Face mask with “Dimexidum” against wrinkles and acne

The desire to look attractive and well maintained does not leave women and girls regardless of their age. Each of them has their own “recipes” beauty — who does not spend money on expensive professional drugs, some go to beauty salons, and many prefer effective home remedies. For example, the mask for the face with “Dimexide” is a worthy alternative to salon treatments, helping to remove wrinkles and quickly relieving the skin from acne and inflammation.

“Dimexide” is a synthetic drug having strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antihistamine and analgesic properties. The main active ingredient of this drug is DMSO, which is a bipolar aprotic solvent. When applied topically it penetrates into the cells of the epidermis, improves metabolism in the treatment area and repeatedly reinforcing the effect of the components used in conjunction with “Dimexidum”.

In medicine the drug is used primarily for the treatment of articular, muscular pain, and dermatological diseases. “Dimexide” is sold in pharmacies and is available in the form of gel, ointments, suppositories or concentrate for solution preparation. To do facial at home needed liquid concentrate, which is diluted with water in a ratio of not less than 1:10. Together with “Dimexidum” in masks and include other substances, the most common of which are “Solkoseril”, vegetable oil and liquid vitamins.

7 rules for the use of the drug

To mask with “Dimexidum” for the face had the desired effect and no harm is done to the skin, you need to be attentive to the process of its preparation and application. If you decide to experience the action of this home remedy, be sure to follow the rules below.

  • Before applying the mask wash your face with foam or soap. The face should be thoroughly clean, and if time and lightly steam for best result.

  • Dissolve the drug in boiled water having room temperature. If you first add “Dimexide” in a face mask of wrinkles, it is advisable to take 1 part of drug to about 15-20 parts water (measure out the dosage is most convenient with a syringe). Further concentration of the solution can be gradually increased.
  • If required, mix the solution with the remaining components according to the recipe. Do not add to mask the concentrated essential oils in combination with “Dimexidum” this can lead to unpredictable consequences for the skin.
  • Perform a test on Allergy. To make sure you are not hypersensitive to the drug, apply a little bit of money on the inside of the elbow or in the temple area and wait about half an hour.
  • Apply on face, avoiding contact with mucous membranes. As a rule, leave the mask for exposure of 20-30 minutes, but if you experience excessive burning or tingling, rinse it immediately.
  • Remove the medium with a cotton swab and then wash the skin thoroughly with warm water and soap. Optimal duration of course is 10 procedures.
  • The best time to use facial masks with “Dimexidum” against wrinkles, is night. After medication on the skin may appear slight reddish tint, which lasts for several hours.
  • “Dimexide” is a potent drug and has a number of contraindications. The drug should not be used if you suffer from kidney disease, the liver and blood vessels suffer from angina, atherosclerosis, pregnant or breast-feeding a baby. It is forbidden to apply the mask and in the presence of wounds and scratches on the skin.

    Seriously take the precautions and you will notice the effect of the use of this wonderful means after a few sessions.

    Rejuvenating face mask

    Face mask with “Dimexidum” of wrinkles is very popular among women because of its simplicity and great effect. As a result of its application the skin is smoothed, visibly younger, the face looks fresh and rested. To use this home remedy, you will need to purchase at the pharmacy, another drug called “Solcoseryl”.

    This substance is created on the basis of extracts from the blood of young calves and is able to saturate the skin with oxygen, accelerating the regeneration of epidermal cells. “Solcoseryl” is produced in the form of solution for injection, ointment or gel. To add to the homemade mask it is advisable to purchase the ointment, because the gel can be quite skin.

    You will need:

    • 5 ml of “Dimexidum”;
    • 50 ml of water;
    • 1 tube of ointment “Solcoseryl”.


  • Mix “Dimexide” with boiled water and using a cotton pad to carefully wipe face with a solution.
  • Cover the skin with a thin layer of “Solcoseryl” and leave for half an hour.
  • While the mask periodically moisten the face, giving ointment to dry up. Can sprinkle the skin with water from a spray bottle or just barely touching, moisten it with a wet cotton swab.
  • After the procedure, remove the excess ointment with a tissue, rinse face with water and brush hypoallergenic cream.
  • Apply a face mask with the “Dimexidum” and “Solkoserilom” do not get too often to women with obvious signs of aging it is possible to repeat the treatment every 2-4 weeks, and for prevention will be enough and 1 session in 2 months.

    Remedies against acne “Dimexidum”

    Despite the fact that “Dimexide” is suitable for women with any skin type, the greatest benefit he can bring to those suffering from excess sebum, pimples and inflammation. To quickly achieve the desired effect will help well-chosen additional components.

    The recipe with “Erythromycin”

    In the presence of large areas of acne to clear and heal skin you can use a simple solution of two drugs that are freely sold in pharmacies.

    You will need:

    • 5 ml of “Dimexidum”;
    • 50 ml of boiled water;
    • 2 pills “Erythromycin”.


  • Mash “Erythromycin” in the powder.
  • Mix “Dimexide” with water, add the crushed tablet and stir the mixture until complete dissolution.
  • Wipe the skin with a cotton swab dipped in the resulting solution.
  • After half an hour rinse off with warm water and soap.
  • For acne treatment mask should be applied every 3-4 days during the month.

    Remedy for irritated and sensitive skin

    Quickly to help inflamed skin, prone to peeling and dryness, can mask with the addition of sea buckthorn oil. It not only removes pimples, but helps improve elasticity, giving the face a healthy glow with a hint of tan.

    To benefit from the mask, make sure that you be careful choosing your oil. It can be sold at the pharmacy, and in specialized departments of conventional supermarkets. Before you make a purchase, read the label. Consider the highest quality sea buckthorn oil which has been obtained by cold pressing. Another important detail: the quality of the product the contents of carotenoids should not be less than 180 mg/%. If this figure is lower, or information about it is missing the label, to purchase such oil should not be.

    The other component required for the mask — blue clay, which you can buy in a drugstore or any store that sells beauty products.

    You will need:

    • 3 ml “Dimexidum”;
    • 30 ml of boiled water;
    • 20 ml of sea buckthorn oil;
    • 5 grams of blue cosmetic clay.


  • Mix “Dimexide” and boiled water.
  • Add in a solution of cosmetic clay and mix thoroughly.
  • Sea buckthorn oil slightly warm in a water bath, add in the egg, stir until smooth.
  • Apply the mask all over the face or only on problem areas, taking care not to RUB and not to injure the skin.
  • After half an hour carefully remove the rest of the cloth or cotton swab and then wash your face.
  • To carry out this procedure it is possible 1 time in 2 weeks. To remove the yellow color that sometimes comes from sea buckthorn oil, after the mask, wipe the skin tonic or cleanser.

    Mask “Dimexidum”

    Due to the property “Dimexidum” to penetrate deeply into the skin layers, enhancing the effect of related components, the drug is ideally suited for use in combination with liquid vitamins E and A. With this beauty a home remedy you can give the skin the necessary nutrition to improve complexion and slow the aging process.

    To prepare the mask, you’ll need to buy the pharmacy vitamin a (retinol) and vitamin E (tocopherol). These drugs have two forms: capsules and a concentrated solution in bubbles with volume from 10 ml to 50 ml. Buying tocopherol, prefer the capsules, because vitamin content is at a maximum level of 50%. When choosing the retinol is most convenient to use for cosmetic purposes is a solution with a concentration of 8.6%. To replace two of these tools are capable of complex “Aevit” in the form of capsules containing both vitamins E and A.

    Going to the pharmacy for vitamins, don’t forget to buy dry white clay, which is also used in this mask. However, this cosmetic product you can buy in a specialized Department of a regular supermarket.

    You will need:

    • 5 ml of “Dimexidum”;
    • 3 ml of vitamin A;
    • 50 ml of boiled water;
    • 3 ml of vitamin E;
    • 5 grams of dry white clay;
    • 20 grams of sour cream 20% fat.


  • Dilute “Dimexide” water and add liquid vitamins.
  • Small portions pour in a solution of white cosmetic clay, constantly stirring the liquid.
  • Add to the mixture of fatty cream and again mix well until a homogeneous consistency.
  • Apply the mask on face for half an hour, then remove a cloth and wash with warm water.
  • Effective nutritional to repeat the procedure 2 times a week for a month.

    Women’s views

    To understand how effective homemade beauty remedies, many people prefer to first study the opinions about different drugs. Here are some reviews about the use of “Dimexidum” for the person from wrinkles and pimples leave women who have already used such masks.

    • Natalia (30 years old, Novosibirsk, Russia): “Despite his age, often suffer from different rash and pustules. Mom offered to try to treat “Dimexidum”. I have been dissolving the remedy in water and wipe the face, especially on problem areas put a small kompressii for 10 minutes. The skin became noticeably cleaner after only 2 sessions.”
    • Maria (38 years old, Saint Petersburg): “every two months be sure to indulge yourself with a rejuvenating mask from “Dimexidum” with “Solkoserilom”. The effect is very like, although the smell of the drug is quite repulsive”.
    • Olga (27 years old, Voronezh): “To enhance the action of homemade masks add 2-3 drops “Dimexidum”. Happy with the result”.

    As you can see, demessinova face mask liking many girls and women who have successfully used it to treat and rejuvenate the skin. The main thing — to observe safety precautions and do not use “Dimexide” too often, as in this case, it can cause dermatitis.

    Face mask with “Dimexidum” against wrinkles and acne

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