Facial hair in women: causes and treatment using hardware and home methods

The problem of the emergence of coarse hair on the face is quite common, especially in women of Mature age. First you need to make sure that hair growth is not associated with serious pathologies. Learn about the causes and treatment of facial hair in women available with the help of home methods.

The disease is caused by the excess growth of hair on all parts of the body in women is called hirsutism, which means “hairiness”. Hirsutism in women may indicate the occurrence of a serious pathological processes. Therefore, before choosing a way to remove facial hair, it is desirable to understand and identify the cause of the problem.

Causes of excessive hair growth

A simple answer to the question, why grow hair on the face in women, it is difficult even for the experts. The main reason for their rapid growth consider various hormonal disorders. So take the time to self-diagnose, it is advisable to visit a gynecologist, neurologist and endocrinologist, and also a complete examination.

Causes of facial hair in women is closely associated with the condition. Studies of physicians have shown that the hair follicles are extremely sensitive to internal imbalances and sensitive to all changes in the body.

  • A high level of testosterone. The male hormone present in the body of every woman. He is responsible for the most important function of childbearing. Testosterone is needed for the natural formation of the follicle in the ovaries of the mother. But if the amount of this hormone too big, women begin to receive unwanted coarse hair. The increase in testosterone or hirsutism can be the cause of severe pathological processes, so a timely visit to an endocrinologist will help to prevent sad consequences.
  • Genetic heredity. If your relatives on the face there are dark hairs, it is very likely that you have a genetic predisposition. In this case do not require medical treatment, you can immediately go to the beautician to remove the hairs hardware methods.
  • Decreased synthesis of estrogen. In women after 35 years begins to decline the production of estrogen. The synthesis of these hormones depends on the condition and the liver. Therefore, intensive hair growth can be due to serious diseases, including viral hepatitis. Often the first symptom in women is the dark hair on his chin. Eliminate this cause will help ultrasonic diagnostics.
  • Menopause. During menopause over the cyclic changes in the uterus and hormonal balance is disturbed. The work of the ovaries stops, and the genitals are in disrepair. In the female body begin to produce the male hormone — androgen. He provokes increased growth of stiff hairs.
  • Hormonal imbalance. In the period of puberty is changes in the body, it sometimes causes changes in the hair structure. During lactation and pregnancy hormones can behave unpredictably and affect the growth of hair. Ovarian disease with severe disorders of hormonal functions can also cause this problem. In such a situation it is necessary to visit gynecologist.
  • Hormonal medications. Actively influence the accelerated growth of the hair. Even some beauty creams can provoke an unwanted reaction of the body. Sometimes the women appear in long white hairs on the cheeks. In this case, the medication should be stopped, and the problem will disappear itself.

Diagnosis and treatment of hirsutism

What to do if the lady’s face grow hair? In the diagnosis it is necessary to hand over analyses on hormones. You can first go to the therapist, he will tell you what hormones to check and to what expert to address. Only a comprehensive approach ensures quick and positive result.

For assessment of your condition, a simple inspection will not be enough. Therefore, any doctor prescribes the following set of tests.

  • General analyses of urine and blood.
  • Analysis of thyroid hormones T4, TSH, T3.
  • Ultrasound diagnosis of all organs.
  • Imaging of the brain.
  • Cardiogram.
  • A blood test for FSH.
  • Free testosterone (ELISA).
  • For prolactin.
  • On cortisol.
  • DHEA-sulfate.

For the treatment prescribed taking antiandrogens cous from three to six months. These drugs reduce the level of hormones and stop hair growth. If there are other disease, is assigned a complex treatment.

Many people afraid of strange tests and long-term use of special drugs. But the only way to get rid of unwanted vegetation. Hardware and home methods are only able to remove unsightly hairs, but the basic problem remains unresolved.

Hair removal hardware methods

Hardware methods of hair removal on face women are very popular. It’s a guaranteed way to quickly and safely get rid of any cosmetic defect. You can highlight some of the most effective.

  • Laser removal. This secure method allows you to remove hairs on the face with a focused bright beam of light. The laser affects the hair bulbs, which collapses and dies. But will have to visit the salon repeatedly, so as to complete hair removal might need to make several procedures.
  • Photo-epilation. The removal is a point of light pulses that destroy the hair root. The session lasts approximately forty minutes during the procedure you may feel a slight tingling sensation. Doesn’t remain on skin irritation, but may require repeated sessions. After this procedure the skin becomes smooth and elastic.
  • Electrolysis. This procedure is divided into several types, but they are all aimed at the destruction of the hair follicles. Method permanently eliminates unwanted hair, but all of the procedures extremely painful and can remain scars. Therefore contact experienced beautician and ask in advance what will happen at the session.

Regular massage oils and creams, especially on the basis of lanolin, could trigger an acceleration of hair growth. Be extremely careful to choose the creams and serums regenerating and bioactive additives.

Popular homemade ways

How to remove unwanted facial hair in women at home? Sometimes women commit the terrible mistake of cutting the hairs with scissors or razor sbrefa. This only accelerates their growth, and the structure of the hair becomes hard and darker.

Depilation with wax

Cosmetic wax of any kind can be purchased at the pharmacy or store. There are several types of cooks, but for a person better suited warm wax with minerals and extracts of medicinal plants.

  • Heat the wax in a water bath.
  • Treat skin disinfectant.
  • Put the blade on the hairline.
  • Wait until it hardens.
  • Carefully hook the wax region.
  • Sharp movement against the hair growth to remove them.
  • The procedure can be repeated several times.
  • Method is extremely painful, but effective. Can be a slight bruising and redness, but it passes quickly. First time to try and go cold depilation wax strips.

    Delete thread

    Many women are interested in how to remove unwanted hair using thread. This method has long been used Eastern ladies, but the technique will have to be trained. So do not worry if the first time the deletion will fail. After 2-3 workouts this way will become your favorite.

  • Cut about 50 cm of strong thread.
  • Tie together the ends.
  • Throw up a thread on the fingers and loop 10 times. The thread should be in the form of a figure eight. Twisted middle acts as a Curling iron.
  • Then just move the thread on problem areas. The thread will catch and pull hairs.
  • The result is stored up to three weeks. Don’t forget to disinfect the skin before and after the procedure. Trading can be done in a beauty salon.

    Recipes of natural masks

    Hair removal folk remedies — cheap and affordable method that is used for centuries.

    Soda solution

    The systematic use of this recipe gives a good result. Hairs become thin and brittle.

  • In a glass of warm water mix a teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Soak in solution of cosmetic disk.
  • Attach the drive to the problem area and secure with a bandage.
  • Leave the poultice on all night.
  • Soap ash

    The tool must be constantly applied to problem areas. This will help to achieve results in a short time.

  • Sift the ash through a fine sieve.
  • Grate soap on a grater.
  • Mix the ingredients and pour them with boiling water. You should get a thick paste.
  • Apply it on the problem area.
  • Walnut ash

    Hair removal walnut is a popular method. Reviews of women of all ages confirm that any recipe, which includes this a valuable product, works perfectly.

  • Clean the nuts from the shell and burn it on the plate.
  • Ashes put in a jar, fill with warm water. You should get a thick paste that needs to brew for at least 12 hours.
  • Lubricate the problem areas three times a day. You can make a compress before bed, the composition is superimposed on the half hour once a day.

    Dioecious nettle

    Tincture to prepare for a long time, but judging by reviews very effective. Nettle seeds can be bought in the pharmacy.

  • Mash 40 g of nettle seeds in a mortar.
  • Pour the flour Cup vegetable oil.
  • Set aside the mixture in a dark place for three weeks.
  • Treat problem areas several times a day.
  • Be careful! Almost all store-bought products to remove the excess hair can cause serious damage to the skin. The composition of commonly used toxic substances that burn the hair follicle. So you can easily get burns, allergies or pigmentation. Before using store-bought and home remedies apply a little of the mixture on a small patch of skin and observe the reaction.

    Ugly hair on the face appear in many women after 50 years. To cope with this defect, we need a comprehensive approach. If there is an unexpected stiff hairs, especially on the face, be sure to contact your doctor. Timely treatment will help to avoid further health problems.

    Facial hair in women: causes and treatment using hardware and home methods

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