Fashion hair color spring-summer 2019

The main trend remains the choice in favor of a palette of natural shades, though this year it still has undergone some changes. Before you top hair color 2019 – understand, discuss, give advice.

The territory of the blondes

Very nice to see girls who have skin tones, eyes and tresses harmonize with each other. Because of this, stylists advise not to change the hair color drastically (from black to blonde and Vice versa). You can choose the color from the “native” palette, while adding to it one or more interesting techniques of painting.For the blonde the attraction to the natural scheme involves the fashion for the two clear leaders – warm blonde and platinum blonde. Next to them is always a compromise solution – blonde dark, where the underlying wheat tone is complemented by the honey strands, platinum or gold.

To make my hair more interesting, you can try to use the technique of “Shatush” for blond hair. It involves colouring by several shades from the palette to achieve a smooth color transition from darker at the roots to really light at the tips.Also the huge popularity of so-called “strawberry” blond – light color with a pink undertone, which can also vary in degree of intensity. It should be noted that this color visually rejuvenates, adds hair volume, and also looks great on curly hair.

Territory brunettes

Brown-haired women and brunettes, too, both hands on the naturalness, which is reflected in the immense love for coal black and chocolate colors. But it is not so simple as it seems at first glance. In 2019 among fashionistas all records of popularity once again has the touch of “cold brew”, where “coffee” is applied to a base of amber and Golden highlights, adds colour depth and texture. In some cases the wizard also add strands of mahogany to achieve the most rich overflow.

Not far behind him a type of staining called “radiant brunette” by which black hair or brown hair freshen up by creating the accent of the curls for a couple of tones lighter than the base color in the area from mid lengths to ends. The shade looks insanely rich on the third length hair with a penchant for easy waves and curls. A similar effect can be achieved using the technique of “Balazs”, although in the primary embodiment, it does not involve the creation of bright accents at the tip, namely uniform “pulling” a light color from the end to the middle of the length.

The territory of red

In 2019 too bright and saturated shades of red gradually surrender their positions, giving a more feminine copper and bronze tones. There is a clear departure from cherry and wine palette, on change which came a calm and slightly muted “cinnamon”. In General, girls prefer non-aggressive, deep colors with a red or gold undertone.

Light options in warm time of the year will be very popular sand ginger as one of the most negricea and nevychurny tones. This shade can be achieved by mixing flame-red, peach and sand colors. It will perfectly fit the hair first and second length without a pronounced curl. With him is wonderful “worked” any of the basic items of your wardrobe.

Another absolute trend of the year – coral hair (or as they are called – “living coral”). Though the color and looks natural, but still deserves the attention of fashionistas thanks to its extraordinary. This experiment is designed for the truly brave girls eager to unusual decisions in the process of creating your own image. The shade is completely absent carrot or pumpkin pigment, making the hair look very doll or even fabulous.

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