Find a husband after 30 years: advice for men

“Hello, female site! I have a question for your men. Don’t know if you have seen the movie “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” but I – copy of the main character. I am 33 years old, I have never been married, I am exhausted from the sermon of married friends and relatives. Tell me where to find a husband after 30? All travelers over one: they don’t call anymore, although I’m good looking, not overweight. Thank you! Isolde”.

Isolde! Especially for You looked above stated film, very funny. It is a pity that have only Your short letter, not Your photo, so you can personally verify, that You wrote the truth about their appearance and weight.

Age is just a number

The remnants of the Soviet past haunt you. Grandmothers, aunts and mother in a firm voice: “Not married up to 25 years, and you’re not wanted!”.

I beg of you! Any normal man can not think to ask, “were you already married?”, when appears before him a beautiful and sexy woman. We think in other categories, and these social stereotypes luckily pass by our consciousness. I’m a hunter, you’re prey, and I don’t care if you got hitched earlier some pimply naturalists!

But this is assuming that the girl is really attractive and interesting! We look first at appearance, and only then begin to delve into other details. So there’s always time to enchant us, to swing, to enchant and seduce. And this whole thing about age is meaningless. Age is just a number. Much more important is your seductive appearance and naturalness!

Why aren’t they calling?

Isolde, You write that Dating end one: men don’t call anymore. If the encounter took place, about appearance You don’t deceive me (most likely). Then what is the point?

Don’t want to throw all the blame on You, but try to critically assess themselves. Do You have this suffering, a searching look , a La “I’m tired of being alone, and watch all ticking “tick-tock”?

I’m exaggerating, of course, but still, this look is easily captured with single women. Their loneliness weighs them, the public escalate the situation homilies, and even the most beautiful eyes there is despair. It will scare any man. Honestly. Nobody wants a victim of circumstances. We love self-confident and self-sufficient women!

And one more thing: spit finally know his relatives. In addition to the damaged nerves and low self-esteem they won’t get it. We live in the 21st century, the stereotypes behind!

Where to find husband after 30?

So, logically approached the quest for a husband. But remember, it needs to be search without a search. Do not cling with a death grip at first looked at you man. Stay a woman, inaccessible and desirable! And then in your life will welcome a husband. Well, or lover to begin with! ?

Wrote above about self-sufficiency. Admit it, you don’t need these acts of courtship, when good relatives begin to set you up with some strange types, just to give you a happy family life!

To sit and wait for the sea weather, too, is meaningless. Do something! Get a hobby, go to school dances, go diving, travel, watch your figure and beauty!

Statistics says – most successful Dating happens by accident. In a fun and relaxed company you behave naturally, and so don’t get hung up on finding a husband. And just in such company is an interesting candidate for the acquaintance that may develop into something more.

If you find yourself a hobby, which like men – even better! Feminine attractiveness together with interesting personality – an explosive mixture!

Try something really unusual, e.g. sommelier courses. I just want to learn to know about wines, because the women I understand something already! I’ll see you over a glass of wine! ?

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