Female complexes, or they see men

“Good day, female site sympaty.net. Is it possible to overcome one’s own complexes? I do not like much about your appearance, although a lot of acquaintances and friends claim I’m attractive. Tell me, how many of our shortcomings to notice men? Thank you. Vika”

Vika! Start with the fact that the complexes are fully and men, but, of course, you women, leave us far behind with regard to anxiety about their appearance. You can understand, you’re a beautiful floor. But… I will try to show long-standing problem with the other party and, hopefully, something will answer Your questions. At the same time reveal what I see men when their gaze stops on a woman, and whether You need to worry about your appearance? And, if so, what specifically?

Would like to see on the website “ToKnow365.top” for any girl I could be, as a longtime male friend, which you can ask even very personal questions.

Your systems: arming themselves, preparing to fight ?

Bear with me Victoria: you need to go far away (coming to Your complexes behind and will strike when they don’t expect ? ). I may be wrong, but the body gives us more trouble than actually looks, because let’s start with the figures. For almost 20 years I go to the gym and used to notice the slightest nuances of the human body.

And here to what output I came: every human body is UNIQUE! Like fingerprints, everyone has their own, the cornea and the shape! Don’t believe?

People are accustomed to classify everything, at the same time did the same thing with a body, they say, is fine-boned type, krupnosortnyj and one that is inclined to completeness. So, often people of the same type between less similar than in comparison with someone else. To divide humanity into several types? ? !

There are a lot of nuances that everyone in your limb length, chest width, chest height, pitch and shoulder width, curvature and width of the hips, the weight and fineness of bone. In every one of these nuances are reminiscent of a shuffled deck, with the result that each is different from the others.

Conclusion? Times all is unique, whether the very concept of “beautiful” or “ugly”, “good figure” or “bad shape”? They were invented by people, starting from some criteria that (attention!) often change depending on age or fashion!

Your systems: hit with the right ?

Remember the “donuts” from the paintings of the Renaissance. Remember that mannequins for garment 100 or 50 years ago were not so “extended” as it is now. Loved by many Hollywood (for good movies) and High Fashion are the opposite direction, which drives the complexes of many women.

But in real life (I can see by your friends), often men like “bigger”: this is for those who consider themselves a large or “thick”. Such women in General more so men who like such women, in General, more!

Nature Is A Great Magician. And Prudent ? Why boys are born slightly more than girls? Boys active floor, they are more likely to die. So any figure – just the sort You gave the Creator, it means that someone will like it. And any normal woman needs “her only” manand not 10 its only men or only ? 250 men ))) !

More examples that argue that everything is relative.

Personally, I like the thin, elongated body type, but believe me, often I like the major and Vice versa. Same with growth and other features.

I had a friend with a disability (the dwarf, but still on crutches). When I found out I was very young with very old systems:) about their appearance. When I found out that he has a child (and that means he’s with someone “that it was” more than once, and in earnest), I became ashamed of their “anguish”.

Vic, do You have it does not happen that some day You like myself and the other “look at yourself sick”. Conclusion? Do You really different these days? No, just a different perception of herself!

Your complexes: hit in the stomach ?

Vic, choose from her friends or acquaintances to someone who, in Your opinion, with the appearance which can be no complexes. Log in to trust to the lady and You’ll soon see that she’s unhappy with something in themselves.

That is, complex is not those who have “bad figure” or “a lot of things wrong.” Complex those who are not aware of their own uniqueness.

Someone does not understand that if someone has “small Breasts”, it means that there are men (not one or two, a lot more girls ? ), which is more important than another, and the size of the breast they are concerned in so far as (your humble servant refers to him ? )!

Someone not very long legs? There are men (and often they themselves are leggy!), for which the length of the legs for some reason is not as important as other parts of the female body, which just not long-legged women often present!

Worried about a little height? You have a lot of chances to meet highbut in this world, opposites attract it!

Vick, and You don’t know many girls that like “so-so”, and men stick, and “something about her is” what’s sympathetic? This suggests that cultivate your INNER LIGHT.

Nurture Your best qualities and slowly (so as not to natrolite ? ) to part with what not to call Your good traits. Often smile, rejoice, look at life positively (although at times this is the life we dopekat ? ).

Be brave (even though You are a woman ? ) before adversity! Follow this, one fine morning, you can see that the complexes have retired ? , and for some reason men look at You more often ))), which can not be good!

Didn’t You see Hollywood stars, which is hard to find “pictures”, if you imagine them next to each other in ordinary clothes as neighbors who meet every day? But for some reason they attractive? This charm, grooming, confidence, clothing. That’s what you should pay attention to, and not in complexes.

Your complexes: out of the mercy we attain ?

For example, the heroine of his book “Ugly”. Girl consider themselves ugly, decides to take revenge on attractive friend, who took her only Beau. By chance, she kills a few people and then, when standing over a friend who frightened, disheveled and winces from the pain in the broken leg, the heroine realizes that the girlfriend is now an ugly, and, therefore, beauty is not a given, but something like clothes, which if desired can be purchased.

And, most importantly, Vika! The one You’ll actually need will choose You, not because You have legs, Breasts or even eyes. He will choose You because of something that is inside You – IN the SHOWER! Even if it was a young man, whose very appearance is important to women.

Good-bye, Vika, from me to You word “diamond” and let it will become Your talismans to ward off all systems:
The most exquisite diamonds is nothing compared to your eyes!

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Female complexes, or they see men

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