Facial mask with vitamin C at home: recipes, results, reviews

Person had to endure the effects of burning frost and scorching sun, the power of the first frost and the negative impact of the thaw. In such circumstances, the skin becomes dull, becomes flabby and loses its healthy appearance. To rejuvenate the derma, cosmetologists recommend a vitamin mask. Particularly useful for skin means on the basis of ascorbic acid. How to prepare facial mask with vitamin C at home, and that she will bring to tired epidermis?

Vitamin C is primarily recommended for lightening and whitening of the skin. It allows you to restore the dermis freshness, gives it smoothness and natural color. It is the deficiency of ascorbic acid is reflected on the face in the form of loss of elasticity and reduced tone.

Vitamin C in the tissues stimulates the production of collagen fibers. Therefore, it is often recommended for the care of aging skin. But there is ascorbic acid and a serious drawback. The substance is very rapidly destroyed by the action of air. Therefore, before using helpful vitamin, it is important to study the peculiarities of its use.

Features of “ascorbic” cosmetics

Vitamin C is usually associated with the prevention of colds. Indeed, when faced with the first unpleasant symptoms, such as sore throat or runny nose, then brewed hot tea with a slice of aromatic lemon.

When useful…

But activation of the immune system is not the only positive quality of ascorbic acid. Cosmetologists say that the benefits of vitamin C for the dermis lies in the following effects.

  • Rejuvenation of the dermis. Vitamin C belongs to a powerful antioxidants. It protects cells against damage from free radicals. Thus, it prevents skin aging. Through the synthesis of collagen, the epidermis is smoothed, wrinkles disappear. Person is given back the natural elasticity and youthfulness.
  • Protection from ultraviolet radiation. Collagen fibers, the production of which under the influence of ascorbic acid increases, provide another important property. They protect the skin from the aggression of sun rays.
  • The elimination of toxins. Vitamin binds all harmful ingredients and effectively removes them from the epidermis. The elimination of toxins allows the skin to Shine with health and freshness.
  • Getting rid of pimples. Ascorbic acid contributes to the quality of cleansing of the skin and pores. It prevents the entry of pathogenic flora into the skin tissue. Due to this, the risk of re-occurrence of acne is minimized.
  • Strengthening blood vessels. Vitamin C has a positive effect on the circulatory system. It strengthens blood vessels, improves capillary permeability, normalizes blood clotting. These properties allow to prevent the development of rosacea.
  • Lightening of the skin. Ascorbic acid is used to rid the skin of pigmentation and lightening of the skin.

Masks containing vitamin C, accelerate recovery processes. Any inflammation, irritation heal much faster. Ascorbic acid provides mild anti-allergic effect.

… when can hurt

Ascorbic acid is a useful component that will come to the aid of flabby, dull dermis, cleanse the skin from acne and keep in the tissues the necessary water balance. But sometimes, the vitamin C of the helper can become a real pest. This happens if not considered major contraindications.

You should not use masks with the addition of ascorbic acid in the following cases:

  • pronounced rosacea;
  • open sores, large skin lesions, sores, or cracks;
  • individual intolerance;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pathology associated with impaired metabolism in the body iron-containing pigments;
  • varicose disease.

For a human threat like the vitamin C deficiency and its excess. In the first case develops chronic fatigue, bleeding gums, excessive dry skin, depression. When an excess of ascorbic acid face becomes persistent reddish tinge. But because excess vitamin is excreted by the kidneys, increases the workload resulting in the risk of developing kidney stones.Mask with vitamin C: 5 tips for use

The human body is not able to produce vitamin C. Therefore, the diet should include lots of foods rich in ascorbic acid. But the vitamin entering the digestive tract, is evenly distributed among all systems and organs. Thus, the epidermis receives only a tiny fraction of the required power. To improve the situation, and not to provoke excess in the body of ascorbic acid, cosmetologists recommend to apply the mask locally, to enrich the tissue vitamin.

Positive effects of ascorbic acid only if they meet the following five rules apply and the manufacture of masks.

  • Active ingredient. Vitamin C is available in liquid, tablet and powder form. Useful for dermis any form. The active ingredient can be a product enriched with vitamin C.
  • Preparation person. Vitamin mask can be applied pre-steamed and peeled dermis. Apply the mixture, carefully avoiding areas near eyes. The cosmetic product should not be kept on the dermis for more than 15 minutes.
  • The effectiveness of the drug. Ascorbic acid in contact with air, quickly destroyed. Therefore, the vitamin is opened immediately before administration to mask and instantly use it.
  • Preparation of the mask. You should not use metal items (bowls, spoons) while cooking means with vitamin C. They destroy the beneficial properties of ascorbic acid. Beauticians advise to use glassware or porcelain.
  • The final stage. After removing the mask face calm nourishing or moisturizing cream. To go out after the procedure within four hours is not recommended. Ascorbic acid increases the sensitivity of the dermis, which sometimes leads to sunburn.
  • Apply the mask with vitamin C recommended no more than twice a week. After 10-15 sessions are needed to take a break for approximately one month. When the skin rest, you can resume vitamin treatments.

    3 recipe for dry skin

    Much lighter and easier to use for face masks foods that contains ascorbic acid. As such, the effective substance is perceived by the dermis. The assistance of pharmaceutical drugs beauticians recommend the resort only if suitable vegetables or fruit at hand was not. The following recipes of masks with vitamin C are recommended for the care of dry skin.

    Kiwi with egg


    • The yolk of the egg alone.
    • Sugar is one teaspoon.
    • Kiwi juice — one tablespoon.
    • Sesame oil — three drops.


  • With a whisk, whip the yolk.
  • To the yolks add sugar.
  • The mixture is injected squeezed kiwi juice.
  • The latest in mask pour in the sesame oil and the mixture is stirred.
  • Deposited on the face mask can be covered with warm cloth, lightly moistened with water. This will greatly enhance the potency of the remedy and prevent quick drying.Creamy fruit combination


    • Banana — third of the fruit.
    • Sour cream — two and a half tablespoons.
    • Kiwi — half of the fruit.
    • Pink clay — ½ teaspoon.


  • Kiwi and banana mash into a puree.
  • Fruit pulp mixed with sour cream.
  • Slippery ground is sometimes difficult to apply to the skin. To the mixture is best rests on the dermis and will not melt, you need to add a little pink clay.
  • This mask can be easily adapted for oily skin. But in the recipe you need to replace the pink clay is white, cream to take low-fat and add a teaspoon of lemon juice.A cocktail of vitamins


    • Vitamin C — one vial.
    • Orange juice — two teaspoons.
    • Vitamin E — one vial.
    • Dry milk — two tablespoons.
    • Honey — one teaspoon.


  • In milk pour the vitamin C.
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice and add to the mixture.
  • Then enter the honey and pour in the vitamin E.
  • The mask carefully mix.
  • This facial mask with vitamin C in capsules relieves dry dermis to get rid of blackheads, helps to normalize the water balance. It tones the skin and gives it a fresh natural color.

    3 recipe for oily skin

    The easiest and effective method of application ascorbic acid is a person rubbing a cotton pad soaked in a liquid solution of vitamin C. This event is recommended at night, twice a week. Absolutely contraindicated to wipe undiluted vitamin delicate under eye area. Women oily skin suitable for such a mask.



    • Blue clay (can be green) — two tablespoons.
    • Vitamin C (powder) one tablespoon.
    • Butter — three tablespoons.


  • The clay pour the yogurt and stir so the mixture does not remain lumps.
  • In a medium pour the powder of ascorbic acid. Mix thoroughly.
  • That mask is efficiently cleared from the dermis lubricity and eliminate pimples, it is recommended that a bit of massaging the face means.
  • Strawberry-milk


    • Homemade milk two dessert spoons.
    • Strawberries six large berries.


  • Rubbing the strawberries with a fork into a puree.
  • To berry pulp milk. Mix well.
  • The mask is gently applied to the face. Top the mixture is served with warm, wet gauze.
  • As the active ingredient in a facial mask with ascorbic acid may be not only strawberries. Vitamin C is also rich in strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, black currant, grape, cherry.

    Whitening cheese-sea buckthorn


    • Homemade cheese — one tablespoon.
    • Black tea (strong) — four teaspoons.
    • Vitamin C (liquid) to one teaspoon.
    • Sea buckthorn oil — one teaspoon.


  • Through a fine sieve grind the cottage cheese. The mixture should become as homogeneous.
  • To the cream cheese add the strong tea.
  • Then pour in ascorbic acid.
  • The curd-vitamin mask to introduce sea buckthorn oil.
  • The tool thoroughly kneaded.
  • 2 recipes for oily skin

    Ascorbic acid eliminates pimples and acne. Therefore vitamin in demand in the care for problem skin. Cosmetic products eliminate oily gloss, disinfect the skin, help to lighten post-acne and scarring. For problematic (acne) dermis we recommend the following facial masks that contain vitamin C.

    Cranberry, honey


    • Cranberry is one of a handful of.
    • Honey — one tablespoon.


  • Cranberries grind in a mortar or crushed in a juicer.
  • Berry puree mixed with honey in equal proportions.
  • The mask is applied on face and easy to massage the dermis.
  • To eliminate acne and reduce oily gloss on the skin you can take cranberries. This berry has almost the same content of vitamin C, and cranberry.



    • Oatmeal — three tablespoons.
    • Honey — one tablespoon.
    • Ascorbic acid one vial.
    • Purified water — one tablespoon.
    • Milk — one tablespoon.


  • The flakes are milled to flour.
  • To grind the oatmeal add honey and vitamin C.
  • In mask poured water and milk.
  • The mixture was stirred. After applying you should gently massage problem areas.
  • 3 recipe for aging skin

    Effective rejuvenation is achieved by stimulating the synthesis of collagen. This component gives the skin elasticity and firmness, which it loses with age. Ascorbic acid helps neutralize the free radicals that cause aging of the dermis, and restores water balance, making the skin smooth. Such a complex effect allows, as shown by reviews, to remove minor wrinkles, tighten the dermis and permanently preserve her youth.

    Duet vitamins


    • Vitamin C (powdered) — one tablespoon.
    • Vitamin E — one vial.


  • In the “say” gently pour in the vitamin E.
  • The mixture was stirred.
  • It will begin to bubble and transform into foam. This is normal. That is the foam is applied to the skin.
  • BlackBerry


  • Blackberries — a handful.
  • Vitamin C (powder) one tablespoon.
  • Water — as needed.
  • Manufacturer

  • BlackBerry mash to a pulp.
  • To the berry mixture, add ascorbic acid.
  • To obtain the necessary viscosity agent is administered a few drops of mineral water.
  • Facial mask with vitamin C powder and blackberries, and moisturizes aging skin that can remove pigmentation and restores the skin’s natural youthfulness.

    Chocolate almond


    • Almonds — ten.
    • Cocoa (powder) — one dessert spoon.
    • Avocado — half of the fruit.
    • Ascorbic acid (powder) one teaspoon.
    • Water — three tablespoons.


  • In a blender add the almonds and add avocado. The mixture is well milled.
  • Introduce of cocoa and pour “askorbinku”.
  • In the mask add water with constant stirring until it reaches desired thickness.
  • Simple and popular homemade facial mask with vitamin C from a single product or a single component. A source of ascorbic acid are grapefruit, orange, lime, lemon. Cosmetologists recommend to squeeze fresh juice from citrus, dilute it with water (1:1) and daily to wipe the face. Of fruits enriched With vitamin C (peach, pineapple, mango, kiwi, apricot) puree, you can make a mask or just applied on the dermis luscious pieces of fruit. And don’t forget about the berries: grapes, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, currant, that will also saturate the dermis useful vitamin.

    Reviews: “the Effect is, and he is positive”

    I think if you apply pure vitamin C to the skin, then the action will be as superficial acid peel. Vitamin C — this is acid after all. I conducted an experiment, I bought vitamin C powder, a jar and every night applied to the face just for a minute or two (diluted with water, applied with a brush for masks). A week later I can say that the result is very noticeable: 1) highly refined leather 2) are dried all the inflammation (immediately after rinsing think the opposite, and in the morning everything goes) 3) there is a healthy blush 4) the skin looks thoroughly clean. I am very happy with my experiment. After a month, repeat.

    Renata, http://www.woman.ru/beauty/face/thread/3902065/

    I used vitamin C capsules on face for a week. The result is very positive: face freshened and pigmentation above the lip has considerably lighten.

    Marishaja, http://plastic-surgeon.ru/forum/showthread.php?p=1245627

    I do strawberry with honey, I like very much. And recently made a recipe friends: shower gel added salt and really rubbed, ponravilas one word, and then the whole is fully covered strawberries and left for 10 minutes. Super, just super! The skin is tender. Try it, see for yourself!

    Thing is still the same…, http://club.passion.ru/litso/klubnichnaya-maska-dlya-litsa-t25150.html

    For the normal functioning of our body need vitamin C with it the older we get, the more relevant. For skin vitamin C is a godsend. It stimulates the skin renewal process, whereby its rejuvenation, it has antioxidant effects (this means that this vitamin prevents the destruction of cells).So, directly to the Council: in order to saturate the leather is so necessary for her vitamin C… need to wipe it directly vitamin C. I bought ascorbic acid. The method of application. Very simple. After cleansing at night (though I did this procedure and in the morning — if time allows) open the vial and poured its contents onto a cotton pad and wipe face and neck. Now, about the effect. It is, and it is positive. After the first time my skin was pale pink, like a pig. Perhaps this procedure will not replace a good face cream, but the extra vitamin C will not be exact.

    Mariadmit, http://otzovik.com/review_2467212.html

    Facial mask with vitamin C at home: recipes, results, reviews

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