Fair skin: how to tan and not burn?

Spring is in full swing, and that means it is time for skirts, shorts, light dresses, and drew the girl’s body, which we so actively preparing for the summer.

Only here what to do if the body is white, it is not a sexy color?!

Today a nice tan even in women with light skin has become a kind of indicator of success and viability – the possibility of traveling in Sunny countries, and a common concept of beauty “requires a” chocolate leather.

Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” prepared specially for representatives of the first and second phototypes and now will tell how to tan with fair skin.

Let me begin with the above photo – a great dermatologist Thomas Fitzpatrick in their allocated six, but we will focus only on the first two.

Owners of the first phototype skin white, almost transparent, like milk. Hair blond or red, and eyes green or blue. This type of leather is also called Celtic. With such fair skin it is very difficult to sunbathe, because the epidermis generates almost no melanin.

The second photo features their native fair complexion; hair all shades of blonde, light eyes. Call this type – Nordic or Aryan. The owners of this phototype as peculiar slight pigment formation.

But it is not a diagnosis – light skin, how to tan now at the women’s website sympaty.net we will tell.


While the sun is still not quite so hot – it’s time to visit the Solarium. On this unit since its appearance in the beauty wandering a countless number of myths and scary legends to fear and believe they should not.

Unless, of course, don’t overdo it and if you do not have skin diseases in which tanning is contraindicated.

Start to prepare the skin to ultraviolet radiation this can and should be under a “gentle” UV rays tanning. Importantly, the procedure was repeated not more than 1 time in 2-3 days, but time does not exceed 6-7 minutes (the first session will approach the duration to 3 minutes). Ask the administrator about the intensity of the lamps installed in the tanning bed depends on the optimal duration of the session.

They may also be able to recommend you the cream for light skin to a nice tan in the Solarium.


Once your skin’s protective barrier after tanning, you are ready to meet the main natural source of UV is the sun. However, you will need a sunscreen with maximum SPF.

Until you feel that the skin used to the intensity of the solar rays – in any case do not reduce the level of protection cream!

As you adapt your skin to UV light can slowly lower the level of SPF, and let not dark, but beautiful honey tan for fair skin originally provided to you!

Carrots and fruit

In order to increase the production of melanin in the skin, the body can “energize” carrot juice 20 minutes before tanning. And even with fair skin you can a nice tan.

After the carrot on the degree of influence on the appearance of a beautiful tan are tangerine, orange, grapefruit and pumpkin juice. Of course, we are not talking about the packaged juices, and fresh.

However, if you suffer from gastro-intestinal disorders, to use such a drink must be carefully.

More about folk remedies for sunburn can be found here.


For girls who do not want to injure the skin, but who are looking for chocolate color, can approach a cream-tan. It will not only give the skin the desired shade, but will also moisturize and nourish it.

About how to apply bronzer, on the women’s website sympaty.net we have already written.

What not to do girls who want to sunbathe, having light skin

  • For a long time to open the sun exposed parts of the body – nose, shoulders, knees – they burn faster than the others. Apply to these areas plenty of sunscreen.
  • Take a shower with abrasive cleansers (scrubs and the like) immediately after returning from a walk under the sun.
  • Use alcohol lotion before or after tanning – it can be pretty rough areas of the skin where it was applied like a tool.
  • To go on a “date” with the sun directly all day, burning with desire as quickly as possible to get a tan with fair skin, especially at a time when the ultraviolet rays are particularly active – from 11 to 17 hours.
  • To be under the sun motionless – this will lead to local burns of the skin. On the contrary, actively moving, you will get a smooth, beautiful tan.

However, dear readers sympaty.net remember that Nature originally bestowed upon each of us the best qualities we all are unique and beautiful.

When choosing the right garments and makeup, your porcelain skin favorably distinguish you from the crowd of “chocolate” in its elegance. Remember Nicole Kidman – here’s someone who just doesn’t care about how a nice tan with fair skin. Any tan, in addition is photodamage, and safeguard delicate skin from bright sunlight, you’ll preserve its youthfulness.

Author Vera Kruglova, site ToKnow365.top

Fair skin: how to tan and not burn?

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