Fear of childbirth – is it possible to overcome it?

Today women’s site “ToKnow365.top” illuminate the problem of fear of childbirth, to help your readers to understand the nature of this fear, should we be afraid of the upcoming birth and how to overcome a fearful feeling, which is stopping to feel the fullness of joy from a child.

First of all, I must say that fear of experiencing almost all future mothers. This feeling is quite natural for humans in General and for the woman who is expecting a child, especially.

Source of this excessive anxiety of pregnant women is a strong sense of responsibility, which is a permanent part of the maternal instinct. But here you need to make a reservation: fear expectant mothers the same.

All the fears of pregnant women can be divided into several groups.

Kinds of fears before childbirth

Not all, but many-especially the unprepared future moms, panicky afraid of contractions and birth pains. Often the thought of giving birth in their imagination draws a strong torment, pain, tearing to pieces the whole body, unbearable suffering.

Being a prisoner of his own fantasies and delusions, these future moms during the first birth signs of incipient panic and really inspire a strong pain.

This group can be attributed to the representatives of the fair half who faint at the sight of the floor scraped a drop of blood. Such gentle creatures, even a minor wound seems to be a disaster, and childbirth they perceive as the hardest of life’s experiences.

There are also moms who are experiencing fear is not before birth, and before any possible complications. The sources of their fears, as a rule, are heard from friends or read in magazines history of complex flow delivery.

And the last type of fear of future childbirth in pregnant women is a concern that they will not be able to behave during labor, to push with sufficient force to understand the doctor’s recommendation. The cause of such fears is the feeling of increased responsibility of the mother before her baby.

Whatever the reasons for any fears of pregnant women, they need to go, so they do not interfere with the normal health and did not affect the course of labor.

How to overcome fear of childbirth

The waiting time of a child is one of the most happy and unique periods in the life of every woman. And there should be no dark thoughts, no fears.

In order to away with all phobias, the site sympaty.net recommends its readers in an interesting position to follow a few tips:

  • To accept the idea that birth is inevitable.
  • To take into account the fact childbirth is a natural process, in which all the mechanisms of programmed wisdom of nature. Every moment in the process of the birth of the child has its own meaning and is distinguished by its range of sensations. By preparing the expectant mother not only will not experience serious suffering, but also be able to control their pain by using special breathing exercises.
  • Trust the experience of doctors and midwives, who will be next to her at the moment of birth. In order to feel more confident, mom needs to think about how to choose the right hospital, where she will be provided with maximum comfort and good care.
  • Tune into optimistic, positive, unconditionally believe that everything will be fine.
  • Try to gather as much objective information about childbirth and how to behave during all stages of the child’s birth. Learn to control your body. In this example, will help Kegel exercises, breathing exercises, relaxing massage.
  • How to overcome fear of difficult childbirth, will tell the expectant mother the doctor who is pregnant. She should try to adhere to all his recommendations.
  • Often think about the upcoming meeting with her baby, imagining how beautiful, wonderful, funny and sweet he is. A mother’s love will help to overcome any fears and difficulties.

Being a mom is to be able to think about your baby

Another very important tip for those expectant mothers who do not know how to overcome fear of childbirth: to feel like a true mother, Mature, strong woman who can find a way out of any situation. After all, every woman wants to be for your baby the best mom ever.

And fear of their own pain, so childish, selfish and in some way funny, does not fit into the perfect image of a woman with a baby in her arms.

Deciding on motherhood, the woman automatically agrees to all the difficulties that invariably accompany the emergence and education of the child. And she has no way back. And the only thing she should fear, waiting for the happiest moments of my life, is the lack of faith in their own strength and their love to the baby.

Therefore, the website “ToKnow365.top” wishes its readers to easily overcome fear of childbirth, to become the best, the strongest, the most wise moms and to give to this world wonderful children!

Author – Pelageja, site ToKnow365.top

Fear of childbirth – is it possible to overcome it?

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