Festive table for kids: what to cook?

When the child is able to wield a spoon, parents try to seat him at the table. Including during holidays such as New year, birthdays of parents or himself.

The question arises: “What to feed a baby if it is only 1.5-2 years, and on the table a traditional salad “Olivier” with mayonnaise, pickles, sausages and other junk food?”

Holiday table for the child should be festive and not be accompanied by heaviness or pain in the tummy. Women’s website “ToKnow365.top” prompt today, what to cook for the festive table for the baby, and which foods can be eaten and what is desirable.

The food at the holiday table for kids

Let’s start with those traditional products that are available on each table during the holidays.


Sausage and other meats are harmful even for adults, to say nothing about children. Up to 3 years the child is generally desirable to give the sausage, only natural meat, at least – cooked sausage type “Doctor”.

Older children can be offered a piece of ham or pork, but not a whole plate of meats.


Pickles do not contain complete nutrients, and because children can do quite well without them up to 4-5 years. If the child asks the parents of pickled cucumber, tomato, marinated mushrooms, sauerkraut, give him salty foods in a small amount, not pickled. The marinade contains vinegar, which will irritate the baby’s stomach, cause cramps and pain.

Separately want to say about mushrooms. It is a heavy food that is difficult to digest, besides, there’s always a risk of poisoning, so mushrooms are recommended for children older than 3 years. If you really want to indulge the child at the holiday table with mushrooms, then give preference to the mushrooms.


The jelly prepared from boiled meat and jellied dishes, not recommended for children under 4-5 yearsbecause considered harmful for young children. As a result of long cooking in these dishes are formed of a substance, heavy to the stomach of the baby.

Salad “Olivier”

Here we are getting to the most contentious issue. Salads that contain mayonnaise, it is recommended to give children at a later age, not earlier than 3 years. Especially for baby you can fill this salad low-fat sour cream and give in small amounts as the ingredients of the salad “Olivier” are heavy, hard to digest food.

Give the kid a salad, a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, carrots with apples, seasoned with vegetable oil or sour cream. Avoid the use of the baby green peas, corn, cabbage in large quantities because these products cause flatulence.

Salted fish, caviar, seafood

Allowed to age 2-3 years in very small quantities, if there is no allergic reaction. Excess salt contributes to increased thirst and appetite, and also affects the kidneys.

The use of eggs in sandwiches, and seafood salads resolves to the festive table for children older than 3-4 years.


In the case of consumption of cheese, the recommendation only one – children up to 2 years to give of mild, low-fat cheese, without spices or additives.

Hot meals

As the hot dishes will suit any kind of meat and fish steamed, boiled or baked. Don’t let the little fried foods and dishes with lots of spices: garlic or pepper.

Garnish – boiled cereals, vegetables. A variety of fried foods with crispy crusts (e.g., French fries) can be given to children older than 4-5 years.


Festive table for children can not be without fruit. Pay attention to the proposed kids fruits and berries do not caused Allergy. For the little oranges, strawberries, grapefruits, cherry is better to exclude.


Up to 3 years old baby is best not to acquaint with sweets – candy, chocolate, cakes and pastries, but if you really want to indulge a child’s sweet, offer marmalade, candy or marshmallows. Instead of cookies – drying and bagels.

But children older than 3 years, the sweet let us in limited quantities, not to cause allergic reactions.

Ice cream without chocolate you can gradually give 2 years, but cakes with butter cream – children older than 5 years. In the younger age pamper baby waffle cakes and cakes with sour cream.


All children can be given natural fruit or vegetable juices, compotes and fruit drinks. If the juice is bought in the store, be sure to study the composition and let the juice in small amounts.

From discard carbonated drinks, they cause bloating, allergies, and is extremely unprofitable due to the substances contained therein (again, read the label, what are you going to give the baby).

How to serve a festive table for children

Small children is restless, you can’t keep them at the table for a long time. And therefore immediately prepare and put on the table food that is designed just for your baby. If it’s a hot dish, it will be well to make it a consistency to it it was convenient to take with a spoonso that it does not splash out and wasn’t too runny.

If you give the child snacks, vegetables, fruits, try to do so, to make them easy to take with hands. The fruit in advance, clean and cut, of meat, cheese and bread to make canapés, chips them with skewers or toothpicks.

Even at the holiday table make sure the child ate everything and caring to my grandmother treated the baby the food which it is not recommended at his age.

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Festive table for kids: what to cook?

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