Feedback about the harvesters: choose the best food processor

Women’s website “” not to agitate his readers to choose a particular model, we will show what you need to pay attention if you want to choose the best food processor. Also in the article, you’ll find real reviews about the harvesters that will help determine the choice, if in doubt about any model or brand.

Do I need a processor?

The debate about whether this multi-functional device in the kitchen or it is underway since when he first appeared on the market a few decades.

We are not so important, who came up with this helper in the kitchen of the modern hostess: a Frenchman, Pierre Verdun, American Charles Sontheimer, the Swedish company Electrolux or Japanese firm Kenwood — it is important what food processor is the best of many models, especially because the price range is from 700 to 28-30, 000.

Where to start?

On the market today you will meet a lot of models from different manufacturers, so choose the best food processor is not easy. It all depends on the manufacturer, capacity of the processor, number of functions, and, of course, of the amount by which you expect.

The first question I propose to answer the consultants – why you need a processor? That is, what should be its functionality. Tips on how to choose a kitchen appliance, on the basis of its functions, “” has already given its readers.

Do not rush to buy the most feature-rich camera, with a bunch of attachments and additional functions.

No matter how hard the manufacturers, the opinion of experts is clear – it is better to have in the kitchen a few high-quality appliances than all-in-one, which implies the processor. As noted in the reviews about the harvesters, not all the functionality you need.

Most often used:

  • The beaters and hooks for kneading various types of dough and whipping (standard 3);
  • Mill (attachment for chopping foods on salads). It is especially popular in the preserving season, when you need to process a large number of products;
  • Blender for vegetable and fruit purees.

Infrequently you will find a combine which has a good grinder, especially if its power is below 500 – 600 watts. Also reviews many complaints about the juicer.

If before this tool in the kitchen were bulky and took up too much space, then modern branded models are quite compact and easy to store, making the harvester very popular in recent years.

Overview of the most popular models: reviews

Leaders among all brands of this appliance include the following:

  • Kenwood
  • Bosch
  • Philips
  • Braun

With them we will begin to acquaint you with feedback about the harvesters.

Food processors Kenwood

  • Combines Kenwood, which the manufacturers proudly referred to processors and kitchen machines have a large capacity – a very important indicator in the choice of the appliance — from 800 W and higher.
  • Also harvesters of this company are multifunctional.
  • One “flaw”, which is celebrated by all users is the high price. But, that being said, as anyone.

That’s what the reviews say about food processor Kenwood:

  • After the transfer of “Master chief” we scrambled and bought kitchen machine Kenwood Prospero KM266. Works for 2 years. No complaints! There are chopper, juicer, all for kneading any dough blender – well, all-in-one — all the equipment in the kitchen it replaced. Even dough knead. There is some system of planetary kneading – halo walks across the bowl. We are very happy. And even a juicer. Nick.
  • It is better to buy a more expensive and enjoy life. I mean the Kenwood KMC010. He is doing everything “on time”. The bowl is huge – 4.6 liter. Despite the fact that it is a multifunctional machine, space in the kitchen is small and looks modern. Arkady.

Kenwood FP925 Multipro

There are a few disadvantages, which is also mentioned in the reviews about the Kenwood harvesters.

  • Food processor Multipro Excel FP972 is good in principle. I use it for 2 years. But it is still their error: juicer very vibrating when in operation, the blender is heavy, but works very well. If you work him for a long time, begins to emit a plastic odor. Masha.
  • In a food processor to Kenwood Multipro FP925, which is a bit cheaper than their counterparts from this company, no grinder. It is very inconvenient. Rita

Food processors Bosch

We continue to acquaint our readers, who want to buy a good food processor, popular brands. Of course, forefront in the world of harvesters owned by the company Bosch:

  • Multifunctional new generation of models is very compact. Helps them to make such a movable bracket, which takes different positions.
  • The case is very easy to attach the desired nozzle.
  • On the front of the harvester is a comfortable label-tip, on which icons are instructed on what to do in what mode and how to properly install the bracket. It is very convenient as no need to dig out the user manual every time you want to turn the “meat grinder” in “blender” and “blender” to “float”.
  • I just want to draw your attention that the power of the “Boches” low – from 550 to 600 watts, but it does not prevent them to perform well all the tasks set before them.

Bosch MUM 56340

Reviews food processor Bosch

The most positive reviews about Bosch MUM (4756 EU MUM 4655, 4675 MUM). This is a very similar model. One of the differences is that in MUM 4756 EU has a nozzle for citrus. And the model MUM 4655 and 4675 absolutely identical, the only difference in cups – 4655 it of high quality plastic, and 4675 – metal, which is reflected in price.

We offer you some reviews about the combines Bosch:

  • My husband and I decided to buy a good food processor. First chose the Mum 8 but it is expensive. Read reviews, consulted the forum and opted for the Bosch MUM 54251. I have one word – superstore! Cool luxury halos. Sponge cake in 2 minutes! Enough power to knead the dough. Bosya.
  • A nozzle for cutting cubes is fantastic! In 8 minutes the bowl of vinaigrette. Olga.
  • In principle Bosch MUM 54251 – a good thing, but not enough nozzles for chocolate and cheese. Adriatica.
  • Mixer Bosch ProfiMixx 46 is equipped with a great slaughter, which instantly does all the work! She copes with all sorts of meat. There are a bunch of attachments, all is well attached. Very simple and uncomplicated. I don’t really like that it is big in size. The Mulk.
  • Food processor Bosch MCM 5529 should be the dream of every housewife! I have it for 4 years! I use virtually every day: shred the cabbage, cut the vegetables (do not overcook, as it will not be cut), juicer – all super! Blender has become the best helper when the baby is born. It is a good choice for those looking for the best food processor. Drawback – takes a lot of space. Olga.

Some users in their reviews about the Bosch harvesters have noted such shortcomings:

  • MUM 52120 – not of the planetary, the dough is on the walls;
  • MCM 4100 – no juicer;
  • MCM 5529 – no mixer.
  • Users series of Mum who left feedback on food processor Bosch, note that they have not grinder. What do you mean uncomfortable? She copes well with the meat, only the nozzle diameter is small and located chopper very low over the surface. That is, under the meat, you can only substitute in a shallow dish.

In General all the reviews about the Bosch combines a positively laudatory.

So for those who want to buy a good food processor and invest in it a good amount, the firm Bosch to consider a must. They are cheaper than the Kenwood, but still good.

Philips HR7762-90

Food processors Philips

Food processors Philips 2.5 – 3 times cheaper than the Kenwood harvesters and their functionality are not inferior to them. Reviews of harvesters Phillips lot, they are all mostly positive. The most popular model is the Philips HR7762.

  • Comfortable, the Cup is small but roomy. Filling the hole is small – but that’s no shortcomings. Just need finer products to be cut. And so in the dishwasher to clean and the power is great. Xenia.
  • There is a mill, different attachments for slicing vegetables, beaters for whipping and a good grinder. Annie.

By the way, the manufacturers of combine harvesters Phillips is not always equip their models with grinder and juicer. They think that these appliances should be separate, and food processor for slicing, dough, and whipping.

  • Philips food processor HR7605 I purchased in just 2000 rubles. Very compact, works well with all types of shredding. Don’t like plastic parts that will eventually darken, and a small bowl to load. Elena.

Basically all say that the harvesters Phillips inexpensive, work well and low noise. Almost all users found no deficiencies in the harvesters Phillips.

Food processors Braun

Unlike razors of Braun which are updated very frequently, in the production of food processors brown paused. For several years, they remain true to the models Braun CombiMax K700, and Braun Multiquick K700, which are popular with consumers, despite the high price.

  • Of the advantages noted for reliability and power, safety and durability, excellent juicer.
  • Users say the Braun Combimax inconvenience in storage of the attachments, expensive spare parts, not compact, difficult to wash, use the bowl only individually.
  • Combine brown Multiquick pleases its users with reliability, but almost all point to such shortcomings: as always, the large size products, no meat grinder, juicer weak and the lack of storage space for attachments.

Female site considers that for the price (average of 5000 rubles) you can pick up a better unit or buy a separate juicer and blender with different attachments for grinding. Feedback about these products, especially about blenders brown, very good.

Moulinex Masterchef 5000

Budget models

Among the budget, the so-called budget models, note multifunction combines Moulinex (the average price of 3000 rubles). In many models a good grinder and a blender. Ideal for those looking for how to buy a food processor for a small family, harvesters of this company are compact, fit well even in a small kitchen.

  • On New year mom I was given a Moulinex Ovatio 2 Duo Press. The small power – 500 W, but it works fine and I have enough. All well and good, but the blender broke quickly. Irisha

But the processor Moulinex Masterchef 8000, we found a few negative reviews which mention that the grinder is not high quality, crack the bowl, quickly breaks down, makes noise. But it is inexpensive – the average price of 2000 rubles.

Thus, among the branded food processors, of course, a leader can be considered the Bosch, and the ratio quality/price, our preference is given to Philips. Kenwood is a beautiful car, but very expensive, but brown has large dimensions and has negative reviews.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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