Feed only the data feed for dogs of small breeds: the composition, the opinions of veterinarians, the pros and cons of the product

Nutrition pet depends not only the normal function of internal organs and external appearance. On the shelves you can find quite a wide selection of dog food. Manufacturers say that their food is the best and like the four-legged friends. But all perfectly understand that a properly selected food, depending on the breed of a dog affects its overall condition. Today we will talk about stern, “Proplan”, his valuable part, the pros and cons and find out the opinion of veterinarians.

Manufacturer of feed “Proplan” for small breeds

Manufacturer of feed “Proplan” the company Nestle Purina Pet Care from the United States. It is also worth to note that the first word Nestle is the largest brand known around the globe. The firm produces not only sweet products, but also animal feed. Interestingly, the fact that the headquarters of the company is situated in Switzerland and the manufacturer “Proplan” in the United States.

On the market are 19 positions, which differ in price, quality and purpose. They are divided into feed, designed for large, medium and small dog breeds. The cost varies depending on whether any of the valuable components or not.

The company also produces quite a lot of formulas for dogs of small breeds, puppies and those who suffer from various problems, for example, obesity, weak immunity, and diseases of the reproductive system.

Features feed

Main features feed only the data feed for dogs of small breeds:

  • The right balance. The dog will receive the vegetable, animal products and essential minerals, vitamins, macro – and micronutrients.
  • High quality due to the fact that the components of the components may even consume people.
  • Products do not contain offal and semi-finished products composed of only high quality raw materials.
  • The food is made so that a pet need a small portion to replenish the body and stay satisfied.
  • “Proplan”: composition

    The producers picked the best products so that the pet developed, grew and received the necessary quantity of all important nutrients. Main components: chicken, Turkey, salmon, beef and lamb. Another product of meat origin protein the birds dry.


  • Corn is a source of carbohydrates. Used in the recipe for calorie. Special good small dogs brings.
  • Salmon (20 %), it is rich in fatty acid omega-3. While 80% consists of water, that is why 20% is 5 %.
  • Protein salmon dry. Used to raise the level of proteins in the granules.
  • Corn gluten is a source of protein, is extracted by processing of the grains into starch.
  • Corn flour.
  • Rice is a source of complex carbohydrates serves only to caloric content.
  • Fat of animal origin. How is unknown, so we cannot talk about the usefulness and quality of this ingredient.
  • Flavouring feed additive – sodium glutamate. Many feed manufacturers use different amplifiers of smell and taste. If you examine the reviews, you can see that this feature can cause side effects, for example, allergies.
  • Bagasse beet – processing sugar beet sugar. Usually, a substance for volume and weight.
  • Fiber dietary origin, in simple words cellulose.
  • In the feed optimally combined fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals, they strengthen the nervous, immune, digestive system, beneficial effect on the hair and skin of the pet.

    Food for puppies is designed with OPTISTART complex – a special ingredient is colostrum – the first food after birth. Composition enriched with natural antibodies, helps to strengthen the immune system to combat the daily problems.


    • strengthens the immune system;
    • prevents development of intestinal infections;
    • supports the optimal development of vision and brain.

    Real reviews of feed “Proplan” for small breeds of dogs

    In the opinion of those, who for many years have analyzed the formulation of feed, it can be concluded that it does not apply to a number of high-quality. Among plant components, that has a bad effect on the physiological nature of dogs. Animal protein quite a bit, increased levels of carbohydrates. A big minus for quality of feed is the presence of enhancers of smell and taste, as well as substances list without explanation of their origin.

    According to the studies carried out on animal feed for small breeds “Proplan”, confirmed the fact that regular intake of feed reduces the development of various diseases, particularly those associated with weight. The pet decreases stress on the joints, it comes to normal sugar and blood pressure. With caution need to choose food, if the dog is allergic to grains, as in the recipe is corn and wheat.

    Analyzing the reviews about stern “Proplan” for small breeds of dogs, it can be concluded that the feed is suitable for many. Especially those who the vet advised to go on a diet or choose a ready food. A stop at the manufacturer “Proplan” for dogs with sensitive digestion.

    The Advantages Of The “Proplan”

    In order to finally draw conclusions about the quality of food only the data feed for dogs of small breeds, it is necessary to consider its strengths and weaknesses.


    • the basis of food – animal proteins;
    • not bad selected vitamin and mineral complex;
    • wide range: food for large, medium, small breeds and puppies with sensitive digestion;
    • in the stern there is a natural meat and fish, though in small quantity;
    • developed a line that is distributed exclusively through specialist veterinary centres, hospitals, since they are intended to treat specific diseases;
    • enough high quality;
    • common in most pet stores not only in USA, but also Europe and the CIS countries.

    Disadvantages of feed

    Disadvantages feed only the data feed for dogs of small breeds:

    • the unknown origin of the meat components;
    • a large percentage of vegetable raw materials, as well as an amplifier of smell and taste, which can cause allergies;
    • no data about antioxidants and preservatives;
    • high price despite the fact that the composition of fairly inexpensive components.

    A small conclusion

    With all of the features of dogs and their varieties, the range is “Dying” has a special series. This allows you to accurately choose the right food for your pet. But be careful! The composition of the feed more close to the power supply is economical, and the manufacturer advertises it as a premium class. In the diet contains very little meat, but lots of corn.

    Is important to realize that dry food may not be ideal, as it is radically different from the natural substances that must be consumed dog. At the same time, we can say that the company produces bad products. Simply, if you want to get quality food for dogs of small breeds, buy it in Europe.

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