Fashionable way and at least cost. Guide to choosing a sewing machine

Fashion is constantly changing. On the one hand, this is good: the clothes are not bored, because to replace them soon, come the others. But on the other — where to take money on the constant updating of the wardrobe? What if you learn how to create a stylish and elegant images of their hands? Fortunately, with the help of modern sewing machines make it very easy.

In self-tailoring the many advantages is creativity, and interesting hobby, and the ability to create exclusive images. The availability of modern sewing machines and a small amount of free time will save you from having to pay for designer clothes, which every day becomes more and more expensive. In a popular catalog descriptions and prices E-catalog contains more than 1000 models of sewing machines. To quickly navigate among so many offers it can be difficult. So before you buy a sewing machine, decide what type of device you need. In summary there are 7 classes.


Electromechanical sewing machine — the most simple and inexpensive devices for home use. Equipped with electric drive. Sewing speed is controlled via a foot pedal. To change sewing parameters and enable/disable the different functions are activated buttons and levers, imposed on the body.


Responsibility for the position of the needle in the models in this class lies with electronic microprocessor. The seamstress simply select the program and type the lines in the list. Almost every computerized sewing machine is equipped with electronic display that shows current settings. In some models, displays even text recommendations for sewing.


Embroidery sewing machines are used to create complex embroidery to other works, they are unsuitable. As a rule, they have many presets for easy control can connect directly to the computer.

Sewing and embroidery

Advanced analog computerized machine equipped with the embroidery unit. Thanks to him, the device can perform both sewing and embroidery, in which the fabric is fixed to the Hoop. Cars in this category have a screen, USB connector for computer connection or USB flash drive. The user can load in memory an unlimited number of patterns of embroidery and styles of stitching, and correct any operation.

Equipment: office machine

Equipment: office machines designed to perform a single type of stitch — flat seam. It is used in the process of tailoring for the treatment of folded slices on the edges of the products.


The special aggregate used in factories sewing clothes. Overlock the cut edge of the fabric and obketive them. Both operations are performed in a single pass. The machine creates overcasting seams, not allowing the yarns to bloom.


Coverlock replaces at the same time a serger and a machine: transmitting, when performing their functions. This expensive, hard to use and cumbersome the unit is designed exclusively for professional use.

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