Face mask with egg: recipes with honey, lemon, flour and cloth

One of the simplest and most convenient means in the home of cosmetology — facial mask with egg. Use it often, but the effect is different. Why in one case it becomes the perfect anti-aging recipe and the other has no effect at all? The rules and application of eggs in the care of skin, comments about the tools with different composition.

In cosmetics and cosmeceuticals the use of eggs is practiced consistently. They are used as elements of the combined compounds in the preparation of moisturizing, nourishing skin. In this case you use the extracts — extracts or suspensions of substances extracted from the natural product.

Beauticians often recommended to use the egg and in home care, and useful for different problems and types of the epidermis. When dry, the ingredient helps to nourish the skin, with fat — reduce symptoms of seborrhea. Eggs are used in the care of malnourished skin, “gray”, devoid of power and strength. They become part of the course of fortification, combat rosacea, age-related changes. But each program has its own nuances. And main from them — the egg should be divided into components.

Application features

The composition of the eggs balanced. Under the shell contains water, fatty acids, the most valuable element in lecithin, amino acids, vitamins range. But this balance is relevant when using the product in food. If we are talking about cosmetic use, the yolk and white are separately from each other.

The expert community of professional cosmetologists Pauline Trukhanov recommends the following approach to the definition of the main component of egg white mask.

  • Use protein to solve the problem of oily skin. In combination with these may be clay, honey, rice flour, seaweed, kefir and yogurt, mashed fresh fruit. Protein will help with the high porosity of the epidermis. He will be a major component of masks for aging skin, has simulating effect.

  • Use the yolk for deep nourishment of the skin. It is used as a component of fortifying compositions for skin lifting, treatment of rosacea and swelling. Will help tired epidermis, and also prone to youth problems: the inflammation of acne. Along with yolk ingredient can be used honey, natural oils, clay, fruit purees, cottage cheese and sour cream, rice and oat flour.

Egg face mask at home can be prepared from whole egg only if you have a normal skin type. Components can be used comprehensively, but one after another: first, treatment with the protein, then deep nourishing yolk.

Choose additional ingredients for skin care mask, depending on what problem you have to solve.

  • Deep nourishment to dry epidermis in severe peeling. In addition to the egg uses natural butter, sour cream or cream. It is recommended to use in winter for dry skin an intensive care.
  • The softening of the skin. To make it soft, velvety and pleasant to the touch will help blend the main ingredient with cheese.
  • Whitening. Add to egg mixture, chopped parsley, sorrel or sauerkraut.
  • The bronzing. The effect of light bronzer provides not only coffee. To the complexion became more intense, combine egg mixture with finely grated carrots.
  • Matting. Combine the main component of the tool with grated raw potatoes. It efficiently absorbs sebum and reduces its production.
  • Toning, and fortification. In the summer, enrich the line-masks of natural fruits and berries. They’re great for care of all skin types, contain the fruit acids, the range of vitamins available for epidermis form. Replace with fresh winter fruits will allow frozen or seasonal, for example, citrus and green apples.

In the home of cosmetology you can use chicken and quail eggs. The latter is more concentrated in a small volume contains a similar range of valuable substances. Since the mask leaves more of the product, the skin gets more intense nutrition and hydration.

The beneficial properties of eggs

The value of the main ingredient, which can give the skin mask of egg face is the combination of several active substances in a small volume of funds. In this dissolved form the following components.

  • Fatty acids. Concentrated in the yolk, represented by linoleic and linolenic polyunsaturated, monounsaturated oleic and saturated acids next. These substances serve as the building blocks of epidermis cells, stimulates their renewal, regeneration. They are included in the structure of skin and their deficiency is manifested by laxity of the epidermis, dryness and soreness.
  • Lecithin. The most important component introduced in the structure of yolk. Directly involved in the production of new skin cells ensures their resistance to deformation. When applied to the integument of the epidermis works as a surface agent, normalizing the skin structure, stimulating the transport of nutrients to the cells.
  • The lysozyme. Substance in the protein of the egg. Has a pronounced antiseptic, has an antibacterial effect. Applying it on the skin, prone to defects, reduces inflammation, prevent the development of acne. Mask enriched with lysozyme, helps dark spots, reduces the intensity of their occurrence.

In the composition of eggs contains a range of vitamins necessary for the skin. But more importantly, these substances are presented in the “format” convenient accessibility, are quickly absorbed by the epidermis. Protein retinol and tocopherol are the main components of youthful skin, working in the structure of the skin and on the surface.Recipes of egg masks for face

In the home can be used face mask from egg from wrinkles with lifting effect and skin tightening. There are recipes from blackheads, inflammation, to reduce symptoms of dryness and oiliness of the epidermis. Uses simple household ingredients.

Yolk with lifting effect

The simple recipe means for lifting skin face mask from egg yolk. The combination of active substances in high concentration ensures deep nourishing of the epidermis and tightens it, corrects fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Separate the yolk.
  • Whisk until a light foam.
  • Apply to clean skin for fifteen minutes.
  • When using the compositions for treatment recommended to lie down, to lock the skin in a horizontal state. This ensures proper circulation and transport of valuable components. After removing the tools you will notice some skin tightening, reduction of pores.

    Protein pull-up

    More effectively tightens tissue protein mask. If you use her course result will be expressed and stored for long. Thanks to the dense structure, it simulates the face oval, shapes the elasticity of the skin.


  • Separate the two proteins, whisk in the foam.
  • Pour in the lemon juice. You will need three drops.
  • Add whole wheat flour. Volume control to achieve consistency of medium thickness.
  • When applied to the face part dries and tightens the skin. The tool rests firmly as in plaster. To remove it use warm water: you will need several times to wash the face. Also you can gently soak it with a moist cotton pad. Take part in twenty minutes.

    Combination of blackheads

    This recipe uses both components of eggs. Protein has a cleansing effect that helps in removing blackheads. And the yolk nourishes the skin, replacing the use of the cream. For this mask you’ll need thick towel or toilet paper, which is used as a cleansing strips.

  • Cut the paper into strips. You will need five pieces of the appropriate size to overlay on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose.
  • Separate the yolk and the white.
  • Apply on face protein. Use a brush.
  • Put on top layer of paper napkins.
  • Apply another layer of protein. Do not soak the paper too.
  • Leave the composition to dry.
  • Remove the tool from the face. You’ll need to use force to remove a napkin.
  • Lubricate the skin with egg yolk.
  • This tool is suitable for the care of problem skin in need of cleansing of blackheads, clogged glands. Put it on steamed epidermis, the pores of which are well exposed and the grease tube will easily come out being fixed protein on a napkin. After the procedure to eliminate the feeling of dryness and tightness will help a nourishing yolk.

    Nutritious yolk with honey

    Ideal nutrient composition for all skin types — facial mask egg and honey. Using the yolk, you will enrich the skin with valuable acids, and honey to provide a fortification, eliminate inflammation. Using olive oil, you will additionally moisturize the skin. And adding sugar, when applied to achieve the effect of peeling.


  • Separate the yolk.
  • Mix with honey. Use a teaspoon.
  • Add part of olive oil. Enough teaspoon.
  • Apply on a steamed skin for twenty minutes. The mask provides intensive nourishing effect, improves the condition of aging of the epidermis, exhaustion, reduces the severity of wrinkles.

    Matting protein with lemon

    For oily skin prone to seborrhoea, the excessive production of sebum, recommended face mask with egg and lemon. It effectively mattifies the epidermis, temporarily reducing the intensity of the sebaceous glands. With regular use, achieved stable result.


  • Separate protein lightly whisk.
  • Add the lemon juice. You will need a teaspoon.
  • Apply to the skin.
  • It is important to note that this composition tightens the epidermis, as a result, even with oily skin are discomfort after using it. Will help to eliminate them, the remaining yolk. Grease them face to saturate the nutrients.

    Egg is a versatile base for homemade skin funds. Combining it with different ingredients each time you’ll get the part for the solution of individual tasks and with high efficiency. Correct egg face mask at home prepared from the separated components: only protein or only the yolk. But in some cases, the ingredients perfectly complement each other with consistent use.

    Face mask with egg: recipes with honey, lemon, flour and cloth

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