False eyelashes, how to paste, how to use, secrets to sticking

Remember Sarah Manzoni, makeup artist film “Evita”, which claimed that the only thing that will never interfere with an additional volume of your lashes? She just forgot to add that in addition to mascara, there is another proven Hollywood stars tool false eyelashes.

False eyelashes are becoming a accessory No. 1 stars on the red carpet. Show-off, shiny, fluffy, with tassels on the ends – they add style, extravagance and mystique look. But not many people know that today, this accessory is becoming more and more everyday, natural, natural. False eyelashes are becoming popular because is the perfect eyelashes: long, clearly separated, thick, what I would like to have every woman. And you can use them for any occasion.

So, on the way to perfection:

1. Make-up
Do eye makeup series: shadows for eyelashes, mascara, eyeliner. If your eyelashes are very straight, bend them using tweezers for false eyelashes, false eyelashes often have a curved shape.

2. Glue
The technique for bonding (applying) artificial lashes depends on their type. Individual lashes or a bunch of 3-4 cilia is applied to the upper eyelid, starting at outer corner. Can be limited to a few “arrows”, and you can evenly space them across the lash line. For this you need to put special glue on the outer side of the palm (where we usually testosteroen color lipstick) and gently lower him to the base of the eyelashes or of the beam (“postiche”). For continuous false eyelashes glue uniformly applied to the very base with a few drops. Be careful while applying the glue, because it can get into eyes and cause irritation.

3. Superimposition

To apply false eyelashes using tweezers for hair removal, special tweezers for eyelashes or just pressing with your finger.

Individual lashes or a bunch of lashes applied to the outside corner of the eye, as close as possible to the natural eyelashes, and pressed a finger for a few seconds. You can repeat the operation, but leave at least a millimeter between the cilia, then they will look the most effectively.

More familiar to us false eyelashes, after applying a few drops of glue, pressed on the basic lashes starting from the middle of the upper eyelid, then flatten in the outer and inner corners of the eyes. If the strip of false eyelashes longer than you need, feel free to cut her nail scissors.

4. The final touch

Once the false lashes have found their place, wait a few moments, blinked, to make sure that you do not interfere. Then paint a second coat of mascara natural and artificial lashes together progresiva at the base. You can use any mascara, but it’s best to be mascara twirled effect. Do not use a contrasting color of ink against the lashes to invoice! If the eyelashes are black, it is useless to paint them purple ink. But purple or blue eyelashes you can paint black ink on one evening, which is then washed away.

The secrets of
• Before using “preheat” your false eyelashes in palms, for example by wrapping it around your index fingers and covering the palm of the other hand. This will allow them to become more flexible and elastic, it is better to repeat the contour of your eyes when applying, and to bend, conforming to the shape of your eyelids.

• If you want to shorten the strip of artificial eyelashes, apply first, to your eye, starting from the outer corner, and carefully abrite the nail scissors from the inner side, as at the outer corner of the eye lashes are always fluffier and longer.

• Before bed , start the washing procedure with removal of false eyelashes, and then remove the makeup. Sami lashes rinse with water without using soap, or if you used waterproof mascara, with PH-neutral soap. This will allow you to use them up to 5 times.

• In order to achieve a natural effect with short natural eyelashes, will buy a set for the lower eyelid – they are shorter than the top lashes and more curved.

• False eyelashes give us a chic, sophisticated look and thus be obliged to use an intense eyeliner to paint a line between natural and artificial eyelashes. But eyeliner, and eyelashes can be gray, brown, blue, making the image more daily and natural.
And when using ultra light lash “Patrinal Flare” from M. A. C. you can completely abandon eyeliner. Also your way will make more transparent the glue for applying eyelashes “Eyelach adhesive” from Make Up For Ever, which solidification is black and will not get soggy, if you’re swimming in the pool or in the sea when lunnom light.

Source stylewoman.ru

False eyelashes, how to paste, how to use, secrets to sticking

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