Facial masks for oily skin at home

What facial masks for oily skin, cosmetologists recommend? How to approach choosing a pharmacy means, what should be their composition? What are some recipes you can use at home? The right technique of choice, apply masks to fight oily Shine, acne, enlarged pores.

Oily skin gives a lot of trouble its owner. It is often shiny, covered with a greasy film that looks ugly. In the area of high sebum often have rashes. Acne clog pores, creating a persistent pattern of black spots on the face.

To reduce the severity of the problem allows the right care for oily skin. It should include masks offered by beauticians as a Supplement to the main daily program.

Extra care

Why facial masks from the Shine is considered as an extra care? The fact that any compounds applied to solve any skin problems, is not effective until the normalized primary care. No matter whether you buy expensive cosmetics or will regularly do their compositions, the effect from them you will not see, if not met the main stages of skin care.

  • Purification. Daily, with light drying, Sebo-regulating means. Is in the morning after awakening and in the evening to remove makeup, remove impurities accumulated in the epidermis during the day. To cleanse even oily skin is strictly not suitable soap. It contains alkali, which literally dried out the face, break the lipid barrier, leading to exhaustion and premature aging of the skin.
  • Tonification. The final stage of purification is performed with lotion or tonic. “Alcoholic solutions not suitable for oily skin, says aesthetician Svetlana Poluektova. They have a drying effect and can be applied locally, and from time to time.” If you are planning to purchase a tonic for oily skin, which usually include Sebo-regulating supplements, essential oil of tea tree or eucalyptus, probiotics, use as a tonic curative mineral water. This recommendation gives the cosmetician Olga FEM. “Oily and troubled skin clean brackish or mineral water, where high salt content. This is a brand “Borzhomi”, “Essentuki”, “Narzan”. Mineral water is a great alternative to any tonics that 95% consist of water.”
  • Hydration. In the usual care is performed after applying a tonic. If you plan to use the mask, a moisturizer is applied after removing makeup.

Mask for oily and problematic skin don’t do every day as you would not want to hurry to get rid of greasy Shine and enlarged pores. Extra care 2-3 times per week, using up to three compositions.

Features of use

It is important to observe the use of funds, to ensure their high efficiency.

  • Apply after cleansing and tonification. So you will prepare the skin to receive ingredients.
  • Not asprivate face. A few years ago, steaming was the main deep cleaning that allows you to open the pores and get to their content. Today, cosmetologists are advised not to steam the skin, especially if you have pimples and rashes on it. Steaming provokes the spread of infection, and the problem could get worse.
  • Spend a deep cleaning. Recommended for this means-exfoliant with fruit acids. “Use the mask with AHA acids to soften the grease tube and it is good to clean the pores, says beautician Svetlana Poluektova. — This means remove dead cells of the stratum corneum without affecting healthy”. In masks with AHA acids from four to seven percent of fruit acids: glycolic, lactic, almond. Similar but less pronounced effects have gommage. The content of fruit acids is lower, therefore they can be used even for sensitive epidermis.
  • Leave the remedy on for 15 minutes. This is sufficient to actively penetrate the skin. Never leave the composition on the face at night.
  • Relax. Facial masks for oily skin often contain heavy components, for example, clay or honey. Substance heavier facial tissue and pulls them down, causing their premature drooping — ptosis. “I recommend to my clients to lie down with a mask on his face, says therapist Julia Korshunova. And the older a woman is, the more horizontal should be her position. Not allowed to walk around with this tool on the face, to do household chores. Especially in adulthood, after the age of 45, when the mask you can get the opposite expected effect.”
  • For deep cleansing of the skin have traditionally used scrubs. Compounds with a rigid polishing particles are dangerous when the presence of pimples and blackheads, prevents the cosmetician Olga FEM. They injure the epidermis and carry the bacteria from the inflamed pores in a clean, stimulating the proliferation of Anke.

    When choosing a scrub, pay attention to the quality of its polishing particles. Safe to use with soft, rounded granules. Or replace part of the more modern stuff — gommage, mask with AHA acids which do not damage tissue.

    The finished products

    For home use with oily skin type face masks are available in several types.


    Typically, the mask is made of clay. In composition it is denoted by Caolin. Additional components are used, which reduce the severity of inflammation, regulate sebum secretion, improve local immunity of tissues. Among the valuable elements of cleaning composition, salicylic acid, zinc, immunomodulators, beta-glucans, extracts of medicinal plants (nettle, calendula, St. John’s wort).

    Such tools provide a deep cleansing effect absorbs sebum, pull impurities and improve microcirculation in the tissues. They solve several problems at once — reduce oiliness, fight pimples and the cleansing. You need to use them 1-2 times a week.

    Exfoliating, lifting effect

    After 40 years it is recommended to apply the mask film, which have a dual effect. They exfoliate the top layer of the epidermis, reducing the severity of wrinkles, make the skin surface smoother. Also, thanks to regular exfoliation active ingredients caring cream can penetrate deeper into the skin.

    The mask of the film effectively modulate the face, tightens tissues, are therefore used in age care as lifting.


    Do I need to use a moisturizing mask for oily skin type of person? Not just necessary, but essential! About proper hydration women with increased sebum secretion in the T-zone usually forget, believing that their skin is able to moisturize itself. And their task is to degrease it.

    Unfortunately, this attitude only worsens the situation. Regular removal of sebum and without subsequent hydration of the epidermis is trying to protect the dermis from the active evaporation of water. Sebaceous glands begin to work more actively, the secret gets bigger, the face looks like butter. But there are fine lines, gray and dull complexion.

    This situation speaks of the dehydration, the depletion of the epidermis and the underlying dermis, which is eighty percent water. Requires immediate care with active hydration.

    Instead of foam or gel cleanser is recommended, after which the skin should be treated with mineral water or tonic. A hydrating mask should be applied twice a week.

    Ready cosmetic means to contain moisturizing hyaluronic acid. It nourishes the skin with moisture instantly and recover it. Works this mask against oily skin: saturated with moisture the epidermis and reduces sebum secretion, because an additional protection of the dermis no longer needed. As a consequence, the composition of the working acne, is the prevention of wrinkle formation. For reviews of beauty for those with oily skin should choose a moisturizing mask with hyaluronic acid, algae extracts, squalene.


    Formulations based on algae, which are recommended in the care of Mature skin problems. Alginates are ideal for her as well as have a strong moisturizing, cleansing, draining and firming effect, smooth out the wrinkles.

    Periodically it makes sense to have a course of ten alginate masks in combination with additional care 1 time per week. The tool is prepared immediately before use from a powder, which is diluted with water to the state of sour cream, mix up well and applied to the skin covering the lips and eyes.

    Alginate is the only mask that is applied even in thin and sensitive skin around the eyes and lips, as they are safe, well to moisturize and tone. Also, when a continuous application to achieve the most productive drainage: the outflow of lymph and blood.

    Creating the effect of reverse osmosis, in which cells are pushed out unnecessary moisture in the lymphatic system that encourages the elimination of edema, reduces the severity of the ptosis.

    The composition is applied in a thick layer of about 5 mm. He is plasticized, so it should work with it quickly. On the face it turns into a dense film having a lifting effect. In thirty minutes it is removed in one motion starting at the chin, like a stocking.

    Alginates act like hialuronowy acid, but more adapted to the needs of oily skin than just moisturizing. In their composition are always present important components to your epidermis like: tea tree oil, anti-inflammatory and toning plant extracts, vitamins.

    Home remedies for oily skin

    Home remedies usually are not as effective than complex cosmetic formulations. The latter have multiple effects, while the recipes of masks for oily face skin, cooked, working towards the same problem.

    But there are compositions that can be really useful in home care. They use active components against the high fat content of the epidermis and inflammation.

    With clay

    Cosmetic clay or kaolin has been consistently used in the care of oily skin type. You can buy it at the pharmacy or supermarket. Choose marine clay — blue, green or white. High cleansing properties of the most common black clay.


  • Pour into a container a tablespoon of clay.
  • Pour a tablespoon of water.
  • Stir until the mass is of average consistency, with no lumps. If it is too thick, add a little more water.
  • Apply onto cleansed skin for fifteen minutes. If the mask is dry, soak a cloth, then rinse with warm water.

    Part you can add a few tiles of the essential oil of tea tree. In this case, it will acquire anti-inflammatory properties.

    With cereal

    Oatmeal has a good absorbing action, and therefore can be used in the care of oily skin. It absorbs excess sebum and gives the skin a fresh and well-groomed appearance. We recommend you to mix oatmeal with lemon juice. Citric acid has a light fruit peeling effect, softens the Horny layer of the epidermis and promotes deep cleansing.


  • Pour a tablespoon of cereal in a bowl.
  • Pour two tablespoons of boiling water.
  • Stir, allow the mass to cool and thicken.
  • Add a teaspoon of lemon juice.
  • Apply the prepared face with a thick layer. To add to the properties of the lifting effect, enrich it with protein, one raw egg.


    Another natural sorbent that allows you to add any thickness to the natural composition on the skin care. We recommend you to mix the flour with the yogurt. In the latter there is lactic acid, which softens the surface layer of caracolito, whitens the face. The flour absorbs excess sebum secretion.


  • Pour a tablespoon of flour in a bowl.
  • Pour two tablespoons of yogurt.
  • Stir, add more buttermilk or flour to obtain a moderately thick mass.
  • Put on face, leave for fifteen minutes. Don’t let it dry, it is possible to periodically lubricate the surface of the mask yogurt.


    Compresses of herbs reduce inflammation and normalize the activity of sebaceous glands. They have cleansing and tonic effect. In caring for skin your type of use chamomile, calendula, St. John’s wort, yarrow. These herbs are known anti-inflammatory action.


  • Grind dry herbs into the flour. Convenient to use for this grinder.
  • Mix the ingredients, take two tablespoons.
  • Pour the boiling water with a volume of one hundred milliliters.
  • Leave to infuse for fifteen minutes.
  • Strain the water.
  • Put a herbal paste on the gauze, spread evenly.
  • Received apply warm compress to the face if you have active acne, multiple break outs. Leave it on face for thirty minutes.

    At home, you should apply facial masks for oily skin as a means of extra care. Use ready-made cosmetics cleansing, exfoliating types. Be sure to moisturize the epidermis to reduce sebum secretion. In skin care help and natural products: clay, yogurt, cereal and flour, from which you can prepare cleansing compositions.

    Facial masks for oily skin at home

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