Features of education for boys that can give mom and dad

Modern men are increasingly disappoint the women of his indecision, lack of courage, inability to take responsibility for themselves, striving in every way to escape from problems. Why? Psychologists say that these men’s shortcomings are largely the result of improper upbringing in childhood. Wanting to help my readers become successful mothers, today Sympaty.net tell them what are the features of parenting boys and how wonderful their kids to grow up strong men, capable, depending on the situation and to Express tender feelings, and strength of character.

Man needs to educate the man

It just so happened that in modern society, raising children is engaged exclusively by women: mother and grandmother in the family, the teacher in the garden female teachers in school.

The man most often limited to the role of breadwinner, who leaves early, returns late and therefore almost not involved in the process of education. But the main feature of the education of a boy in the family is a father (male) education.

It is difficult to overestimate the role that the father plays in the upbringing of his son. Turn a boy into a man strong in spirit, able to take responsibility and make decisions, or to call a man it can only be based on gender depends on father.

So what are the features of education boy’s father and how he should behave with his son, that he grew a real man?

To be a model

The main and mandatory condition which must be met by the father, raising a boy – to be a man.

Independent, strong, responsible, strong-willed, patient, persistent, courageous, respectful, courteous, in short, to be an example to his son. The presence of the male body does not make a boy into a man, he begins to feel himself as such and, accordingly, to behave with the ability to imitate.

The best example of male behavior for a boy is the father. He shows the son “male” ways of solving problems, fosters a sense of self-esteem, teaches him to stand up for themselves, instilling in him true masculine qualities.

So, the main feature of men’s upbringing of the boy is that he was a worthy example to follow. And not necessarily those should be the father, they can be elder brother, grandpa, uncle or other adult male relative.

To support his son and to recognize his achievements

The boy is very important to feel support and recognition of his father, and this is another very important feature of the education of a boy in the family. Father, and mother too, should not skimp on such phrases as: “I believe in you!”, “You will do it!”, “You can do it!”. It brings in boy male character, forms it is very important for men feelings of self-sufficiency and self-esteem.

Having been in the child proper attitudes, in the future he will be able to achieve heights in career and in personal life.

To develop its autonomy

It is very important for the father to consider the opinion of his son, strongly developing in him a sense of independence. “How are you?” “What would you do in my place?”, “How would you here do?” – these and similar phrases must often heard in the conversation between father and son. However, “pushing” the child should not be, we can only guide and give advice.

This same feature of the education of the boy suggests that in conversation with the son , the father should make every effort to avoid a writ of tone.

To form a correct understanding of the relationship between the sexes

It is this feature of the father’s upbringing of the boy Sympaty.net considered one of the main, because it is a relationship with a woman make a man a man. And from what the idea of love, loyalty and intimacy will develop the boy in childhood, will largely depend on his personal happiness in adult life.

The first experience of such relationships, the boy gets in the family, watching the father’s relation to mother. And here is where the father needs to try to make my son have a correct idea about love, loyalty and intimacy between a man and a woman.

Work on yourself

It’s hard to raise a boy to manhood, if the father himself it is not. Therefore a man should care to be his son, a worthy example in everything. This applies not only men but also human qualities.

If the father does not possess the necessary qualities he needs to work on himself, because the personal example is the most effective educational method.

As a man “educate” father?

Unfortunately, there is no such education for boys, which would have forced a man to educate his child. This is possible only if he will be aware of their responsibility for how a man will grow his son.

It often happens that the same man believes that his participation in the son’s life was exhausted at the moment of conception. And here comes the time to educate the father in a man. As you know, this task falls squarely on the fragile female shoulders and rounded tummy.

  • From the moment you learned about what is inside of you born a new life, do not leave your man indifferent. Share with him your experiences, tell others about what you feel, ask him to communicate with the future baby through touch, etc. even Though it is not a feature of the education of boys, but it is very important to establish contact between father and child.
  • Immediately after the birth of son don’t be afraid to trust his husband. Encourage her communication with the baby, take the newly made father any, even, in your opinion, unnecessary.
  • With grown-up baby waiting her husband from work, tell him how you spent the day how much kid missed, etc.
  • Invent cases in which the son can help the father. Often leave them together, so your dad will have a chance to implement the main features of men’s upbringing of boys.
  • Maintain the authority of the father in the family. The man, feeling its importance and indispensability, will be more willing to spend time with my son. After all, who but father, will explain (show, help) son that is not under the power of the “weak” woman.
  • Often tell my husband about his love, he should not feel deprived of your attention, otherwise it can start to be jealous of you child. And then none of the features of the education of small boys will not help. A caring father turn into a petulant child who by any means will try to attract your attention.

There are many different tricks that you can use to “Wake up” father to the man. We can’t leave him alone and before the birth of a son to prepare him for his new role. And your man after this training will be the best father.

What are the features of education for boys moms?

Misconception to think that the boy should be educated in the rigors of a child to teach him to suppress any displays of affection.

This implies the following: the boy needs love and caress not less than one girl. Why? Boys are more sensitive and vulnerable, than girls. They prefer to keep things close, it becomes difficult for them to share their experiences.

Boys who in childhood heard that men do not cry, do not worry and do not have the right to show any feelings grow cold, withdrawn and rude. Agree, a real man is not the embodiment of brute force, it needs to be able to love, cherish, be grateful. To raise a boy these and other positive qualities, it must be love and caress in childhood. And who if not mother will cope with this task best?

Especially education of boys is such that make them good helpers and reliable defenders get better at mom’s. And we need to do something for nothing- just to be a woman, loving, gentle, affectionate and weak.

The article about raising girls Sympaty.net stressed that girls should not be to instill independence from an early age as very important for them parental care and guardianship. Boys, on the contrary, I want as early as possible to feel independent, and the task of the mother not to disturb them. Son and mom has every right to show their weakness.

In favor of this feature of maternal education for boys evidenced by the statistics, according to which strong-willed sons often grow up weak-willed mom. And all because even from an early age they (the sons) have to take care of their mothers.

Mother raising a son, you must never forget that next to her, albeit small, but a man. And how to behave in society men she knows.

You can endlessly discuss the education of boys, the main thing – to raise him a real man.

Here just I want to recommend the book practicing family psychologist with thirty years of experience Steve Biddulph, which is called “Educate a man… How?”. It addresses not so much the issues of education, reveals how the essence of male psychology. Who man really is, what is its purpose, what is its true power and what it means to be a man in such a harsh world? This book doesn’t mention what should be the features of the education of boys, but it will be equally useful to women who are raising sons alone, and men who want to better understand his own nature.

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site ToKnow365.top

Features of education for boys that can give mom and dad

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