to hide behind electronic screens.

The main thing – to believe that fabbing curable, and want to go back to human communication. Who knows, maybe right now you save their relationship.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site ToKnow365.top

Fabbing in relationships: how to get rid of?

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