Fashion trends spring-summer 2016

Fashion – lady with the unpredictable and changeable nature. Today she is reserved and inclined to the classics, and tomorrow will fill the world’s catwalks with a riot of colors and variety of forms. Knowledge of the trends of the upcoming seasons will help to replenish your wardrobe relevant things and to always be “on the wave”.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2016

So, what made us the world’s fashion designers:

1. Dance ballet

Layered and delicate tutus ballerinas embody lightness, elegance and femininity. This item of clothing will be relevant in the current year. Length can be any, from mini to Maxi, shades without restrictions. As for the form, what mnogosloinoi, the better.

Rule: in order not to turn into a marzipan doll on the cake, to combine this skirt better with a stricter, even more brutal things.

2. In the style of “disco” with the future in mind

In 60-70s of the 20th century, along with new musical trends to the masses came the fashion for shiny, bright and pretty Frank things: tight pants, embroidered with sequins, short, fitted tops, etc. the Difference is that now the designers gave things an original, bold forms. Remember the robot Werther from the Soviet sci-Fi film “guest from the future”, and you’ll understand things a plan you can look on the shelves.

3. Closer to nature

In 2012, the culmination of the fashionable animal prints that is the fabric of the clothing is repeated colouring or other representative of fauna, later joined them, and vegetable theme. Then the popularity of this style has softened a little. Now he will return again to become almost the main trend of spring-summer 2016.

Rule: a sense of proportion. To not look like Cruella from “101 Dalmatians”, it is better to choose one “animal” or “vegetable” element of the wardrobe and complement it with the things of laconic colors.

4. A dream come true

Rejoice, fashionistas, now in pajamas, you can not only bask under a blanket, but for a walk and even go to visit. In a similar style can be made the whole outfit and its separate elements, for example, blouse or pants.

Rule: in order not to look ridiculous, augment the image with simple shoes and simple bag. Hair is better to collect in the tail or to make a neat bundle.

5. Such enticing network

Popular at the end of the last Millennium things from the grid are back on the international catwalks. This style can be made dresses, blouses and even pants. The main thing – to choose the right Foundation. For example, under a black net blouse is perfect simply top the same shade.

Rule: in order to look stylish, not vulgar, dilute the net simply things. For example, the fashionable shirt will look great with a classic women’s pant suit.

6. Skin-to-skin

Leather things are once again gaining in popularity. Jackets, shirts and pants made of this material often look brutal. To make them more feminine and romantic, you can wear a shirt or a vest over a lightweight chiffon dress. And leather pants will perfectly complement a light blouse and a cropped jacket.

7. Life consists of alternating bands

Probably is that your idea of designers creating clothes with a striped print. But if this geometry is made in red, white and blue colors, in the way you connect the two trend the upcoming season.

How to be fashionable, but keep your style?

Mindless worship of fashion – not the best way to stand out from the crowd. More valuable quality is to develop your own style with the correct inclusion of relevant things.

What mistakes to avoid:

  • Creating an image composed entirely of novelties in the world of fashion. It is better to choose one trend accent and to correctly frame it things, due to which it will look more advantageously.
  • Discomfort. Clothing affects our mood and attitude. If you are uncomfortable in fashionable clothes, her color or style looks alien, you can try to dilute it with your favorite everyday clothing items, or choose something else.
  • Some people regularly follow the fashion change, but others consider it a waste of time and money. In any case, the fashion was, is and will be, and even whether to follow her, each decides for itself.

    Author – Ekaterina Baranova, site

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