Female Masturbation: good or bad

“Sympaty.net I’ve got a delicate matter. The fact that I masturbate, and not from time to time, as many do, and constantly. When I’m in a bad mood when I’m bored, before sleeping and in the morning, before sex and after it. Husband doesn’t know anything, do this secret from him. No, he’s okay in bed, he’s a good man, but too shy to admit it – I consider Masturbation something indecent and wrong. Apparently it all comes from childhood and parental prohibitions.

So, tell me: female Masturbation – is it good or bad? And is it normal for it to do, having a regular sexual partner? Thanks in advance, Alina”.

Female Masturbation: reply sympaty.net

Alina, first, let me shake Your hand and Express my admiration – only a few women can Wat so directly and bluntly to admit that they masturbate. Indeed, despite the fact that in our country sex is, Masturbation does not provide it, especially women.

And secondly, thank You very much for the opportunity to finally break the stereotypes and prove to all and Sundry that female Masturbation existsand that it’s not just good, right, and proper, and very necessary, useful and important.

So, Masturbation is good or bad? We offer you several opinions and statements ?

Excursion into the history of female Masturbation

At the end of last century Masturbation was severely persecuted by Church and fierce condemnation from society. It was considered shameful, dirty, and unhealthy occupation. It was proved (though only on paper) that women are fond of Masturbation (Fe, what an ugly word) more exposed to various ailments (poor health, unhealthy complexion, wrinkles) and more prone to various diseases (uterine prolapse, uterine cancer, uterine fury!!!).

And the saddest thing isthat, despite the folly and falsity of such statements, they did manage to survive until the present day, continuing to spoil the life (personal, sexual, social) many modern women. Wow really these conventions and stereotypes ?

Female Masturbation and health

I think nobody needs to prove that all these horrors are devoid of any scientific justification. I can only repeat that female Masturbation:

  • NOT leads to pain in the sacrum,
  • NOT cause nausea and vomiting
  • Do NOT disturb the function of internal organs,
  • NOT diminished memory and ability to think logically.
  • NOT lead to the extinction of the fire in his eyes, the pallor of the lips, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, covering the surface of the teeth mucus of dark color (yeah, violent fantasies of the authors of the treatise on Masturbation there was no limit ? ).
  • Ie Masturbation for women from a physiological point of view – absolutely harmless! That, however, was required to prove ?

    And now about pleasant – about the positive effect of Masturbation in the female body. After all, this is a fascinating process, and in particular the ensuing orgasm causes in the genital organs women are exactly the same changes as conventional sexual intercourse. Namely:

    • stabilizes hormonal background,
    • increases blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and as a consequence – is an excellent prevention of various diseases of the genital organs,
    • improves overall health and muscle tone.

    Do you need more proof about the benefits of Masturbation for the female body? ?

    No? Then move on to the emotional side of the issue and will reply to the same question: “Masturbation – is it good or bad?”.

    Female Masturbation: good or bad, right or wrong?

    There is nothing surprising in the fact that You, Alina, are embarrassed to talk about Masturbation with my husband. In fact, despite the notorious sexual revolution and the total emancipation in many sexual issues, female Masturbation and remained a kind of taboo nagovarivaete. Silent about it, ashamed of her, she is considered single inheritance.

    And the grief, the shame falls on the onethat’s doing THIS, being married and having regular sexual partner. As if the presence of the latter guarantees complete sexual satisfaction women and stroke robs her thirst for sexual variety and erotic adventures!!!

    It turns outthat Masturbation is wrong, this is not good, it is not permissible ?

    But why did many practice sessions with it? Why even being married to sensitive, caring and loving men, having in bed a storm of passion, a flurry of emotions and countless orgasms, many women experiencing an acute shortage of additional sexual sensations? Why such as You, Alina, thousands, what’s trifles — millions!!!

    And all because You and your fellow member – wise womenwho understand (even subconsciously) that Masturbation is a direct route to female happiness, this is the key that opens the door to a world of sensuality, harmony and limitless fun, this is a toolthat allows you to explore your body and reactions to certain affection, to strengthen the muscles of “love” and to increase elasticity, to reach orgasm, and even multi-orgasm while using (Yes slyshitsja our prayers).

    And what you like to do and how often, completely depends on if you have at hand ready for sex exploits men. Surely You personally have realized that it is the presence thereof makes Your blood boil, Your thoughts flow in the intimate direction, and the You – to feel desirable, sexy and sensual, that it was sex that makes You sex desire ?

    You, Alina, has written that masturbate when you’re bored and bad when you want to pass the time and just have fun, i.e. affection help You to solve many problems, right? So why do You think that’s bad? Why do You care about the answer to the question: “Masturbation — is it good or bad?”.

    My advice: just be aware of the fact that Masturbation is an important part of Your sex life, which, perhaps, helps You to experience the pleasure with the favourite man to do it — is normal, healthy and legitimate desire, and most importantly, is an enjoyable process, which in any case should not cause in Your soul any unpleasant emotions (shame, embarrassment, feeling of guilt towards the partner).

    Just enjoy it, and even better share your joy with her husband ? Because to hide from him such an important part of Your sexual nature is a sin. Trust, openness and trust in this matter will go Your relationship only good.

    And what makes You think that this will cause it necessarily a negative emotion? Men are like children, they are a joy to any new fun.

    And the realization that his woman is still the same thing – hot, wicked and liberated, — OOO, it will drive crazy any male. I believe my vast experience ?
    Yes, and maybe talking about IT will allow Your pair to access new areas of intimate life – the unexplored and therefore particularly charming.

    And men love with their eyes, and look at the woman, caressing herself and writhing from passion – in short, the spectacle is worthy of the brush of the great master ?

    And finally

    Alina, remember that Masturbation is a great way to learn your body and achieve perfect harmony with your partner, and therefore — feel free to play with yourself, have fun with this and stop filling your head with unnecessary nonsense.

    Well, the arguments on the subject good or bad, leave the make-believers, nerds and hypocrites!

    Author – Yulia Maximenko, website www.sympaty.net – Beautiful and Successful

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    Female Masturbation: good or bad

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